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A Shield for the Innocent

Bidemi Nelson

A Shield for the Innocent – THE NEW FACE OF PEDOPHILIA

Sexual relations between an adult and a child or adolescent has been given various nomenclature … herbephilia, ephobilia, pederasty and pedophilia. While all of them are sex crimes perpetuated against children and adolescents, pedophilia however is the one that is registered as a sexual offense against children. It is described as any sexual interest in children or the act of child sexual abuse. Disturbingly, there is an organization that is advocating for the tolerance, understanding and acceptance of pedophiles and another group of people who are sexually and emotionally attracted to children (a group of people tagged MINOR ATTRACTED PERSONS). Find out more about this group of people and this Maryland based organization (B4UACT) who see sexual and emotional attraction to children as a new sexual orientation. If you are a parent or caregiver, you definitely don’t want to miss this episode of A SHIELD FOR THE INNOCENT. For more information about the organization (B4UACT), please visit this website ““. For information about child sexual abuse, please visit the website of THE RAPE, ABUSE AND INCEST NETWORK “

A Shield for the Innocent – THE SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN

In our world today, child sexual abuse is now on the rise especially in Africa where it is almost a taboo to talk about it to anyone. Sadly, it is this taboo that has resulted in the proliferation of this heinous crime against children. Globally, approximately 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10-20 men report being sexually abused as children. On this week’s edition of A SHIELD FOR THE INNOCENT, Bidemi Nelson will be talking to Nigeria’s Christianah Akindolie, the founder of the Christianah fate foundation ( This is a Nigerian non-governmental organization dedicated to fighting against the sexual abuse of children and also breaking the silence/taboo of talking about it. Please note that the references or examples of children cited by my guest are indicative of both male and female children. This means both male and female children can and are being sexually abused everyday in different parts of the world. Lets empower ourselves to stop this onslaught against our children.


This week on “A SHIELD FOR THE INNOCENT”, Bidemi Nelson will be talking church as she interviews Tim Lennon from the San Francisco branch of the SURVIVAL NETWORK OF THOSE ABUSED BY PRIEST (SNAP) Tim is a childhood survivor of sexual abuse and he will be enlightening us about the role of the church in checking incidents of child sexual abuse, the role of parents in protecting their children and the role of children in protecting themselves as well. The church can be safe for children, after all, that is what it was intended to be in the first place. The time for change is right now. Child sexual exploitation in the church can be stopped for good but let us start by tossing CHURCH COMPLICITY out the window.


Teenage pregnancy and abortion has become one of the most debatable issues in our world today. Listen in as Bidemi Nelson interviews Nigeria’s prolific preacher, author and counselor, SOLA OKI who talks about his chastity as a teenager into adulthood and also shares his experience on this extremely sensitive topic. Furthermore, this discourse will focus on THE TABOO ABOUT THE DISCUSSION OF SEXUALITY ESPECIALLY IN AFRICA, THE BENEFITS OF EDUCATING TEENAGERS ON THE USE OF CONTRACEPTIVES, AGE OF CONSENT, RELATIONAL NEEDS WITHIN THE FAMILY AND TEENAGE ABORTION. For more information about the guest, please contact Bidemi.


On this week’s episode of “A SHIELD FOR THE INNOCENT”, Bidemi Nelson will be interviewing Jay Sorensen, the president of the Kids First Fund Organization ( This is a non profit organization that helps abused and abandoned children. While he sheds light on factors that can be found in today’s environment or society that can increase the likelihood for child abuse, he will also share his experiences and work in Moldova and Latvia in this regard.

A Shield for the Innocent – THE RIGHTS OF A CHILD

The foundation of child abuse is the violation of the rights of a child. Sadly, with the glorification of acts that depict gross human rights abuse in many societies today, the discourse if any, about the right of a child has become the joke of the century. More so, other issues like poverty, corruption, ignorance, self-centeredness, war among others have remained serious mitigating factors to the proper exercising of the rights of a child especially in grassroots areas. The truth however is that human rights can never be fully protected or respected if the basic rights of a child are ignored. The Convention on the Rights of the Child has explicitly defined and described what the fundamental right of a child should be and has equipped us with the knowledge on how to ensure that these rights are not violated. This week, Bidemi interviews Nigerian Emmanuel Adaramola, who is the Co-Executive Director of Emmanuel World Children Foundation (a child right enforcement organization in Southern Nigeria). Also, he is the Zonal Coordinator of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Organization in Nigeria. Find out what we can do to ensure that the rights of children are respected, upheld and enforced while we work together towards a violence and abuse free world for children