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Be Your Own Super Hero

Be Your Own Super Hero – Tracking Wonder –Super Hero Jeff

How Do We Find Our Own Super Powers?

Meaning, magic, and the wonder of everyday life. Explore what ‘tracking wonder’ means and how to practice it. What is the reptilian brain, and its role in keeping us safe? Hear how to use fertile confusion to thrive during creative and life challenges. JEFFREY DAVIS is a writer and creativity consultant with a focus on wonder’s role in opening us up to possibilities, stoking us to persevere, and connecting us with what matters. He is founder of Tracking Wonder Consulting, President of Center To The Page, LLC, founder of the Yoga as Muse Programs & Training, and author of the groundbreaking book The Journey from the Center to the Page. He writes the Tracking Wonder blog for Psychology Today.

Be Your Own Super Hero – Super Hero Reverend John – Meeting The Challenges of Spirit

Learn how a spiritual perspective can enhance becoming your own super hero. Dr. John Morton shares his personal experience of how he is using spiritual practices to navigate his sudden financial loss. You will hear how to use PGA, patience, gratitude and attitude to bring forward a inner knowing to expand in times of crisis. Included in this episode is a short meditation on how to meet the challenges of spirit. John Morton, Doctor of Spiritual Science (D.S.S.), regularly travels throughout the United States and the world to promote peace and support people in finding the good in everything regardless of any challenges. He is the current Spiritual Director and past President of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. His books, The Blessings Already Are and You are the Blessings, are both practical and inspirational guides to finding the blessings in everyday life. Syndicated columnist and author Arianna Huffington says that “The Blessings Already Are shows how living in a state of gratitude is truly living in a state of grace.” Dr. Jean Houston, Best-Selling author and researcher, says that “You Are the Blessings is so important in a time in which the well being of all requires that treasures of Heaven must be brought to Earth. For more information:

Be Your Own Super Hero – Writer Super Hero Janet

Writer, publisher & writing coach Super Hero Janet shares step by step how she writes, publishes and makes money writing “Beach Chair Diaries”. Pick up your beach chair and grab your funny bone. Get whisked away in this collection of seaside tales from Maui to Maine. Let these word waves wash over you as you laugh out loud and reflect on life in, on, and around the water.You’ve heard of armchair travel? This is beach chair travel! You can have summertime, anytime, with these delightful, insightful essays including Surfer Girl, Find the Perfect Wave, Beach Chair Therapy, A New England Dock and Beach Withdrawal. Dip your toes into this ultimate beach book and you’ll feel as if you’re at the water’s edge, even if you’re landlocked or in the middle of a blizzard. And you can take that to the beach. Janet Spurr has been visiting the beach all her life. Between the sand and the waves she has found paradise and much more which she brings to you in the pages of Beach Chair Diaries. When not at the beach she works as a sales rep for women’s accessory lines, which she sells to the six New England states. This brings her to the shores of Maine, Lake Champlain, Vermont, the lakes of New Hampshire, Rhode Island’s beaches and of course, the North Shore of Boston. Although the waters of New England are home, paradise is in the warm waves of Maui as well as the other Hawaii islands. Someday, she hopes to spread the Aloha Spirit throughout New England. She is a member of the National Writers Union, NEIBA, The New England Independent Booksellers Association, IBPA, the Independent Book Publishers Association, Dolphin Yacht Club, Colby-Sawyer College class correspondent and Trinity Church in Boston. She hopes to write many books including; Stupid Questions Asked, Tales from a Road Rep and Heaven Has No Zip Code, which is a book about her dad.

Be Your Own Super Hero – Wise Super Hero Tara Sophia Mohr

In today’s show of Be Your Own Super Hero we will focus on how people can move from them feeling like they need to be rescued to being their own Super Hero.

Listen to Tara as she shares tips of how wise living is a way of life. “It’s about living more intentionally in order to create a vital, peaceful, joyful life. It’s consciously cultivating love and compassion – because we can change our lives for the better through that cultivation. Wise living is also about becoming skillful in managing fears, limiting beliefs, and unhelpful behaviors, so that they don’t get in the way.

Tara also shares her own struggles with creativity, procrastination and fear and how she manages to stay positive.

Tara Sophia Mohr is a writer, coach, and personal growth teacher. She is a regular columnist for Huffington Post, and her writing has also been featured in USA Today, Forbes, Ode Magazine and numerous other publications. She received her MBA from Stanford University, where her studies focused on leadership and innovation. Today her work has a special focus in helping women unleash their leadership and their voices.

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Be Your Own Super Hero – Super Hero Wild Woman Sandi

Professionally Sandi has been a banking officer; a psychiatric/chemical dependency administrator; a development director of a woman owned architectural
interior design studio; and Past President of The United Way of Lubbock, Texas.

Sandi’s toolbox for life challenges: Listen to Sandi as she shares her story of growing up as an only child by a mother with a bipolar disorder.
She talks about her daughters Stephanie and Nikki and their challenges with becoming mothers and surviving cancer.
These are my superhero wild women who stand up to the Monster of fear eye-to-eye with determination and by
never giving up.

Sandi currently is a retired business consultant who lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband Tony.
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Be Your Own Super Hero – Superheros At Work

Find your superhero at work. Learn how to conquer anything that stands in your way at work.
Our guest is Russell Bishop, author of “Workarounds That Work“. Russell is a weekly columnist
on the Huffington Post.

Russell is the managing partner of Bishop and Bishop, a consulting and coaching company helping
executives and managers increase alignment and improve execution across the organization. A
recognized expert in personal and organizational transformation, Russell possesses an uncommon
ability to inspire clarity and provoke transformational change. Having started five companies, he brings
35 years of consulting and operating expertise to the real world challenges of executing strategy and
improving organization performance.