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Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick
author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which
shares an awakening to the potential of all souls beyond any labels
assigned to us in the physical world due to religion race ethnicity
gender political preference to reclaim our true spiritual nature and is
delighted to welcome Ginny Townsend author of Shatter Our Glass Walls
who hopes to share with listeners ways to break free from our own
greatest enemy ourselves.

As listeners of Healing From Within well know Sheryl and her guests
share intimate stories experiences and insights into the metaphysical
aspects of our human and spiritual existence in order to help us achieve
self-awareness self-mastery of emotions and create our best life in
respect to health prosperity happiness and living with purpose.

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Ginny a military wife who
has lived all over the country will show how she found it possible to
break free from the swirling wasteland of self-sabotage and live the
life she was intended to live and sets up a plan for you to do the same.

Sheryl tells Ginny that she was interested in talking to her today
because of her being a military wife as Sheryl’s niece married a naval
officer and is living on a military base. Sheryl has never had any close
connection to that lifestyle but admires women who are serving their
families and our country by being married to men who are in the service.
It is a life of dedication to purpose skills and sacrifice and is
admired by so many of us.

Ginny tells us that she selected the title Shatter our Glass Walls to
refer to the self-limiting fears and boundaries we set for ourselves as
we are socialized and begin to accept the outside world’s view of what
is important lasting and meaningful and often forget our own dreams in
the process of complying with rules and regulations.

Sheryl says… She is glad Ginny refers to the “Glass Walls” or self
limiting boundaries that we set for ourselves due to perhaps a lack of
truly knowing who we are and unlike the political statement of the last
Presidential election of glass ceilings that need to be broken so women
may have greater success in their dreams and goals. That reference was
to the boundaries imposed on women by outside influences. Sheryl and
Ginny believe we create our world from the inside out and can blame no
one for what we are unable to create in our life. Sheryl tells Ginny
that never playing the victim role herself, she finds it hard to imagine
what kind of life and experiences those people who do blame complain
judge and who are unable to clearly take personal responsibility for
their own actions and reactions must have survived. They must not have a
belief in anything other than their ego view of life and the need to
control situations which for spiritually minded people is not a viable
possibility. Spiritually open people trust the bigger Universal plan and
flow with ease in life and wait to see how it unfolds. Success does not
come from demand but from a feeling within that trusts loves and shares
inner wisdom and the truth that we are more than our physical life and
life affords us the opportunities to grow beyond fear control and

Ginny shares with listeners that her book is a journal for creating the
life you want and tells us the thinking behind the word, “Journal .”
Sheryl remembers how some twenty years ago her Reiki teacher told her to
journal the many coincidences synchronicities and miracles she was
experiencing as she would be able to see her spiritual progress over
time and Sheryl actually used many stories from her journals in the
first two books she wrote, Life Is No Coincidence: The Life and
Afterlife Connection and The Living Spirit. So, why a journal? Growing
up, Ginny’s Mom instilled in us a love for words. What they mean. Why
they’re used. Anytime we played Cranium Ginny killed it with the
word-based yellow cards! She always found it interesting to learn the
roots of words and how they came to be, since it almost always reveals
the history and context of words’ meanings.

Let’s take a look at the word “journal.’ It’s root comes from the French
word jour, meaning “day,” so you can see how the word quietly reminds us
to write daily. There’s something about the consistency, the challenge,
the commitment to journaling daily that allows us to dig deeper into
what’s going on in our lives. Throughout history, many luminaries such
as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Rosalind Franklin and Mark Twain,
to name just a few, kept regular journals collecting their observations
and emotions, no doubt serving as an exercise in recording ideas that
would unlock genius. Self-development queen and media maven, Oprah
Winfrey, has kept a journal since she was in her teens, now using it as
a way to catalog and express the gratitude in her daily life. Oprah
describes journaling as a way to track one’s own evolution. “Ginny used
her journals as therapy. In her forties she got wiser. She started using
her journals to express gratitude – to watch her blessings multiply.
What you focus on expands,” In fact, a simple web search will bring up
numerous magazine articles and references of scholarly works that
explore the many benefits of journaling including mood-improvement,
problem-solving, and stress reduction. The real value of keeping a
journal is that your diary won’t and can’t judge you; it’s a truly safe
space to just write whatever you are thinking and feeling.

Interestingly, let’s also take a look at the word “journey,” another
word rooted in the French word for “day.” Truly, any journey is
completed by consistent effort, day after day. So, it seems wildly
appropriate to go on this journey of Un-Sabotage one day at a time and
with the use of a journal. Ginny and Sheryl conclude that constant
effort and attention to our thoughts feelings and reactions can help us
decide what is in our best interest to fully pursue and what people
events experiences don’t serve our sense of well-being and personal

Ginny tells us she has lived in many parts of the country Texas North
Dakota California and has found people much the same in their desires to
enjoy life family country and discover what can make them successful or

Ginny has set up the chapters of her journal to show us how to Uncover
Unpack what’s holding them back, UnBitter by forgiving those who’ve hurt
them, and then Unveil and Unleash the true you to step into the life you
will love. She tells us what to expect as you Un-Sabotage Your Life in
this guided journal:

UnCover, the first chapter, is a month-long process where you’ll respond
to daily prompts that reference different areas of your life. She
suggests you answer each prompt as honestly and completely as possible
and give your full attention and effort in this chapter since you’ll be
referring back to this content often during our Un-Sabotage journey.

After your month of UnCover, we’ll move to UnPack where we’ll reflect on
everything that was written and, well, UnPack it some more. You’ll have
the opportunity to look over everything you’ve journaled and based on
what you UnPack, you’ll be able to see any areas to focus on for further

In the third section, UnBitter, you’ll get the chance to intentionally
start (or continue) the path of forgiveness. The framework of this
chapter is simple and is set-up to acknowledge hurt, intend forgiveness
and release any bitterness you might be harboring.

Following the UnBitter section, we’ll take a look at how your journey,
plot twists and all, could actually be the proof of your greatest
strengths and character in the UnVeil .And finally, the UnLeash chapter
will form your mission to take action both in your work (however you
define that) and your relationships.

Ginny applauds readers for taking a bold step in understanding
themselves and life more fully. It’s good work on which you are
embarking. Also, she encourages those following the journaling process
to show themselves some love and gentleness as they walk through these
steps. You didn’t get to your current place in life overnight so if it
takes a couple days to see more clearly what’s holding you back, don’t
get discouraged! Keep at it and the change will come.

Ginny expects and knows one day you’ll look back and be astonished at
how much you’ve grown. The world is eagerly awaiting a beautifully
UnVeiled you! Since we’re about to start a journey, Ginny asks you to
consider inviting a close friend to join you. As with anything, this
path is made richer when you walk it with loved ones at your side. And a
last thought before getting started, Ginny is not, nor does she claim to
be, a licensed doctor or psychologist. She has walked this road and is
simply sharing what she’s done and learned along the way in the hope
that it might help you move forward in yours. However, if you are now,
or during this writing journey, experiencing any depression or dark
thoughts, please seek professional help to help you find and live the
full and remarkable life you’re meant to live.

In Ginny’s first chapter she asks people to reflect on their childhood
to find the fears or traumas that persist in their perceptions and of
course until exposed and changed or released influence everything in our
adult life.. One question Sheryl particularly focused on as she has
found it to be little known or misunderstood by many was…What crosses
your mind when you think of the word “success?” Do any specific memories
stand out? Write it all down.

Sheryl asks Ginny what success means to her as it means so many
different things to each of us.

Sheryl says in her next book New Life Awaits: Creating Your Best
Afterlife by Living Consciously Now she addresses this very important
thought and wrote, “Of course success has different meanings to each
individual, as many of us well know. Cindy Locher one of the co-authors
in Mastering the Art of Success suggested “Success for one woman might
be a good marriage, happy children, and a career or area of study that
she enjoys. Success for the man next door might mean a challenging job
that keeps him on the run and provides enough money to enjoy life’s
amenities. Some people do not define success in terms of material gain.
For those people success means learning new things, growing spiritually
and intellectually and other altruistic ideals that are internal rather
than external.” In today’s competitive business world, success has
become an art and those who master it are considered “Lucky” but luck
might not have as much to do with becoming successful as good old
fashioned hard work, overcoming negative attitudes or people who limit
you and your being able to learn, grow, or mature socially, spiritually
and emotionally. As Sheryl and Cindy are discussing the walls or
boundaries that limit us must be shattered moved through climbed over or
just disintegrate as we move towards progress and success of so many new

Ginny shares many great quotes from successful people Coco Chanel said,
“There are people who have money and people who are rich. Paulo Coelho
said, “Two things keep us from happiness: living in the past & observing
others.” Exploring both these thoughts point us in the direction of
finding peace happiness and success.

Another quote Sheryl found quite meaningful and necessary in order to
discover who we are and what life is all about was, “The purpose of life
is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning
of life is to give your gift away.’ David Viscott said that wondrous

Sheryl says that she always from her earliest days wanted to love life
and God completely and feel freedom beyond all the rules of societal and
parental restrictions but first had to discover a gift we all have which
is to align to our inner spiritual intuition and receive guidance from
Source so we may truly know we are spiritual beings having a physical
life mainly to discover or simply remember that, and to trust that by
faith love and compassion for ourselves and others we have success and
contribute to the evolution of humanity.

In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within Ginny Townsend has
shared her journey and journal of thoughts quotes and questions which
will allow one to clearly see what remains obscured from their soul view
of themselves and which must be worked on in order to find the greatest
way to your potential for living with faith compassion love success and

Ginny writes, “Please remain gentle and loving with yourself as you
continue this self exploration in journaling. Since starting this new
journey you are walking on new ground, gaining territory every day.
Acknowledging new insights and raw emotions can be scary, but this kind
of work can also be greatly rewarding. This is where breakthrough
happens, relationships can be their healthiest and we live the big lives
we were created to live. And as counterintuitive as it may sound, you
might come up against a new block or wall during this section. Why, you
ask? Well, it might sound like a tangent, but did you know that our
subconscious mind is wired to protect us? Awesome right? Well, yes, it
definitely serves a purpose. If you’re in a life-threatening situation,
your fight-or-flight instincts will kick in without hesitation (and
without permission) to hopefully save your life. The catch is, this part
of your ever-vigilant mind also sees unknown circumstances (think change
and risk) and new thoughts as potential threats. Of course we know that
a promotion or a new relationship can be a great thing, but our faithful
subconscious mind may take one look at it and start screaming, “RUN!” So
be encouraged — if this happens, its proof you’re moving forward.”

Ginny and I would have you know that everyone is having a spiritual life
as we are spirit and imbued with the divine light that at the right time
in our journey awakens and begins to yearn once again to be able to live
in peace harmony balance love and remember their soul life plan to find
success. Once your heart opens the people events and process will begin
and we assure you the results will be worth the time and effort

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