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Doc Holliday

Democrat’s Decision 2020: Socialist or Socialist-Lite?

America is picking our next president in November and before that happens the Democrat Party must nominate someone to be their standard-bearer for president.  Will Democrats vote for a socialist?  Or would they prefer a socialist-lite?  Listen to Doc Holliday on this week’s show to discover what is shaping up to be a democratic run for the nomination unlike any other primary for president that we have ever seen in either major political party.  Doc plays a couple of clips to help you understand just what is going on and why.  Go ahead and click on this week’s show to better understand Mayor Pete, Crazy Bernie, Quid Pro Joe, Mini Mike, Billionaire “unextraordinare” Styer, and Pocahontas Warren, and who else? —-oh that Amy girl from the upper Midwest that didn’t star in the impeachment debacle in the senate.  A lot to cover in this week’s show so click on now!