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Books On Air is a conversation with today’s new authors of the best new books. Hear about their backgrounds, inspirations and what drove them to tell their stories. It’s an insider’s view of the creative process and the challenge of writing. Whether you are a new author, or just looking for some great new reads, sit back and enjoy these insights from writers who have crossed the finish lines with their books.
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Books On Air – Broken Vessel: From Prison To Purpose

BROKEN VESSEL: From Prison To Purpose by Dick and Donna Walls   THE BOOK WAS A FEATURED SELECTION AT THE 2017 FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR IN FRANKFURT, GERMANY The author was wrongfully convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. His lifelong career and reputation were destroyed. He was sent to a prison 2,200 miles from home. the author’s […]

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Books on Air with Suzanne Harris

Suzanne Harris is a seasoned media veteran. She’s an avid reader and hosted talk programs on both radio and television. A master coach and facilitator, Suzanne gives us a candid look into new books and the authors who have dedicated themselves to sharing their stories.


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