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Claim Your Voice, Own Your Life

Claim Your Voice, Own Your Life – FRANK MALLINDER: The Secret to Abundance

This is a special program that is dedicated to ‘seekers’ who desire to have Abundance flow effortlessly into their lives. To achieve this, the ‘seeker’ must embark on a 4 stage journey. During this program I will share with you the 4 stage map and what causes people to get stuck on their journey to joy and abundance. If you,re looking for a GPS that will tell you where you are and provide landmarks to navigate by, then tune in. I have not discussed this on the radio before.

Claim Your Voice, Own Your Life – MAGGIE SELF: Emerging Epidemic…Intuitive Kids and Food Allergies!

Are you parenting these children? Probably! Intuitive kids and food allergies are an emerging epidemic. The care and feeding of them requires a new mindset and awareness. Are they telling us something? Are we listening? Meet Tara Paterson, a certified parenting coach, an intuitive parent, parenting intuitive kids, as she shares her expertise on food allergies and raising four intuitive kids.

Claim Your Voice, Own Your Life – Roz Adams: NIA: Everybody Is A Dancer

Hate exercise? Tired of the same old routine? Ready for a change? Join me as I interview Lisa Geddings, a black belt Nia Fitness Technique Instructor, Life Coach and founder of Manifest Movement, LLC. It’s time to move your body and feel pure pleasure!

Claim Your Voice, Own Your Life – The Power of Your Story

Are you a woman looking to give voice to your life experiences and share your wisdom with the world? Meet Linda Joy publisher of Aspire Magazine the premier inspirational magazine for women, and the new anthology: A Juicy, Joyful Life: Inspiration from Women who have Found the Sweetness in Every Day. Discover your platform for inspired living and empowering women around the world with your joy, passion and the power of your story.

Claim Your Voice, Own Your Life – FRANK MALLINDER: You are asking the wrong question

All over the globe people seeking a meaningful life have been asking themselves the wrong question regarding how to claim your voice and own your life. This week I will share what the wrong question is, how to recognize it and the right question to ask. In addition to that you will learn the Top Ten Activities that Lead to Great Questions and a Meaningful Life. The wrong questions will never generate the life you want.

Claim Your Voice, Own Your Life – MAGGIE SELF: Parenting by Design!?

Are you confident in your parenting style?
What if there was an instruction manual that gave you and your children deep insights into the talents, gifts, and genius you came here to be. Join me, and my sister Tuck Self, The Rebel Belle, as we share the amazing parenting tool of Human Energy Design. Learn how to hold the vision for the highest potential expression of your children to be who they came here to be.

Claim Your Voice, Own Your Life – Roz Adams: Smoking? End It Now!

Are you or someone you know still smoking? Have you tried and tried and still can’t give it up? Join me as Lela Bryan, Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Nicotine Solutions, shares her successful, innovative approach that helps you finally kick the habit for good. It Works!

Claim Your Voice, Own Your Life – “I Am A Phenomenal Woman!”

Meet Emily Burton, one of my rebel clients who actually grabbed her petticoat ruffles and picked up her skirt to high step her way out of the comfort zone of her life. Emily quit her dead end job and celebrated her 60th birthday by flying on the trapeze. Discover how this “Phenomenal Woman” & grandmother of 3 found the courage to claim her voice and own her life!

Claim Your Voice, Own Your Life – FRANK MALLINDER: The Big Change

: Have you had the good intention of creating a ‘Big Change’ in your life for several, if not a lot of years? Do you frequently say the phrase “One of these days I am going to …”? Are you tired of not really being yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to learn the 4 C’s of Big Change that Frank will present this week. By the end of the show you will be ready to successfully launch a successful ‘Big Change’ in your life

Claim Your Voice, Own Your Life – MAGGIE SELF: Who’s Raising Who?

Imagine a child having the freedom, unconditional love, and space to choose to direct his life SINCE BIRTH? Meet Quinn Eaker, and welcome to the concept of ‘unschooling’. This 27 year old self-directed learner was afforded the opportunity to be a conscious, responsible, active participant in his life and learning. Enjoy this delightful and conscious free spirit.