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Adventures In Healthcare Reform

Adventures In Healthcare Reform – A Lot More in Healthcare Needs Reforming

Fred gives examples of what’s wrong in our current healthcare
crazy quilt, patchwork of healthcare purveyors, providers, and the
patients who are on the receiving end. Bariatric surgical banding is
recommended at lower body mass weights by (guess who) the
bariatric surgeons. The FDA must decide, but higher costs won’t
factor into it. Also bad news from urology, cancer care, and much more.

Adventures In Healthcare Reform – Further Commentary on the sorry state of US healthcare

Fred talks about Atul Gawande. best selling author of books on healthcare, the latest of which is The Checklist Manifesto. Gawande states that 40 % of the US population doesn’t receive healthcare and the US is closing in on spending 20% of its entire economy on health care. Other topics:health insurance premiums have surged 41 % from
2003 to 2009, drug lobbylists spent over $100 million in 2009 and more.

Adventures In Healthcare Reform – Week 1049

Week 1049

Adventures In Healthcare Reform – Fred Talks About Healthcare Reform, ER’s and More!

Focused more than ever on the need to improve healthcare and healthcare reform, Fred talks about the need to keep the current law and strengthen it to get lower costs, create a true high performance health care system, and a consistently high quality system of care. For example, a recent article published in Health Affairs estimates that 100 million emergency room visits could be handled at less cost elsewhere.

Adventures In Healthcare Reform – Raves, but More Rants Re: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Fred talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly in current health care debate. Teed off by all the misinformation, threats, and ignorance up on display nationally in the recent elections, he tells how the good of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) or the health care reform law requires insurers to provide many preventive services at no cost to the insured. But, change will come and Massachusetts health care reform experience shows us the flaws that need to be fixed.

Adventures In Healthcare Reform – Information Technology for Healthcare and YOU!

Health care providers have wasted billions of dollars in buying health
care software, computer systems, consulting contracts, and most
don’t have a complete electronic medical record, Chris Couie tells us
why and how that effects your health insurance costs. His book, The IT
Handbook for Business
, tells how to manage information technology
costs. EMR (Electronic Medical Records) are the future for your health.

Adventures In Healthcare Reform – Been in an Auto Accident or Know Someone Who Has? Listen UP!

Dr. David Sussman, Orthopedic Surgeon, talks about the health and legal considerations for those involved in auto accidents in an entertaining and enlightening way. The dangers of disability compensation lead some victims into a disability focused life rather than to full recovery. Health care reform so far doesn’t address any of the policy and practical issues in this fickle and expensive process. We all ultimately pay for these expensive inefficiencies?.

Adventures In Healthcare Reform – What Everyone Should Know About Women’s Breasts

Jan Janzen, author of Breast Health Exposed, talks about what every woman
must know about her breasts. Jan says that healthy breasts don’t get cancer.
Jan is a speaker, educator and entrepreneur whose mission is to eradicate
breast cancer. She talks about the five myths about breast health and the ten
secrets that your doctor will never tell you about your breasts. Some of her 21
secrets are to avoid anti-persperants and sleep in complete darkness.

Adventures In Healthcare Reform – Healthcare: Who is in charge? Nobody

Fred Malphurs talks about the miscellaneous factoids that reveal a compelling story about his three categories of factoids: 1. No one is actually in charge, 2. It’s not that the right hand knoweth no what the left is doing. Its an octopus and none of the tentacles know what any of the other tentacles are doing., 3. Where is the outrage? Wait for a future show to hear those factoids filed under ‘Where is the outrage?’

Adventures In Healthcare Reform – Protect Your Privacy AND Take Control of Your Med Info!

Jacqueline Klosek, attorney and author, talks about how people can protect their privacy and security while taking control of their medical information. She tells us about the risks and advantages of personal health records. Health privacy is put at risk by social networking sites and possibly effects one’s relations with their employer. Her book, Why Healthcare Reform is Not Enough is due out in the spring.