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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Find Bliss in the New Year and Say ‘No’ to Negativity

New Year’s Eve is past but any day of the year provides opportunity to start fresh, discover life’s purpose and begin making your dreams come true. Guest, award-winning author Maryann Ridini Spencer, demonstrates how first to identify those dreams than to explore how to make them come true.. Examine what it means to begin living the Hawaiian “Way of Aloha.” Learn how to accomplish your very own feeling of bliss while you help others to achieve theirs. Learn how best to become the authentic person you were created to be. Host Roy Richards proposes a highly unique but effective resolution for the new year–go on a low-bad diet. Learn how the negativity effect impacts us all, causing us to pay far more attention to past negative experiences than to positive ones. Discover what gives ‘bad’ its power and how to combat negativity by recognizing its influence, viewing the world more realistically and following five rules to transform our thoughts from negative to positive