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Aging Without Limits

Alicia Stanton MD

Aging Without Limits – Transformation – Part II

Life coach, Marge Piccini, and I had so much information to share that we needed a second show! Many of us think about transforming our lives when we’re not happy with how they’re going. However, as we discussed last week, my life was amazing and I suddenly received a diagnosis of breast cancer with its unsolicited invitation for transformation. What do you do when something like this happens to you? Whether it’s a divorce, loss of a job, death of a loved one, natural disaster or any other unsolicited upheaval, how to you move forward? Join Marge Piccini and me to find out! As always, thank you to my sponsors, ZRT Laboratories and Medaus Pharmacy.

Aging Without Limits – Transformation – What if Life is Going Well and Things Change?

We often think about transformation and change when things aren’t going as well as we want with our lives or careers. What about when things are fantastic and you’re faced with an involuntary life changing event? On May 30th, my first book had just won another award, my second book was due out in a few months and I had speaking engagements all over the world. My career was at a high point. On Jun 1st, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and everything changed. Today, my guest, life coach Marge Piccini, and I discuss how to move forward when the unexpected happens. As always, thank you to my sponsor, ZRT Laboratories.

Aging Without Limits – Fatigue With Your Life – Are You Living Your Passion?

It’s interesting how events in our life can influence our career choices. Both of my guests today had a series of life events that put them onto their current career paths. My first guest, Dr. Linda Clever, is an internal medicine physician who wrote The Fatigue Prescription. This is not about your everyday fatigue; it’s about moving forward to regain your life’s purpose and joy. My second guest, Celia Westbury, a molecular biologist, knows exactly what it takes to keep your cells growing at their optimal level. Her book, Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly, gives great recipes for healthy eating without counting calories. As always, thank you to my sponsor, ZRT Laboratories.

Aging Without Limits – Real Age and Drive Time Yoga

Today, we’re going to hear from two experts with great opportunities to help you make a difference in your life starting today. Keith Roach, MD is the Chief Medical Officer of RealAge, a groundbreaking test you can do online that allows you to determine how old your body thinks you are. This free test has been taken by over 27 million people! My other guest, Elaine Masters, is a certified yoga instructor and has developed Drivetime Yoga, targeted stretches you can do in the car. It also includes road rage remedies and how to identify your drive style. As always, thank you to my sponsor, ZRT Laboratories!

Aging Without Limits – Pain and Fatigue

I am currently lecturing to physicians in Germany so I wanted to post one of my favorite previously recorded shows for you this week. How many of us need to hit the snooze alarm a few times in the morning? Ten per cent of us complain of “persistant” tiredness at any given time. For most of us, it is bothersome. But, for some, the pain and fatigue of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be debilitating. My guests today are Dr Jacob Teitelbaum, Director of Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers and Karena Tech-Lineback, President of Pilates Teck . Dr Teitelbaum, a world-renoun expert, will be discussing the causes for fatigue and offer suggestions from his S.H.I.N.E. Protocol on how all of us can reduce fatigue. Karena will discuss the importance of movement; how it can heal pain and reduce the risks of fracture with osteoporosis. As always, I would like to thank my sponsor, ZRT Laboratories.

Aging Without Limits – Dr. Barry Sears, Weight Loss, Inflammation and The Zone Diet

One of the major topics of conversation these days continues to be our weight and our health. Despite spending billions on healthcare, we remain one of the sickest countries in the world. We know that chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer are relaed to inflammation. However, Dr. Barry Sears, author of The Zone Diet and many other amazing books, connects inflammation to obesity as well. Learn how to eat in a way that will reduce your inflammation, help you lose weight and keep you feeling full (for once). You can hear his “15 second prescription”, “5 minute prescription”, “30 minute prescription” and “3 hour prescription”. How healthy do you want to be? As always, thank you to my sponsor, ZRT Laboratories!

Aging Without Limits – The Heart and the Prostate

This week, I have three amazing interviews! Dr. Janet Brill is going to talk about heart healthy eating for men and women. I know what you’re thinkng… no fat, no cholesterol, no fun… Well, you’re wrong! You’ll love Dr. Brill’s suggestions. Dr Jim Occhiogrosso, a naturopath and master herbalist, will discuss prostate health and other aspects of men’s health. He has wonderful nutritional suggestions! Dr. Dan Sperling, an interventional radiolgist, has pioneered a new procedure for much better diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancers. If you are a man or know one, you’ll want this information! As always, thank you to my sponsor, ZRT Laboratories!

Aging Without Limits – Compounding Medications – It’s More Than Just Hormones

We often hear about compounding pharmacies in the news – and it is usually related to a story about hormone therapy. Bio-identical hormone therapy has put compounding pharmacies “on the map.” However, pharmacies have been making specialized medications for hundreds of years. My guest, pharmacist Nat Jones, was speaking at a PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America) hormone therapy conference with me for physicians and pharmacists. He owns a compounding pharmacy in Virginia Beach, VA and has a wealth of information. Listen to us as we discuss the many ways you might be able to use specialized medicines and hormones made just for you. Can’t take a pill? Do you have chronic pain and need a better way to get the medication to the source of your pain? We have some great ideas for you! As always, thank you to my sponsors, ZRT Laboratories!

Aging Without Limits – Exercise – Why and How

We all know that exercise is very important to our overall health. Yet, many of us aren’t quite sure, aside from burning calories, exactly why it’s important for us to move every day. Does it really make a difference? There are many types of exercises out there and it seems like everyone is an expert. What do the studies show? What is really the best type of exercise to do? I will answer these questions today with the help of my guest, Becky Williamson. She is an exercise physiologist and a former researcher for NASA. Join us to find out how you can make the most of your precious workout time. As always, I want to thank my sponsor, ZRT Laboratories for their support and their amazing lab testing.

Aging Without Limits – New Angles on Old Topics: Diet and Career

This week, we’re going to focus on new angles for common concerns: Diet and Jobs. Depending on which survey you read, 56-66% of Americans are on a diet at any given time. However, obesity continues to rise. My first guest, Sumner Brooks, the owner of Not On A Diet in Redondo Beach, CA, embraces a “no diet” approach. She gives wonderful tips on intuitive eating, emotional eating and the 5 foods you should eat every day. Another main concern in our lives is our jobs. What happens when we hate what we do or we find ourselves “downsized” or laid off? How can we position ourselves to find that dream job that fills our passion? My second guest, Kerry Hannon, the author of What’s Next? Follow Your Passion and Find Your Dream Job, will give us insights on what motivates people to change careers in midlife and the kinds of preparation required to do so. As always, I want to thank my sponsor, ZRT Labs, for their support!