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American Dreamers

American Dreamers – It’s time to take full advantage of what the social networks and digital marketing can do to hyper-grow your business. Don’t be left behind in today’s fast growing social networks for business

Join Berny and one of the top sought after leaders in Social Media and Digital Marketing, Michelle Price. Michelle easily discusses and guides you in today’s sometimes challenging Internet market and social networking arenas for maximizing your business growth. Michelle’s background includes, Digital Self-Publishing Profit Strategy for Amazon Kindle, iPad., Online Lead Generation & Sales Systems, Inbound Marketing, Membership Sites for Authors & Experts with Books, Social Media Content Strategy, Social Media Content Marketing & Management, Facebook Fan Page Strategy, Twitter Content Strategy, Online Platform-Building for Experts with Books, WordPress, Buddypress, OptimizePress, ShopperPress, YouTube Content Strategy and more!

American Dreamers – If you have a weak plan, a weak team and a lack of resources, you can’t go all the way in your business. If you have a STRONG plan, you can acquire a strong team and the resources to go all the way in your Business!

Join Berny and one of the leading Business and strategic planners, Paul Hoyt, who will guide you to reaching the bull’s eye of prosperity in your Business.Mr. Hoyt has a passion to help others succeed, especially small business owners. As a
Business Architect, he is an expert at helping new businesses develop their initial plans,
financial models, and growth strategies. For existing companies, he has enjoyed
tremendous success at helping them develop and execute strategic plans to achieve
their growth and exit strategy objectives.

American Dreamers – Raising Capital? Learn The Box Top Rules Of Raising Capital and Break The Fear Barriers!

Join Berny Dohrmann and guest, Steve Meyers. Steve is a leading attorney in the areas of Securities Laws Compliance and Technology Licensing. He has over 25 years of Business Law experience with emerging and high growth companies. He began his legal career as an Enforcement Attorney with the Securities & Exchange Commission in San Francisco. He went on to become in-house counsel with several publicly traded and pre-IPO companies in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley both in a legal and business development capacity.

American Dreamers – What’s the fastest growing danger for your children today? The Internet!

Join Berny and guest, Greg Writer. Greg is CEO of the Children’s Educational Network, which is a software company developing and marketing a fully integrated suite of Internet software products that empowers parents to provide children a safe platform and meaningful tools to accelerate their children’s education, entertainment, and exploration of the “Information Superhighway” free from hate, violence, pornography and online predators.

American Dreamers – Branding is more important today than ever due to ever-increasing advertising clutter, media fragmentation, and the seemingly limitless choices we are offered in just about every product category!

Learn the strategies from former Proctor and Gamble Brand Strategist, Star of the popular PBS business mini-series, Something Ventured, and Professor of Marketing at Pepperdine University, Gerry Foster! For over 20 years, he has dedicated his life to sharing the secrets of branding strategies to help people attain their highest potential and value in their business and career!

American Dreamers – What is the most important part of your Business? PROTECTING IT!

Join Berny and guest, Maria Speth. Maria is shareholder in the law firm of Jaburg & Wilk, P.C., and is one of the leading attorneys in Intellectual Property, Internet Law and Commercial Litigation. She focuses her practice on assisting businesses in protecting their trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, information technology, and other intellectual property. You don’t want to miss this crucial information with today’s aggressive markets!

American Dreamers – One Historical Show With Elvis Presley’s Step Brother and Body Guard!

Join Berny and the man behind Elvis Presley and President of Impello Films, David Stanley. Listen to how David launched his company, films and gives never before heard insights of growing up and protecting his big brother and the world’s greatest Music Icon, Elvis Presley!

American Dreamers – Protecting Your Dream Made Easy

It’s so simple in protecting your Business and Intellectual Property in today’s fast pace markets with expert advice from one of the leading Patent Attorneys, Jason Webb .

Mr. Webb’s expertise in intellectual property law comes from helping companies develop their IP strategies and portfolios. He has drafted hundreds of patent applications and has developed comprehensive strategies for companies to capitalize on their IP, including protecting foreign rights around the World. He has negotiated licensing agreements for Fortune 500 companies and has negotiated settlement agreements for each of copyright, trademark, web domain, and patent disputes.

American Dreamers – The Integrity Revolution

Learn how to restore one of principal values that seems to be lost in today’s business world, education and society from Dr. David S. Gruder, PhD, DCEP, who has been hailed by Radio & Television Interview Reports as America’s INTEGRITY Expert. The clinical and organizational psychologist who is today’s preeminent thought leader on practical ways to bring INTEGRITY back into daily life, relationships, business, politics, the media, education, and religion.

American Dreamers – Taking The Fear Out Of Raising Capital

Think it’s impossible or to complicated when it comes to raising Capital for your new or existing Business? You will be excited to learn the secrets of how easy raising Capital and being SEC compliant can be! Discover real inside steps with expert attorney, Thomas Jurgensen- CEO Cataylst Law Group