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CeCe's Kitcken

CeCe’s Kitchen – Organic Roof Top Farming

This week CeCe prepares her “100% Healthy French Toast”. Dave Snyder is the roof top coordinator for “Uncommon Ground” the first certified organic roof top farm. This organic farm produces delicious, nutritious produce that they use in the “Uncommon Ground” restaurant. ( Similarly, Sean Sanders got an idea for “Brown Trout” restaurant while vacationing in New Zealand. He’s now open for business and everything he prepares comes from local farms including the seafood! (

CeCe’s Kitchen – Community Supported Agriculture

This week Cece shares her delicious healthy Chili recipe before Scott Mor of “Green Earth Farm” and Kim Marsin, owner/farmer of “Sweet Home Organics”stop by the kitchen to share what they’ve learned as experts in “Community Supported Agriculture”. Then, it’s off to Hollywood for an update from Courtney Abiati.

CeCe’s Kitchen – Plan for Healthy Eating, Fast

This week CeCe shares her delicious recipe for Yogurt Fruit Salad. She also welcomes Richard Cates of the Cates Family Farm into the Kitchen. The Cates’
raise healthy cattle with no added growth hormones or antibiotics in Wisconsin. Got cravings? Get ready for a lifestyle coaching session with Holistic Health Coach Laurel Moll.

CeCe’s Kitchen – Healthy Fast Food and Organic Gardens

Enjoy breakfast with a spin. Today Cece cooks up an egg White Casserole.
Jeanne Nolan is an Organic Gardner and she’ll teach you how to grow and harvest your own organic foods. Kids love it! Andrew Baker, the owner of Dews Eatery has defined healthy “conscious fast food” . Get healthy ice cream, chili, hotdogs and more at Drew’s Eatery! Courtney and Cece wrap up with a look at Jersey Girls and the Bachelor.

CeCe’s Kitchen – Busy Life? Fuel properly!

This week CeCe gets her weekly update on Hollywood from Courtney Abiati after devoting the bulk of the show to Jenna Bell-Wilson, Co-author of “Energy to Burn: The Ultimate Food and Nutrition Guide to Fuel Your Active Life”. If you lead a busy lifestyle it’s essential to get the right fuel to meet the demands on your body. This show will answer ALL your nutrition and dietary questions.

CeCe’s Kitchen – Organic Meats and Teas

This week CeCe shares her recipe for cold “Carrot and Cauliflower Soup with Dill”. If you love tea don’t miss Cece’s conversation with Angela DeStephanis of Rishi Teas. You’ll learn about their many Organic varieties, where they come from, and why they’re good for you. Then, Donna O’Shaughnessy owner of South Pork Ranch talks about organic dairy and beef production and why South Pork Ranch’s pastured pork operation is going organic. Finally, Courtney Abiati drops in with her weekly update on Hollywood gossip.

CeCe’s Kitchen – “Learn to Cook in Chicago and Eat Organic in CA”

This week Cece shares her recipe for Agave Soy Broiled Salmon and catches up with Shelley Young founder of The Chopping Block , Chicago’s largest recreational cooking school and gourmet retail store. If you’re out Senora Ca looking for deliciously prepared Organic food check out The family-owned Harvest Moon Cafe. Nick Demarest is the Café Chef-Owner drops in to tell us all about it before we get an extensive look at Hollywood Gossip from Courtney Abiati.

CeCe’s Kitchen – Chicago Hot Dogs Defined

This week CeCe indulges in her ultimate guilty pleasure, the Chicago style hot dog. She first prepares a delicious high protein egg white omelet, shares her recipe and then gets the official word on what makes a REAL Chicago style Hot Dog from Mitch and Kevin of You’ll be surprised to find out how famous restaurants in Chicago rank in their survey. Greg Christian comes by to talk about how we can keep our kids healthy by getting sustainable, organically grown foods into their schools and Courtney Abiati stops into CeCe’s kitchen with her look at “The Bachelorette”.

CeCe’s Kitchen – Bison Hotdogs & Changing the World through Organic Chocolate

This week Dave Burns, Executive Chef of Wrigley Field stops into CeCe’s Kitchen to talk about healthy food at the Ballpark. That’s right, you can now get organic Bison Hot Dogs and fresh grilled Chicken at the home of the Chicago Cubs. CeCe serves up her recipe for Citrus Chicken and Tom Newhouse, President of Sweet Earth Chocolates talks about his crusade to change the world through organic chocolate. Charlie Sheen’s car was found in a ditch again and Courtney Abiati has a few comments to share on that and other celebrity issues in her weekly report from Hollywood.

CeCe’s Kitchen – Farm to Fork

This week in CeCe’s Kitchen you’ll learn how to prepare a delicious Salmon and Tomato Casserole. “Epiphany Farms” is a restaurant opening in 2011. Learn about their “Farm to Fork” concept that practices sustainable, beyond organic, environmentally friendly techniques. Ken Myszka the concept creator and his staff work the farm and prepare the food. Ken drops into the kitchen to give us an update on their progress and share some mouth-watering details. Charlie Sheen is headed back to prison. Courtney Abiati shares her thoughts about Charlie, the Bachelorette, Sandra Bullock the outrageous Miley Cyrus and more.