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Sheryl Glick


In this episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author
of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares
stories of spiritual awakening and communication healing energies
miracles and developing intuition and universal awareness is delighted
to welcome Anthony Cummins author of Ninja Skills a leading expert in
the discovery of the military arts of medieval Japan.

Listeners of “Healing From Within” have come to expect over the years
that Sheryl and her guests share intimate experiences and insights into
human nature starting from our early beginnings history and an
exploration of the world of energy and physical existence. In doing so
we come to know ourselves and how we may better relate to the challenges
of our individual and collective life experience and find a pathway to
peace health and happiness through consistent seeking of higher
consciousness and self-awareness.

In today’s episode of Healing From Within Anthony Cummins will share the
long valued martial arts techniques and how the discipline respect and
love of culture family nation and Spirit were and are the basis of
finding truth and a greater love of life. There is indeed much to learn
from the ninja, Japan’s devious and courageous spy-commanders who
followed a highly skilled and dangerous path. We will discover key ninja
concepts and apply ninja strategy to understand surroundings and survive
all challenges.

Anthony shares with us that his interest in the way of the ninja began
very early for him. One day asked by his grandfather what toy he would
select he chose the ninja over the toy soldiers and his interest in the
ancient way of the Japanese Samauri and Shinobi/ninja and the tools of
war and peace remained important to him.

He goes on to tell us that it is known that the ninja is thought of as a
warrior and practices martial arts but there is a profound spiritual
foundation and implications of that ancient way of life. Kyojitsu is a
concept at the basis of the shinobi mindset and sets us a spiritual
state of mind. Kyojitsu’s meaning is that which is insubstantial (kyo)
carries connotations of falseness emptiness untruth deception weakness
and unpreparedness. On the other hand, jitsu means that which is
substantial and represents truth, fullness, correctness, honesty
strength and preparedness. The art of the shinobi lies in telling the
difference between the two qualities. In the image of a fan the fan is
substantial and true, while the shadow of the fan is insubstantial and
untrue. We can apply this concept to warfare. If a military force places
a thousand men in the battlefield is that the whole force (Jitsu)? or is
there a hidden force in the shadows (Kyo) waiting to ambush. Similarly
shinobi working undercover to gather intelligence from the enemy must
always question whether the information they have received is true or in
fact false and planted by the enemy in order to misguide.

Sheryl says, “It sounds like what is going on now in Congress in the
United States and between the political parties and the media. There is
so much information and personal objects at play and so much reality TV
and fake media. We would hope all citizens would use their intuition and
watch and wait for results, not insinuations judgments or accusations
before talking about or making any judgments on what is being presented.
The truth will find its way in what is actually seen to work for the
good of the many not the best for the few.” Ninjas used astrology and
other ancient tools to assist them in making decisions for the time and
place of many of their actions and for success.

Andrew goes on to tell us about the concept of “The Way” and how we can
tap into it today. “Spanning a millennium from the 9th to the 19th
century the age of the samurai was a glorious chapter in the chronicle
of Japan. The samurai observed a refined and precise etiquette in all
their activities from the taking of tea to the taking of enemy heads.
This emphasis on the right way of doing things continues to exert a
powerful influence in modern Japanese culture.

Nestled within a samurai force, yet standing apart from, it lurked the
shadowy shinobi, the infamous ninja agent. He was the commando, the spy,
the betrayer. While standard samurai found lying and cheating repugnant,
the shinobi were not bound by such scruples. They too followed an
ethical code but they considered duplicity to be acceptable as long as
it was used in the service of their lord. The shinobi soldier would
often integrate himself within the enemy sharing in the rhythms of
everyday life and steadily gaining their trust but all the while hiding
a malign intent. He was a foul demon obeying the bidding of his gods,
enabling plans of his lord to bear fruit

Sheryl says…”I cannot read what Andrew wrote without thinking of the
recent IG Report of the failures within the FBI agency and thinking that
perhaps there are two kinds of law enforcers: those like the samurai and
the ninja. We also recently found out that there may have been spies or
informants put into the 2016 Presidential Election by the FBI who was
run by the executive office or last president. They may have been loyal
to the last administration and thought their allegiance was with that
leader but in a democracy there are no Lords to obey only the citizens
of the country who elect their leaders for a limited term of involvement
and when that is over the new leadership must be respected protected and
helped to achieve what is necessary for the good of all. Beyond
partisanship there is only following the laws of the nation.”

Andrew says the shinobi were spy commandos with multiple specialisms all
of which involved clandestine activity. These included espionage counter
intelligence surveillance scouting infiltration propaganda incendiary
warfare and physical projection as well as capturing any person targeted
for arrest by the lord. An essential part of any Japanese military
force, the shinobi were considered by many as the “eyes and ears” of an

Sheryl says , “Perhaps the American people should not be as surprised by
unfolding news of similar type factions like the Samauri and ninja whose
attitudes and behaviors might be quite different and might be observed
now in the FBI CIA and DOJ of the United States as they are the ears and
eyes to protect Americans. Only as evolving people we would love to do
away with the drama intrigue and underhanded techniques of less than
honorable members of any of our enforcement agencies or protective
services. Is it even possible to have ethical practices honored and
honed by protectors or must they do whatever is necessary according to
their leadership who might be compromised by wrong values. I would say
we must have truth transparency and decency in learning about criminal
activity, apprehending offending people, and allowing justice to decide
what is true or not. However, if the media and political parties spin
lies and propaganda and fight dirty, it is hard for law abiding people
to protect their freedoms.

Unlike the samurai which was a specific higher social class, the
shinobi/ninja was a paid military role that could be filled by a soldier
of any background. Many shinobi were from the samurai class but others
were simple ashigaru foot soldiers. Others still were itinerant monks
actors or tradesmen who might take on a temporary assignment. True
shinobi owed their allegiance to a single lord whether for a short term
contract or across generations

The ninja idea of having a Correct Mind and the psychology involved is
quite interesting. This is not a path for the weak. To venture into the
dominion of the shinobi requires enormous self-control and a level of
commitment and endurance that most people cannot attain. What makes the
path so difficult is that shinobe must be simultaneously loyal to their
own clan and treacherous toward the enemy. They live within the samurai
society but remain in its shadow forever close to the centre but always
cast to the outside, as any betrayal could mean the downfall of a clan.
Unlike the average soldier they do not benefit from the army’s
protection. The shinobi venture out before all others alone and put
themselves in danger deep inside the adversary’s stronghold. (SPY)

The Taoist creation myth heavily influences samurai and shinobi
thoughts. According to the myths before the universe evolved there was a
formless expanse called Wu-chi (Pre-Universe) which evolved into T
ai-chi (The Great Ultimate) The Great Universe then differentiated into
negative and positive elements called yin and yang.

The Yin and Yang concept used by the ninja can teach us about balance in
life today.

Yin and Yang divide into heaven earth and man which exists in the four
seasons of spring summer autumn and winter. This is the foundation for
the five elements of Earth Do (Fire) Ka (Metal) Gon (Water) Sui and Wood
(Moku). The five elements give rise to the eight trigrams: Heaven Lake
Fire Thunder Wind Water Mountain and Earth.

Yin and Yang are also heaven and earth. When the body dies Yin and Yang
separate and the soul returns to heaven. Therefore, death is not an end
but the beginning of another phase of life. This understanding is what
enables the shinobi to face death without fear.

Sheryl relates that the thinking is much the same for a Japanese Reiki
Master Teacher which she is. We have symbols similar to those in Ninja
Skills which represent and embody the philosophy way of life and
dedication of a Reiki initiate to the healing art work and to the
connection to Spirit through acceptance of that truth. Physical life
survives the death of the body.

The three diseases for the Shinobi are Fear Overthinking and

Left to run amok fear particularly fear of death can paralyze your
thoughts…To have no fear is reckless: to have too much fear is
cowardice. Shinobi need to identify the fear in their mind and take
control of it.

Underestimation means thinking the enemy is stupid or beneath them. An
adversary is a human and all humans have different types of
intelligence. But still their intelligence while different from your own
may find a way to see through your tactic. Therefore, always view the
enemy as a skilled and accomplished nemesis and make plans accordingly.

Overthinking When your thoughts push beyond the here and now and
foresseable eventualities this creates a chain of change and can move
beyond the actual truth. In fact the situation is still the same, it has
changed only in your mind. A good shinobi will know the difference
between a reasonable level of contingency and over-speculation.

The samaurai and shinobi/ninja have drawn from different religions over
time.The samurai class has existed for approximately one millennium from
the 9th to the 19th century and during this time a variety of belief
systems became prominent in Japan.


Founded in India in the fifth century BC by Siddhartha Gautama Buddhism
teaches us “The Four Noble Truths.”

Life contains suffering
Desire of thirst for certain impermanent states of things
If we identify and overcome our desire, we will reduce suffering and
Inner peace is found by cultivating a correct mind.

By cultivating a correct mind we can liberate ourselves from the cycle
of death and rebirth.

We can do this by following “The Noble Eightfold Path”

Correct view—understanding the nature of reality
Correct Intention acting from compassion
Correct speech communicating in a non-harmful way
Correct conduct—not exploiting anyone
Correct livelihood—pursuing a non-harmful occupation
Correct effort—conducting accurate self-analysis and adjusting
Correct mindfulness—continuing to perfect awareness of all things
Correct Meditation—developing the ability to live in the moment.

A particular school of Buddhism is known as Zen which focuses above all
on meditation. Zen came to Japan in the 12th century and became popular
among the samujrai as the mental discipline they developed through
intense Zen meditation which enhanced their martial arts skills and
helped them face the enemy without the fear of death.


Confucianism is the study of the ways and teachings of the revered
Chinese philosopher Confucius (551-479 BC). It centers on developing a
harmonious relationship between the individual (microcosm) and society
(macrocosm). Confucius teaches us to cultivate certain virtues such as
benevolence righteousness loyalty and respect for ritual family and
tradition. All members of a society have a collective responsibility to
develop these virtues within themselves in order to serve the common
good. Confucianism became particularly influential in Japan towards the
end of the 17th century. It is not hard to see how its ethic of
unswerving loyalty and selflessness regulated by an ever vigilant mind
can be applied to the shinobi path.


The path of the gods collects together various Japanese folk religions.
Central to Shinto are Japan’s native gods, or “kami” who reside in the
natural world. Adherents worship at a shrine where areas of purity are
marked off by ropes and the iconic torii gates.

In Japanese culture it is acceptable to draw different insights from
different beliefs rather than fully subscribing exclusively to one….
Sheryl suggests our Political system and religious structures might
benefit from this cooperative open minded use of the best in many
different thought process.

We discover how one is able to follow “The Way” which is the central
concept of Taoism. It is considered the power behind the construction
and governing of the Universe: it is outside time and space yet
permeates all existence. Like the Western concept of God, the Way is
unknowable. However, God is commonly personified as a man whereas The
Way has no identity, gender number. Any answer how to follow The Way
will be found in the teachings of The Tao Te Ching: the defining work of
Taoist philosophy. The ancient traditions..the way of the tea ceremony,
the way of calligraphy, the way of flower arrangements, the way of
fragrance…These ancient traditions help you to concentrate the mind and
lead a life of harmony. Sheryl says it seems then that enjoying life in
all aspects with respect and honor for traditions family ancestors and
daily exercises in living consciously are “The Way.”

Andrew also shows us how we can be Like Water and how that helps us know
ourselves and understand life with a correct mind.

There is an old Chinese teacher who tells us, “Water adjusts itself to
the vessel it is in. When water is into a teapot it takes the shape of
the teapot, when in a cup it takes the shape of the cup and so on.
Similarly, we change our behavior and personality to suit the
environment around us. However those who take the path of the shinobi
may find themselves in extreme situations involving bribery extortion
lying thieving killing etc. Their entire lifestyle will become one of
manipulation and malfeasance. Therefore they need to take control and
understand how to protect their character from external experiences. In
some respects, you will need to be like water. In adapting yourself to
your environment so that you do not attract attention—but you must also
ensure that the demands of your role do not twist your true nature.

Considering the qualities of the Perfect Shinobi or Ninja is quite
admirable and illuminating. A “jonin” is considered the perfect ninja.
As a shinobi/ninja student you should aspire to this status although
achieving it is another matter. The qualities to be a jonin: You must
demonstrate a loyalty to your lord, the courage of a hero, strategic
acumen and a record of achievement. Strong of body, you must nonetheless
be gentle when not in action. You must have a keen sense of
righteousness and an absence of desire and never forget what you owe to
others. Your mental qualities should include fluency in speech and
writing, an ability to think deeply, and a fondness for learning
principles and right action and you must be difficult to deceive. Jonin
are always dignified honest and good and not argumentative. Spiritually
you must know heaven’s will and understand Confucianism and Buddhism and
always be aware that life and death have their determined appointment
and rise above your own self-interest while hearing the words of ancient
sages in mind.

Sheryl says that as a Japanese Reiki Master Teacher the healing art and
way of life for a member of the samauri shinobi and jonin seem much the
same. They seek the best in self-development and self-actualization
according to the Universal Source or divine within us. In Sheryl’s book
The Living Spirit she wrote, “I am always overjoyed to hear members of
the medical community embracing energy work as a way to heal pain, clear
negative thoughts, and align ourselves with Sprit and our unique soul
attributes. I have the opportunity to interview many of the leaders in
the medical community on my show “Healing From Within.” In fact I have
noticed over the last few years that an increasing number of my guests
are doctors surgeons psychiatrists psychologists healers spiritualists
and people who study the ancient ways for self-investigation and who
combine their traditional training with intuitive and or energetic
healing abilities. The goal is to achieve greater awareness higher
conscious and compassion for all life.”

Andrew would hope readers take away with them after reading Ninja Skills
a clearer view of the value of ancient traditions and skills that have
survived a millennium and still hold answers for improving our
understanding of how to live honorably and survive challenging times
never forgetting to do so with dignity and goodness.

Anthony wrote, “I guess Respect for Heaven even though often shinobi
live in a world of lies and deception as most humans do but that does
not mean they should be dishonest. While they may be called upon in
their duty to serve and protect their clan or group, even perform evil
deeds, they must maintain the strictest of moral codes in their inner
life, believe in the gods, practice sincerity, cultivate their mind and
follow The Way. For if they do not do this they will fall into despair
and lose the support of the gods.”

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have taken an
inside look at the world of ninja skills talents responsibilities goals
and ultimately the Way or path they follow to know life and themselves
in a disciplined and honorable way with respect for life heaven and
earth and to truly live with a code of honor. We learned how like fire
and water shinobi or ninjas must look upon all friends or foe as either
a treasure or a hazard, bringing either bounty or destruction. Anthony
Cummins book Ninja Skills is a beautifully executed book of photos,
history, techniques of warfare through the story of the Samurai the
Shinobi or Ninja and the religious philosophies ancient views that
coincide with the art of living responsibly with values spirit and a
sense of tradition as they like all disciplined warriors and Reiki
Master Teachers maneuver through a world of danger protecting their
inner values and the lords they represented. To find out more of this
training which can help you understand life in all aspects you will
learn how to survive well make better choices that honor our innate soul
wisdom and our families, workplaces and children and adapt to or flow in
life without fear and limitation. For if one knows the value of nature
man and god, they will always proceed to walk the way of the ninja and
find life to be filled with mysteries and delight beyond their