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Welcome to Healing From Within with host Sheryl Glick author Life Is No
Coincidence: The Life and Afterlife Connection and The Living Spirit
Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which share stories of awakening,
spiritual communication, healing energies miracles and ways to use
intuition or connections to Universal Source for personal and collective
healing and today we welcome Dr. Emma Mardlin author of her new book Out
of Your Comfort Zone. Dr. Mardin is a former guest of “Healing From
Within” whose first episode can be heard on my website on the Radio Page for July 2018 where we discussed
Mind Body Diabetes.

As listeners of the show are well aware Sheryl and her guests share
intimate experiences and insights into what appears to be a duality in
life or how the physical and energetic parts of life may come together
for an opportunity to discover our true nature as spiritual beings
having a physical life and working with fears and limitations in order
to conquer with courage resiliency and Universal Intelligence our
challenges. Ultimately we may shift to the best version of ourselves and
create greater positivity happiness and health.

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Dr. Emma Mardlin will share
her own discoveries and ways to live with diabetes or any health
challenge as we open our hearts and minds to new ways to think of what
health happiness and living our best life is really all about.

When Emma is asked to remember her childhood and a person or experience
a fear or dream that may have been an indicator of the lifestyle or
interests in her adult life she instantly remembers how often she was
anxious sensitive and intuitive and realized she wanted to help people
be healthy and happy.

In the beginning of Out of Your Comfort Zone Emma mentions her sister
and certain experiences that she feels were part of the person you
became. Emma tells of her fear of heights and missing out on going up
the Eiffel Tower…Sheryl also avoided that elevator ride to the top when
in Paris. Emma goes on to tell how finally being booked as a speaker and
finding out that it was at the top of a hi-rise…Emma did it because
there was no one else to do it and she pushed past her fear finding out
she was Ok just like the others and while she still might not like
heights, she can adapt and handle it if necessary.

Sheryl says that she also didn’t like flying or riding over bridges but
has conquered that fear by simply doing it over and over again, and
realizing that whatever and wherever we are, there is a plan and we have
no control over our destiny or the challenges or events we may face, but
worrying about it will certainly increase the odds of that fear or
thought to materialize. The Law of Attraction it seems.

Emma’s sister had an extreme fear of hospitals known as nosocomephobia
and it is more common than many people are aware of. It is the fear that
entering a hospital is a very scary proposition. Nixon was said to have
this fear and declared if he ever went into a hospital he would probably
never come out of it.

To live a life beyond limits we must condition ourselves to examine
fears and see that the fear is sometimes worse than the actual event. If
we uncover why we may have that fear in the first place and realize it
is a memory from the past that can only be real again and problematic
when we bring it into the present moment and make it live again and give
it energy and life to disturb us again. Our thoughts when in alignment
with success and positive action conquer age old fears.

Plenty of behavioral psychologists will tell you there are no magic
words that can change the way about feeling anxious uneasy fearful.
These feelings can only be overcome by changing the way we behave. We
have two choices:

Bottle it up and stay in your comfort zone
Dare to be different, create change, break boundaries.

Three ways to do this:

Screw it..Just Do it.
Build Resilience
Extract the core root of anxiety or fear to reach zero zone.

The main idea behind this book is “Daring to be Different” thinking of
approaching things in a different way for different results, backed up
practically by the approval of “Doing something daily that challenges
you to build up a tenacious resilience. The idea is to challenge
yourself and positively embrace fear in order to ultimately confront and
conquer the biggest demons that hold you back from creating and living
your most fulfilling life.

Sheryl says she remembers watching a movie once about Ninja Warriors in
Ancient Japan and the warrior said, “Conquer fear and you conquer
death.”Of course I know now as a medium that there is really only
eternal energy, no death only a transcendence of our essence from
physical life to afterlife, but, at the time that thought captivated me
as I wasn’t fully aware of this metaphysical reality.

Emma gives a quote that Sheryl liked alot by Nelson Mandela “I learned
that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.”

Using a quiz Emma gives a series of questions to help readers find what
zone they presently fall into and to guide them to reach “zero zone” for
the best way to rid themselves of limiting fears and for engaging life
in a more adventuresome positive way. The questions have no right or
wrong answers, just individual preferences that indicate to what extend
you display the common psychological attributes associate with pushing
boundaries. When you reach “zero zone” you will no longer have
boundaries or irrational fears that limit you from conquering or
squashing your challenges and moving ahead to satisfying solutions and
events. Dr. Mardlin also talks about foods you can eat to ease anxiety.
Improving our physical condition and relationships help to limit stress
and anxiety.Dr. Mardin says that we may be surprised to learn that what
you eat can make an enormous difference in terms of increasing or
decreasing anxiety level and to conquer fears as you certainly want to
do to avoid exacerbating anxiety and panic.

The term “comfort food” may be misleading and usually refers to
calorific high in sugar, fat and carbs or fast food which lead to
feelings of guilt and to physically feeling tired sluggish with brain
fog. These foods can increase lactic acid which creates anxiety.

Conversely, some foods increase serotonin, a positive feel good and
calming chemical. Other foods reduce levels of adrenalin and cortisol
(stress hormones).

Foods to avoid include: Caffeine Simple Sugars Alcohol.

Also a correct level of B Vitamins is better for psychological health.
Interestingly a deficiency in B vitamins is often present in clients
struggling with agoraphobia or fear of enclosed public locations or
crowded areas.

Foods Rich in B Vitamins: Leafy greens, whole grains, foods high in
calcium and magnesium, milk and dairy products sesame

Magnesium helps to regulate levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) So
Eat: Spinach Broccoli, Salmon, Halibut Flaxseeds, Pumpkin seeds

Helpful Hints for better sleep include some wholegrain toast before
bedtime which boosts serotonin and helps you sleep better. Drinking warm
milk also reduces muscle spasms and soothes tension.

Grapefruit oranges lemons are high in Vitamin C and help fight toxins
released by stress. Other helpers include nuts, avocados certain teas.

It’s interesting how to talk about there being so many different fears
and how fear can even be a good thing. It is important to examine
certain fears and the notion of fear itself. There are only two fears we
are born with: The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.
Everything else we fear is a story we have created and hold onto in our
mind. Fear resides in all of us human or animal: we all instinctively
respond to danger with natural defense mechanisms when we instinctively
know we need to protect ourselves from harm. In these scenarios the
reptilian part of brain located in the brainstem and referred to as the
instinctive alarm center of the brain provides us with an instant reflex
action to protect us from harm before we have time to think and process
what’s happening.

Other fears most people are aware of have been in one way or another
imprinted on us by another person or trauma we experienced in our

There is the fear of flying: aerophobia –you are more likely to become a
professional athlete or be in a car accident than a plane crash Fear of
thunder and lightning: astraphobia. Thunder not really dangerous and it
is rare to be struck by lightning as 90 percent of lightning travels
from cloud to cloud rather than reaching the ground

Fear of spiders arachnophobia. Only 12 out of 40,000 species of spiders
can cause serious harm to adult humans

Fear of dentist dentophobia. Modern dental techniques such as air
abrasion have replaced many traumatic treatments of past.

Physical effects associated with fear are many and serious in this New
Age Fast Paced Fear Generated Society. They include elevated blood
sugars, developing diabetes or insulin resistance, lower immune system
functioning, and inability to fight infections, headaches, lack of
concentration, trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety, panic attacks,
lack of energy, skin problems, fertility issues, muscle aches and pain,
increased cholesterol, heart disease, bowel Issues, allergies,
heartburn, stomach sensitivities etc.

There are many helpful ways to deal with fear and retrain our minds.
Essentially taking control of your mind helps you take control of your
life and will help you determine your internal reality which will change
your external reality. Indeed, taking “Responsibility for ourselves” as
opposed to letting the outside world determine how you feel on the
inside, avoids creating a self-deprecating and self-limiting vicious
circle of defeat suffering and unhappiness.

All too often it takes something drastic for people to realize they need
or want change but you can make change instantly simply by starting to
see things differently. Our attitudes and perceptions create most things
that appear in our everyday life. The Law of Attraction states that
“like attracts like” So fearful thoughts and actions or chaotic thoughts
and dysfunction will draw those energies, people and events to you.
Confidence hopefulness and loving awareness of self and the world will
draw pleasant opportunities for improving life. The choice is always
ours. Act out of fear and that fear will present itself.

Dr. Emma Mardlin is keen on addressing the “Core Roots” and sharing how
confidence and resilience help put one into the space or comfort zone
She offers some fun suggestions to do this as well as The Staple Seven
to Successful Results
Awareness that our Internal Reality is what creates our external
results. If we have a negative fearful mind set in our head we will
externally experience results in line with this thinking So choose to
create a positive internal reality and positive stories in your head and
remind yourself how you feel grateful for life. Choose to take control
rather than merely respond to the external world and let that determine
your internal state.
A Positive Focus and Limited Refracting Period The refractory period
refers to the manifestation of negative emotions and let them fester
within we will be prevented from creating and living within positive
thinking and conditioning ourselves to focus on that and be in that
state of energy while still having a peripheral awareness of everything
Always Knowing and Feeling your outcome at the deepest core level
(Intuitive Gut Level) What is your aim- What do you want to achieve,
focus on, spend time on.
Great Behavioral and Mental Flexibility There’s always more than one way
to get over obstacles and achieve your goals.
Self-awareness Physically and Psychologically How we think, our mindset
and beliefs physical bearing and manner verbal communication are all
interlinked. Maintain a psychology of Excellence.
Take Action and Test Things Out
Creating “Change windows”- Dare to be different- We can essentially
change our entire neurology sending different bio-chemical messages from
brain to body by thinking, feeling, and behaving differently.
Have fun with Creating Your Own List of Resilience Building and moving
past the thoughts and restrictions of your childhood or home life.

Fun Activities to stimulate personal development

Say Hello, how are you? And smile at 5 random people you don’t know.
Play a game with friends or challenge one to integrate funny or random
phrases into normal conversation like “Cowabunga,” It’s unbelievable or
“jeepers creepers” or “I don’t know Jeff” etc. People may laugh.
Strike up and amicable conversation with a stranger- either in person or
by e-mail.
Be assertive and honest and speak out. Speak what’s on your mind-Go a
day with no subjugation. Push your boundaries
Wear something different from usual
Make that phone call you’ve been putting off.
Have a complete mobile phone and social medial switch off for 24 hours.
Liberating and certainly pushes boundaries.
Travel alone
Buy a copy of the Big Issue on the street sold possibly by homeless
people and have a conversation with them.
Look at yourself in the mirror. Say aloud I love you and I enjoy what I
Use a different mode of transportation
Surprise someone with something nice.
Start a new hobby or interest.

You can also make a list of things that personally scare you and write
down the opposite. Example

My Comfort Zone

My Fear/Anxiety

My Mission

Subjugating myself to Decision making and fear of Create my own project
Others or follow being wrong and upsetting people interests me Crowd.
Remaining behind Public Speaking Get involved with large group scenes
Networking Lead small group “Do the thing you fear the most and the
death of fear is certain “ Mark Twain

Dr. Mardlin would want readers of Out of Your Comfort Zone to take away
with them after reading her book that it all starts with what and how we
think. Many of our fears were part of our early childhood training and
societal patterning and most of it is now illusion and unrealistic for
us in our adult life: yet, we still have the fear in our thoughts and
must overcome the falseness of the thought. This is because our thoughts
affect our emotions and therefore our behaviors physical health and the
results we get in life. The fear isn’t always the problem.

We thank Dr. Emma Mardlin author of Out of Your Comfort Zone for her
infectious enthusiasm and search for treatment ideas and methodology to
understand and conquer many of the fears and limitations so many of us
carry from childhood and an awareness and techniques she offers to
successfully adapt with resilience and courage to all challenges with
hopes for living life bravely and boldly, not merely surviving but

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have
discussed ways to understand our body mind and spirit and how our
psychological fears, whether real or imaginary influence the way we
approach all aspects of our life. We can learn to either move out of our
restrictive comfort zones or personalized prisons which do not allow us
to explore new options, possibilities, and talents which can mean we are
really living our lives, rather than remaining stuck in presumed ideas
thoughts attitudes and meaningless anxiety or stress.

We have discussed the ways to overcome our fears and how to use diet
exercise and relationships work and fun for creating balance and well
being in our daily activities and thinking with positive approaches to
handling all stressors or challenges.

As Dr. Emma Mardlin wrote, “Deep down, most of us have an idea what we
want in life-these are our deep seated expectations, but they are on a
conscious, subconscious or totally unconscious (out of our awareness
level). The challenge is however, when we aren’t matching this in our
current life, or for whatever reason lose sight of it. One of the most
common things that block people striving to get what they want is the
fear of change, the fear of stepping outside their existing comfort
zone, and entering the unknown.”

Emma and I would have you begin to look within and see that many of your
fears are simply the memory of childhood thoughts that in your present
day reality no longer really serve or affect you. In leaving fear that
does not serve behind, you enter the world of the Unknown and become
Aware of All that you are and will continue to be, as you say “Yes” to
opportunities and try new ways to explore life with enthusiasm.
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