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Roy Richards

Toxic Workplace? Here’s Your Solution

On the job, do you routinely interact with a toxic boss or toxic coworkers? Transformational coach Maki Moussavi visits to advise how to recognize toxicity and to lessen its negative impact on your energy, motivation, and accomplishment. Tune in for an introduction to subtle forms of toxic behavior, including refusal to apologize, passing blame, passive aggression, victim mindset, and persistent self-aggrandizement. Uncover what all toxic individuals have in common, why logic seldom works with them and the three things you should never do to defuse a toxic relationship. Learn how to set firm boundaries and document every unfair demand made by your toxic boss. Let’s say you hate your job, but is it really the work or the toxic individuals you work for and with? Relationship counselor Jennifer Cochern  demonstrates how to improve relationships with difficult coworkers then prompts you to examine your own internal alignment in order to ensure that your self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship management all are in sync with your communications and with your life-long objectives.   Learn more about your host,  Roy Richards.