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Sheryl Glick


Welcome to “Healing from Within.” I am your host Sheryl Glick, author of
The Living Spirit, which shares stories of spiritual awakenings,
spiritual communication, healing, miracles and ways to go within to find
your true soul essence. I am delighted today to welcome Reverend Thabiti
to talk about a new film “The Illumined Ones” that Rev. Thabiti has
worked on. He has been a former guest on Healing from Within to discuss
his book All About You and The Time Line and that show can be heard on
my website by going to the radio page and accessing
that interview on May 2015.As listeners from “Healing From Within” know Sheryl and her guests share
illuminating interesting metaphysical stories of personal encounters
with higher energy, life forms, and the divine to know ourselves as both
physical and spiritual beings for without acknowledging the totality of
our human and divine potential, we miss out on developing the spiritual
gifts of intuition and love that can transform life as we know it.

In today’s episode, we will explore the angelic realm and how it is the
hope of all the people connected to this beautiful film documentary to
examine personal stories of encounters with Angels. The synopsis of the
story professes that The Illumined Ones: All Things Angels & More
documentary film is a medium used by the angelic realm to reach out to
YOU at this critical time.

Crystal Dawn, the director of the film, always held onto a secret until
the day she decided to make this documentary. Crystal was struggling
whether or not she would reveal her own experience with angels until she
went on an assignment directed by illuminated guidance. She sought out
and interviewed best-selling authors, inspirational spiritual teachers,
a cross-section of professionals and ordinary people to satisfy the
request sent to her from the angelic realm. This film explores the
existence of angels and ventures into the lives of individuals who
acknowledge and believe in their encounters with these supreme spiritual

Join filmmaker Crystal Dawn as The Illumined Ones show all things angels
and other spiritual entities becomes an all-access pass to the spiritual
knowledge you need to create miraculous results in all areas of your
life. To attain insight into understanding and getting through a dark
night of the soul episode or traumatizing events in life that many
people experience and if they are aware, they may learn how to contact
their supportive angels and may be able to access their life purpose.
The Illumined Ones: All Things Angels & More also features real-life
stories of angelic encounters. Through this transformational film, the
angelic realm desires to assist you into bringing healing into your life
and to our planet. This film is a must-see to elevate personal and
global consciousness.

Some of the people in the film who tell their stories are Rev. Dr.
Kimberly Marooney, Starr Fuentes, Joan Of Angels, Terry Lynn Taylor,
Christine Alexandria, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Tracey Ash, Stewart Pearce,
Alex J. Hermosillo, Dr. Susan Shumsky, Gerry Gavin, Michelle Gordon,
Curtis Childs, Larry Cook, Bill & Shannon Jeralds, Dianne Ippel, James
John, Josie Grouse, Sue Berard, Crystal Dawn Dawn Doty, Cara BrotmN,
Marcus Rothkranz, Kristel Kernaghan, Lisa Scrivens, Rachael Bleau, Peter
Sterling, Kimberly Meredith, Antonio Newton and Colette Miller.

Sheryl tells Rev. Thabiti that Stewart Pearce was a former amazing guest
on “Healing From Within” and listeners may go to her website and open the radio page link, then go to November
18, 2013 to hear an amazing show with gifted mystic Stewart Pearce a
Shakespearean actor and voice coach. The title of the show is “The
Ancient Realm of Atlantis”. Dr. Susan Shumsky has also been a former
guest on the show several times. To listen to her shows go to open the radio link to November 27, 2017 or June 16,
2017, to learn about finding the key to energy health through the
chakras and communicating with the wisdom of Spirit.

Angels have been described by religions or in literature, poetry and
music in so many various ways. Angels are beings who have greater power
and ability than humans. They exist in heaven, or the spirit realm,
which is a level of existence higher than the physical universe. Thus,
they are also referred to as spirits.

God created the angels through Jesus, whom the Bible calls “the
firstborn of all creation.” Describing how God used Jesus in creation,
the Bible says: “By means of Jesus, or the first man which some believe
to be Adam, all other things were created in the heavens and on the
earth, the things visible and the things invisible,” including the
angels. Angels do not marry and reproduce. Instead, each of these “sons
of the true God” was individually created to support the loving creative
expansion of the Divine and to support humans. Angels were created in
the distant past, before the earth existed. When God created the earth,
the angels “began shouting in applause.”

Depending on the context, the Hebrew word may refer to a human messenger
or to a supernatural messenger. A human messenger might be a prophet or
priest, such as Malachi, “my messenger”; the Greek superscription in the
Septuagint translation states the Book of Malachi was written “by the
hand of his messenger”. Examples of a supernatural messenger are the

YHWH” who is either a messenger from God, an aspect of God or God
himself as the messenger.

Scholar Michael D. Coogan notes that it is only in the late books that
the terms “come to mean the benevolent semi-divine beings familiar from
later mythology and art.” Daniel is the first biblical figure to refer
to individual angels by name, mentioning Gabriel (God’s primary
messenger and Michael (the holy fighter). These angels are part of
Daniel’s apocalyptic visions and are an important part of all
apocalyptic literature.

Sheryl and Rev. Thabiti discuss what an Angel is in their view. Sheryl
gives her view on moving past believing in her earlier life that angels
were a mystical magical imaginary way to find solace and peace when
times were challenging or had to face the fear of death, but after
finding her innate energy healing ability and her ability to download
information from Spiritual source she realized Angels were indeed a
living force in the Universe. In Sheryl’s readings for clients when an
Angel has appeared in her inner vision she always feels peaceful safe
and have at times felt warmly embraced. Recently, when Sheryl was at a
wedding and asked by her cousin, who had just lost her husband, if our
relatives and loved ones were with us at the event Sheryl adamantly
said, “But of course.” Then Sheryl closed her eyes and asked for a sign
to share with her. We took several pictures with our cell phones and it
was obvious to most that there was an angelic being present in the
window above us as well as orbs of color, that could have represented
human souls. Shortly after this when preparing for another radio show,
Sheryl opened up the book being reviewed The Not So Little Book of
Surprise and immediately saw a picture so similar to the light being, or
angel, in her photograph that she knew Spirit was purposefully showing
her the truth about Angels. Still another amazing seemingly coincidental
event…The other night on Fox News there was a segment of an event in
Michigan. In the backyard of a resident the motion detectors had
photographed what could only be described as an Angelic presence. It
seems as we are evolving in our understanding of spiritual energy, these
loving, helpful beings of energy who serve Gods purpose to love human
beings, seem to be appearing more often.

”Yes, God uses his faithful angels to help people today”. Angels are
used by God as he directs his servants in the preaching of the good news
of the Kingdom of God. This direction benefits both those preaching and
those hearing the good news.

Angels help all human beings to appreciate the good intentions of those
in spirit to act honorably and to avoid contamination by unloving,
unjust and negative actions. Angels guide and protect those who are
faithful to God and perhaps encourage even those who don’t understand
how to live a faithful, trusting life.

Sheryl says “It is my belief that we all are supported by spiritual
helpers, Angels, other souls, teachers, loved ones, higher vibrational
beings, who have been with us from birth are present at times of
physical traumas to support the souls journey and help us transition
when we leave this physical life, so we are never alone.

Other intuitive and religious folk believe, as does Sheryl that although
angels look out for the spiritual welfare of God’s servants, this does
not necessarily mean that God assigns an angel to each person but many
spiritual people believe that we each have three guides from birth,
either angels or other soul guides who remain with us for an entire
lifetime as a personal guardian.

However, during the course of a person’s life, other appropriate angels
will assist in their trials and tribulations. Angels do not protect
God’s servants from every trial or temptation. The Bible shows that God
will often “make the way out” of a trial by giving a person the wisdom
and strength to endure.

Angels present themselves in many ways sometimes they physically present
themselves to those who call upon them when needed.

Many people believe that angels sometimes present themselves as ordinary
people to help in very challenging Earth Angels.

Sheryl shares a story of when her mother was in intensive care suffering
from heart failure and had a tube inserted down her throat. A young male
nurse walked in and said to Sheryl, “I will help your mother and stay
with her when you leave”. Sheryl asked his name and he responded,
“Timothy”. Weeks later Sheryl’s mom was in another room far away from
the intensive care unit and she had taken a turn for the worse and had a
feeding tube inserted in her nostril. In walked Timothy and Sheryl ran
to him and told him , “My mom is not doing well.” Timothy walked over to
the bed and told Ceil (Sheryl’s mom) she didn’t need that tube could eat
on her own. The very next day when Sheryl arrived the tube was out. It
either had come out in the night or her mother had pulled it out and
Ceil was eating a little jello. Sheryl went to find Timothy to thank him
for his help but no one in the hospital knew him… an angel, a miracle, a
blessing? Whatever it was, helped Sheryl deal with those difficult times
before the passing of her mother. Since that time whenever Sheryl has
met a Timothy there is a sense that there is a message from Spirit of
hope and love and Timothy’s have appeared at other challenging times for
Sheryl. In Sheryl’s next book New Life Awaits she has a story of a man
she met when she was a hospice volunteer. He had a near death experience
and tells how when he was stranded in the car that night and not feeling
well, a man suddenly appeared in the dead of night, in a deserted area
and took him home. He was never able to repay the man for his kindness,
for as soon as people came to help him, the good Samaritan was nowhere
to be found. Many people share stories of miraculous helpers. Are they
angels? We certainly like to think so.

There are many angels and different categories of angels. The Bible does
not give an exact figure, but it does show that their number is vast.
For example, a vision given to the apostle John included a glimpse of
hundreds of millions of angels. There are also different categories of
angels: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones. People are extremely fascinated
with the word “archangel” which comes from the Greek words meaning chief
angel, meaning to be first in rank or power; and angelos which means
messenger or envoy. The word is only used twice in the New Testament:
Only the Archangel Michael is mentioned by name in the New Testament.

In most Christian traditions Gabriel is also considered an archangel,
but there is no direct literal support for this assumption. It is also
worth noting that the term ‘archangel’ appears only in the singular,
never plural, and only in specific reference to Michael.

The name of the archangel Raphael appears only in the Book of Tobit.
Tobit is considered Deuterocanonical by Roman Catholics (both Eastern
and Western Rites), Eastern Orthodox Christians, and Anglicans. Raphael
said to Tobias that he was “one of the seven who stand before the Lord”,
and it is generally believed that Michael and Gabriel are two of the
other six. A fourth Archangel is Uriel whose name literally means “Light
of God.” Uriel’s name is the only one not mentioned in the Western
Christian Bible. Another possible interpretation of the seven archangels
is that these seven are the seven spirits of God that stand before the
throne described in the Book of Enoch, and in the Book of Revelation.
The Seven Archangels are said to be the guardian angels of nations and
countries, and are concerned with the issues and events surrounding
these, including politics, military matters, commerce and trade: e.g.
Archangel Michael is traditionally seen as the protector of Israel.

I want to thank Rev. Thabiti for sharing his amazing experience working
with Crystal Dawn and the many gifted metaphysicians who shared their
personal stories in the film of interactions with Angels. It is just
amazing work when dealing with energy and love of spirit and angels in
order to bring greater awareness to the public of the expansive nature
of the world beyond this world and how many life forms and helpers of
the divine connect with us in our human journey for the improvement of
the human condition as we continue to learn greater compassion and love.
In order to learn more about this film go to

In summarizing today’s episode of Healing from Within we have journeyed
through the world of spiritual beings who help us lighten our daily
lives with hope and trust in the divine plan for evolution and the
expansion of our human hearts to know greater awareness of how much the
Divine loves and looks after his human progeny. Knowing more about this
Divine presence in these times of stress between cultures, religions and
nations can bring us together in unity if we perhaps call upon them to
assist us to move past our ego based physical reality, past materialism,
past industrial focus of life and technology and to once again
communicate with nature, spirit and man in loving ways that creates
opportunities for all to share life to its fullest instead of succumbing
to weaker impulses and negativity such as greed, corruption and
disloyalty to our fellow citizens and to a concept of Divine Creation.

Rev. Thabiti, and I would have you begin to explore the possibilities of
asking your guides, teachers, holy vibrational beings and angels to be
part of your everyday thinking and to assist you in discovering the many
truly amazing interactions we have with heaven and earth, in life and
beyond, in love and in finding peace no matter the challenge or the
issues our soul has chosen to explore in this physical realm. If we look
at live with hope goodness and feel good we will draw more of that to
us. Remember our thoughts and actions are guided by our helpers in
Spirit who wish us to remember our connection at all times to the
eternal Life Force.

Today’s Guest