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America’s preeminent Anti-Aging Psychologist, Dr. Michael Brickey, interviews experts on what it takes to live longer, healthier, and happier. The program takes a holistic approach in addressing anti-aging psychology, alternative medicine, medicine, fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness. The emphasis is on innovative thinking and practices that have solid data and results.

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Ageless Lifestyles – Orchestrating Your Life with Music And Sounds You Choose

Anti-Aging Psychologist Dr. Michael Brickey, host of Ageless Lifestyles,® interviews Alex Doman, co-author of Healing at the Speed of Sound and Founder of Advanced Brain Technologies. He explains how to choose music and sounds that help you achieve the emotional states and performance you want, and enhance your cognitive functioning.

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Ageless Lifestyles® with Dr. Michael Brickey

America’s preeminent Anti-Aging Psychologist, Dr. Michael Brickey, helps people to think, feel, look and be more youthful. He is an inspiring speaker and Oprah-featured author. His works include: Defy Aging, 52 baby steps to Grow Young, and Reverse Aging (hypnosis CDs). Visit for a free report on anti-aging secrets, free mini-lessons, and a free subscription to his biweekly Defy Aging Newsletter. Dr. Brickey is President of the Ageless Lifestyles Institute, an ABPP Board Certified Psychologist, and a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. He can be reached at or 614-237-4556.


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Aging With Grace: What the Nun Study Teaches Us About Leading Longer, Healthier, and More Meaningful Lives by David Snowdon

The Beauty of Aging: Growing Older with Grace, Gratitude and Grit by Karen O’Connor

Aging Well: Surprising Guideposts to a Happier Life from the Landmark Harvard Study of Adult Development:by George E. Vaillant

The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully by Joan Chittister

Three Score & More – Aging with Grace: Through Wesley Woods – Atlanta Georgia by Beth Dawkins Bassett, Scott Houston, Paulette Livers Lambert, and David Murray

Prune Juice Cocktail: A Recipe for Aging with Grace by Georgiana K. Keller


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