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Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within.” your host Sheryl Glick
author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual
awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles and ways
to rediscover your true soul essence and the meaning of your life is
delighted to welcome Debra Silverman noted astrologer and author of The
Missing Element which shares how personality types are based on the Four
Elements: Earth Air Water and Fire. Like any other measure or barometer
of health or well-being an understanding of the influences on your
personality and behavior, offer information to know ourselves in a more
holistic way and to understand the choices we make.

Sheryl is delighted to have Debra return to “Healing From Within” to
offer her astrological insights into what the coming year 2018 may bring
to us. Recently Sheryl interviewed Julie Cross author of Prophesies who
described 2017 and the political social and economic national and world
issues as told to her from her spiritual guides. Now they didn’t leak
the information to create drama or fear, but to help us be aware of how
our thoughts and actions are creating much of the dysfunction in the
world today. They want to help us get a clearer picture of how much
individual and personal power we have to create a better world reality.
That show will be airing as a special edition on my website

Debra As our listeners are aware my guests and I share our intimate and
enlightening views and experiences as we seek to metaphysically bridge
the world of energy and physicality with practical and mystical wisdom
for better health prosperity and loving relationships to improve our
personal and collective life journey. In today’s episode of Healing From
Within Debra Silverman an exceptional astrologer counting many
celebrities among her clientele including the rock star Sting will help
us prepare for 2018 which will be a year of massive change for everyone.
We will find out how 2018’s transformational power is going to affect us
and our loved ones.

As a former guest of Healing from Within her interview can be heard on
my website on the radio page link: June 2, 2017
discussing book The Four Elements Debra is asked by Sheryl to remember a
person place or event that was most expansive or meaningful for them and
may have been a clue to the adult and lifestyle they would value as an
adult. Debra tells us about an event she received a flyer for in
someone’s home and went there for a mediation experience and met a
wonderful older woman who asked her to lie down on the floor with the
other meditating guests and she began a journey to explore the Universe
in all its infinite possibilities.

Now that was the past and her beginning awareness of spiritual
communication and higher consciousness. Now as a prominent astrologer an
ancient science and awareness of the connection and unity of all forces
we will discuss present possibilities. We have begun in 2017 to see
massive changes: storms wars shootings and political shifts worldwide.
Debra tells us there will be many changes to government as we now
experience it and financial changes that will go well into 2019. We have
moved from the restrictive Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age and are
leaving the rigidity of thinking behaviors and restrictions that have
separated men and women from full opportunities and fair treatment. It
will open up discussions like the Me Too movement and educational
advances for all people regardless of age gender race or religion. We
are moving past the ancient patriarchal thinking to a more unified way
to experience and value life.

These changes were described by the Elders of past societies. The Elders
are the past shamans and ancient people who held a body of wisdom of
Universal Energy and observed the development and changes of society
over time. American Indians prayed to the “Four Directions.” Buddhists
wrote of the “Four Noble Truths” and the Egyptians passed on their
version of “The Four Elements: Water Air Earth and Fire” which is
steeped in astrology, the oldest science on earth. These cultures
offered a long view of seeing the world and used a distant “Observer”
position to avoid becoming mired in the myopic vantage point we call
EGO. As an Astrologer we are living in a time period that the ancients
and prophets saw. The Mayans, the Eastern Indians who wrote about the
Kali, Yuga, the Hopi and the Incas. One of the largest problems is that
as a modern species we’ve become accustomed to a much easier life. We
are addicted to many substances and pleasures comfort and conveniences.
We do not like change: nor do we want it, and yet we must. The turning
of the tides or the change of eras relates to the fact that we do not
have enough oil, clean air, water and the gas to support the number of
people on the planet. We do not know how to distribute wealth or food to
those in need. We do not know how to banish genocide child slavery drug
cartels sex wars or evil. These are big problems overwhelming for
sensitive souls to think about Sheryl tells Debra as she read what Debra
wrote she felt like crying for the truth of these enormously painful
damaging issues and the difficulties in finding ways to end the abuse.
So many have been abused throughout time due to the EGO greed corruption
and evil is so overwhelming.

The biggest job for each of us is to make peace with the wonderful
person or soul within and allow the negativity fear and shame that block
our authentic expression to lift and to become a more powerful effective
human being on our planet. We have mountains of research that inform us
how to be healthy and how to heal our planet. Organizations everywhere
are inspiring a different future just as government agencies are
dinosaurs resisting these ideas. HARD TRUTH; The glaciers are shrinking.
The planet is getting hotter…a scientific fact How can we reverse these
effects? Crisis such as earthquakes heartbreaks, health issues and
financial problems present opportunities for change.

Sheryl shares that just the other day on the news she saw a man from
England, a billionaire who was giving his entire fortune to a foundation
working on preserving and restoring the balance in our oceans and ocean
life. Bill Gates spends a large part of his enormous wealth on
impoverished nations to bring life sustaining water medical care and
education to emerging third world children and so on. But still it is
not enough. Each of us in our own unique way must move past our
egotistical materialistic hording of our assets and talents and be open
to helping others and therefore realizing that what we do for others we
do for ourselves.

Debra’s book The Missing Element discusses the personality types of each
individual and how finding The Observer is fundamental, no matter what
type you are, to transcend many issues and become a more conscious
Universal citizen of awareness. Tell us about that?

The Four Elements are:

Water We begin surrounded by the awesome feminine power of a womb filled
with fluid…Herein lies the wisdom of silence and trust Air
Air is everywhere It is the universal source of breath and language. No
one can live without breathing or communicating. Herein lies the wisdom
of wonder and consciousness.
Earth The patience of a mountain, the generosity of a tree, Earth the
immovable rock tirelessly waiting for our respect. Herein lies the
wisdom of respect and balance for the living planet that sustains all
Fire The heat of your heart and the fire of the Sun drive your destiny
each day. We cannot live without either. Herein lies the wisdom of
accepting your mission with full conviction.

It doesn’t matter however what personality type you have. The Key is to
become “the Observer”—to activate the aspect of yourself that just
witnesses, who doesn’t sit in self-judgment but who notices you are,
just as you are, without trying to change you one bit.

An example of a quality for instance of The Fire Personality, who is a
big bubbly person, with a huge personality, inherently shy, and who
struggles with her bigness and can take over the room and suck all the
energy in the room. As a result, she is often shut down in
relationships, and often perfects the art of holding back in many

Debra says….” Over the years as a therapist—astrologer I noticed that
many of my clients wanted to rid themselves of the parts of their
personality that they disliked. It became clear to me that the extent of
their grief and pain was equal to how much they stifled the most natural
parts of themselves. We are who we are. You cannot change your stripes,
so embracing all your traits, those conceived as good or bad are
necessary for living life authentically to appreciate and love yourself.
When you love yourself as you are in your most natural state, this
allows you to have compassion for others and see why they are so
sensitive, talkative or shy or outgoing. Becoming “The Observer”
inspires compassion and acceptance of others and when we aren’t judging
ourselves and others we become more loving.

We can identify two voices that make us human: your EGO and it’s chatty
self serving endless quirkiness, and what can be called The Observer
that is patient non-judgmental and loving (Inner Being or Soul.) The
Observer waits patiently in the wings waiting for an invitation to
enter, whispering softly only when it has something meaningful to say.
The Observer, Witness, our Soul, our Higher Self, helps us to see things
as they really are and is one of the Missing Elements, the part of
yourself that enables you to understand your quirky personality beyond
judgment and this witness has the ability to teach, tame, and support
your ruthless EGO. Now the EGO is well meaning and necessary in the
physical world, just a bit disoriented and totally fearful.

Crisis serves an important part in all personal emotional physical and
spiritual growth processes. Sad, but true we all grow out of the soil of
pain. The crisis that arise in our lives are here to serve us not to
hurt us. Crisis is nothing more than your own soul trying to get your
attention to show you your path. Life doesn’t care how hard your lessons
are or if you can handle them. Life just wants you to learn, grow,
expand, and to open your heart. Sheryl says that since nothing is random
and all events serve that purpose Debra describes even accidents
illnesses or loss of some kind might be a soul expression to get the
person more in alignment with the life plan or destiny that was
established by them and Spirit even before they entered this present

Debra says, “ From watching the younger generation I see them suffering.
College graduates are expected to go out in the world and be successful,
loyal reliable kind knowledgeable respectful on time beautiful and rich.
We expect you to get married, pay taxes, buy a house, go to church,
never have a sexual thought about anyone but your partner and to raise
perfect children. What we ought to be saying to our children is. “Be
prepared. You will fail at times, you will break down at some point and
become overweight, addicted to something, and aged.

It may not be necessary to change your personality just to understand
yourself and the patterns of your life so you can improve your reactions
and behaviors to live more comfortably and successfully, as when you are
more aware of why you respond and act as you do you improve yourself.
One of the purposes of The Missing Element is to help you understand
your earlier childhood story, the nature of your unique personality and
if you have patterns that repeat over and over again that cause you to
be broken hearted, short on cash, feeling unappreciated. It’s not about
changing your nature or personality but becoming conscious of who you
are and rewriting your story embracing your shadow side with compassion
and bless this life in gratitude as a kind loving being. YOUR PAIN AND

This information relates to children and improving parenting skills.
Take a moment to reflect. Every time you have experienced real pain you
have entered a phase of growth. Let us consider the example of the Dali
Lama. If you look at his life you will realize he was set up to learn
and teach us about “letting go.” At the age of three he was recognized
as a Rinpoches (Divine Leader) and was taken away from his family and
trained as a leader. His Holiness began his lifelong practice of
“letting go” as a toddler. As an adult he and his monks had to leave
Tibet when the Chinese took over. The Dali Lama wrote, “ Most of our
troubles are due to the passionate desire for attachment to things.”
Motto of Story: Each of us has a life built on a series of lessons.
Should we learn the lessons, we become healers and teachers. If not we
remain victims and students, destined to repeat our need to learn the
same lesson over again. Heartbreak, illness financial despair death
abandonment—you name it, Your job in this life is to polish and refine
your story or soul, to grind up the hard to swallow, chunky bits and
turn them into digestible nutrients not just for your own evolutions,
but also for our entire species. That is why we are here to grow into
our humanness, without judgment so we can live and contribute and love
more fully.

Sheryl says that she agrees and in her book The Living Spirit wrote, :
Many of us struggle with difficult family members who although related
to us, may have a very different view of the world or of a particular
issue. To avoid being dragged down by difficult relatives, you must
first acknowledge where they are on their journey. Then make it clear
that you understand what they are feeling and thinking and that while
you respect their decision, it is quite different from your own. The key
is to remain nonjudgmental and say no more than what needs to be said.”

Debra has many stories in her book The Missing Element where people are
reacting according to their elemental personality while learning to
understand themselves and others who react the way they do often because
of their natural elemental influences. One story Debra told was of Dave
and Anne both with strong EARTH ELEMENT influences. Two people from very
different backgrounds who run a family owned lumber business with
several hundred employees and never had children as their family is the
community they work with and all the people they care about. They help
their employees pay off debts and always wish to do more..they so love
to give. Dave grew up in a financially stable household with hard
working parents, so work is Dave’s pleasure. He has strong perseverance
to never quit…(Sounds like Sheryl) Ann came from alcoholic parents
drug-addicted brothers and childhood trauma. Ann’s wisdom is born out of
deep hardship They are both “Earth People” with great respect for their
mentors business and workers and community life. Often evolved earth
people teach by example with the “I’ll cover your back and you cover my
back philosophy” which is like an age old tribal living strategy.

Debra and Sheryl would like people to recognize and become appreciative
of their own personal power and inner soul wisdom at this time in our
human development. As one teacher who Debra studied with suggested,
“Once you develop your “Observer” or inner presence nothing can hurt you
as the Ego will be quieted and calm.” However, it is necessary to live
both your physical and inner spiritual life and to merge the best of
both for our refinement and personal development. It also helps to
accept that everyone is a flawed humble human or in other words, “No one
is perfect.” We all grew up wounded in some way: we weren’t seen, we
felt ashamed because of the way we looked or the things we said. We were
punished for upsetting our parents when all we wanted was to be loved.
Then we thought we were unlovable and the punishment becomes self
inflicted and goes on in our mind and often a bit of our Spirit/soul is
lost or dampened and needs to be retrieved through new insights. Human
nature is a reactive machine often impulsive and emotional. So Debra
wrote this book to show that everything exists for the purpose of
discovering our soul or Observer which enables us to deal more
effectively with the challenges of our life.

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have
discussed Debra’s astrological view of what we can expect to experience
in the coming year 2018 as changes in this transformation shift from
third dimensional thinking to higher states of consciousness awareness
and perceptions of our true nature as spiritual beings having a physical
life begin to help develop The Observer or Witness of our Soul or Higher
Self to integrate our human/ego based mind reality and to work with our
inner essence, the part that enables us to understand our spiritual and
human nature so you can accept life in all its quirkiness.

Debra wrote, “ Once we wake up to the compassionate Observer in
ourselves, the part of us who worships the privilege to be in a body,
alive and to be of service to humanity, then we can move beyond our
personal drama and tend to selfless acts of service in a world that
needs help so badly. Our purpose on Earth is to accept our humanness
with an open tender heart and evolve the species by remembering that you
are a healing agent evolving for all of us. As you do your independent
work of truly being yourself we all benefit.

Sheryl and Debra would have you realize that at this critical tipping
point in human history we can find our way to a positive future by
beginning to investing time and energy into accepting ourselves,
surrendering to life’s natural flow and order with love and compassion
for others. and utilizing an awareness of the energies or properties of
Water Air Earth and Fire that affect our personalities and behaviors so
we can be balanced, highly functioning, and happy human beings.
Today’s Guest