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Creating a digital legacy with Kris and Voltaire

Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, there is a younger demographic
of shoppers out there now. The up and coming generation was raised,
essentially  online. They look up reviews and addresses for business
before visiting. They ask their friends and social network about product
and for business reviews.  So it IS essential that your business have a
name out there in the online world.

Today, we are joined by two brilliant experts in the world on online
marketing. Our first guest, Kris Sugatan is the CEO & Founder of an eCommerce Growth Agency with the superpower of turning ICE
COLD leads into clients through crafty storytelling, in order to get
your business making 7 or 8 figures. Kris talks about the importance of
mastering the art of creating “thumb stopper” content, by channeling the
mindset of your ideal client.

Understand who you are speaking to, then write in a way that is like
being inside their head. -Kris

Our second guest is Voltaire Pabustan,CEO of Kaizen Sigma helps local
brick and mortar businesses, who may be reluctant to embrace the world
of online shopping and accommodating the new wave of shoppers. Big boxes
like amazon and walmart are taking over the online shopping world and
overshadowing smaller shops. Establishing a presence online is essential
in order to compete. Voltaire and his team help take the stress out of
getting your business “caught up with the times”, so that you can build
a truly long lasting legacy story for you business.

We give businesses the tools and knowledge to, at least, have a fighting
chance against the walmarts, starbucks, and the Amazons of the world.