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Doc Holliday

President Trump Has a Five Star Week!

Last week President Donald John Trump had an amazing Five-star week and Doc Holliday explains why in this week’s show.  But not only did Trump kick off the week with two great Super Bowl ads speaking to a voting audience that no Republican has ever spent so much trying to reach,  but President Trump was also presented with two huge—or YUUUUGE democratic fumbles that he has taken advantage of already.  One fumble was the chaos counting Iowa democratic votes and the other was Nancy Pelosi tearing up copies of the State of the Union address.  Click on now to better understand what a tremendous and outstanding week that the President of the United States had even while having the impeachment label thrown at him. The diminishing Democratic Party still does not understand how and why the Trump Train flap dab ran them over in 2016 and in 2020 the democrats are like a drunk lying on railroad tracks with no clue that the Trump Train is even bigger, faster, and so much better than it was in 2016!