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Empowered Living with Angella and Michele

Are you showing up as an empowered business owner, or are you
diminishing your own power?

A thriving entrepreneur embraces their significance and in doing so,
inspires others to do the same.

On today’s show, authors Angella and Michele provide insights to move
you from living small to enjoying it all.

Afraid to face the world, today’s author Angella Ferguson used to be as
timid as a mouse.  When you forget who you are, insecurities set-in,
whisking away your voice and impact.

Remembering who you are can turn it all around. She is a woman who has
transformed from barely being able to speaking up for herself, to a
master trainer, impacting the lives of for thousands of people.

In her book, “A Significant You: Get ready to live your life in fearless
significance because you are a masterpiece,” you are guided with simple
ways to unlock the truth of who you are, and why you were born. Remember
who you are. You are significant.

Author Michele Johnson’s book “Pain Free: how to live a full life
despite chronic pain,” further encourages you to value yourself no
matter how many times you feel discounted by others. Her invisible
illness, fibromyalgia, was not recognized as the debilitating illness it
is. She was denied disability, invalidating her condition altogether.
Her dreams of attending college were crushed as the then 23 year old
struggled to walk sometimes. And still she persisted, eventually
becoming a graduate of Duke University, and a physician’s assistant.
Reach out to her for free action steps  for how to live a full life can
be found on her website,

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