Friday, April 25, 2014
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  • ADHD is a Myth

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    Host: Richard Saul, M.D.

    Behavior can be confusing. Real problems may call for a medical solution. ADHD is a diagnosis commonly applied but not always accurate. An improper diagnosis can lead to a delay in solving patients’ specific needs. Join us on “ADHD does not exist” to drill down to the core issues that may be affecting behavior. You’ll hear from parents who have walked in your shoes, their challenges and solutions – and experts with invaluable knowledge and tips to help guide you to your answer.


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    ADHD is a Myth with Richard Saul, M.D.Host Name

    Richard Saul is a Professional Member of the American Academy of Neurology, Academy of Pediatrics, Sub Board of Behavior and Development, as well as Immunology

    The Diagnostic & Developmental Center was founded and dedicated to organizing a highly professional group of specialists (in the Mayo Clinic tradition), who would help children, young adults, adults, and their families deal with and resolve developmental issues, disruptive, educational, and behavioral problems. The center is devoted to a total approach and places major emphasis on a thorough study and evaluation of the patient’s physical and psychological profile and characteristics.

    Richard has long been concerned with the ‘problem child’ and his or her effect on the entire family. Families have shared with me the many difficulties they have had in finding a facility capable of giving them a truly comprehensive evaluation of their problems, as well as individualizing care, and offering the family ongoing consultation, advice, and support.

    Helping children and adults with their problems has been my life’s work. The Diagnostic and Developmental Center provides care, dedication, skill, and individualized support.



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