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Earth Guardian – How a Scientist who was a Climate Change Sceptic became a Believer

My guest is Gregory Vettese, a contributor to the history blog, Understood Backwards. Gregory got his M. Sc. in Chemistry from Queen’s University, a scientist who is no longer skeptical that climate change is happening. What are the arguments used by skeptical scientists? Why are their arguments not credible? What are their tactics? What convinced a scientist that climate change is happening already

Earth Guardian – Follow the Lead of a Company that Practices Sustainability and Saves Money at the Same Time

My guest on the Earth Guardian is Dr Linda Miles, L. Ac., D.O.M., Vice-President of Dermae Natural Bodycare, a company that has successfully implemented a culture of sustainability, something that many companies are considering doing. How did Dermae do it? Why did they do it? What are the benefits? What are the disadvantages?

For over 25 years, Dermae Natural Bodycare has extended their eco-friendly philosophy to their business by being socially and environmentally responsible. Dermae does not use GMO ingredients in their bodycare products. Whenever possible without compromising quality, they use organic ingredients and ingredients sourced from environmentally friendly farms that practice sustainable agriculture. Dermae’s Commitment to the Environment includes 100% recyclable packaging, and manufacturing with 100% wind energy. Dermae’s Paraguay Project is about “giving back”. A quality product made by a quality company.

Dermae Natural Bodycare has been a family-owned and operated skincare company since1984. Located in Simi Valley, CA, Dermae is committed to producing high-quality eco-friendly bodycare products that benefit their customers. Derma e Natural Bodycare has pioneered the development of high performance anti-oxidant skincare solutions. Their award-winning, comprehensive line offers over 90 SKUs that are free of parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulphates, mineral oil, and lanolin. No formulas contain animal by-products, and there is no animal testing. Derma e is an active supporter of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Earth Guardian – Ontario Doesn’t Need Coal Generated Electricity, so Why Shouldn’t it be Phased Out Now Instead of Waiting until 2014?

My guest on the Earth Guardian is Jack Gibbons, Chair of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA). Its campaign,” Coal is Costing Us the Air We Breathe”, is putting pressure on the Ontario government to shut down now instead of 2014 its four (4) coal generated plants, including the gigantic Nanticoke Station because Ontario has a significant surplus of coal-free electricity. According to the Ontario Clean Air Alliance report, Finishing the Coal Phase-out: An Historic Opportunity for Climate Leadership, Ontario’s coal-free generation capacity is now 28% greater than the province’s projected peak demand for the summer of 2011, and 33% greater than the forecasted peak demand for 2014. Why would the Ontario Power Generation buy coal from the United States (mostly West Virginia where the coal is mined from mountain top removal)? What are the health costs?

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is a coalition of individuals and approximately 90 organizations (health, environmental, faith communities, municipalities, utilities, unions, and corporations) that represent over six million supporters. The Clean Air Alliance was established in 1997 to achieve the phase-out of dirty coal-fired power plants and move towards a renewable electricity future.

Earth Guardian – Mara Legrand, Writer, Producer and Director will talk about her Documentary, Wild Horses in Winds of Change

My guest on the Earth Guardian is Mara Legrand, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, and Director at Skydancer Productions, a film company that specializes in documentaries. Mara will be talking about her most recent film, Wild Horses in Winds of Change, the multi-award winning film about the wild mustang horses in the United States that are being rounded-up. It’s a film that raises awareness about who we are in relation to nature, animals, and the importance of keeping the wilderness wild. Find out why, and what you can do about it. To see how Mara filmed the wild mustang, read the interview with True Cowboy Magazine posted as a blog on her website.

Skydancer Productions, based in Durango, Colorado, also produced the award winning film, Heart and Soil, a compelling film about sustainable agriculture, which was covered by CBS, an impressive accomplishment for a first time film maker. It is still used in classrooms across the country and is a very popular film for public event screenings. It airs regularly on The Documentary Channel.

Earth Guardian – Bloated Nuclear Projects Mean You Pay More for Electricity. What is the True Cost of Nuclear Generated Electricity?

My guest on the Earth Guardian is Jack Gibbons, Chair of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, a coalition of individuals and approximately 90 organizations (health, environmental, faith communities, municipalities, utilities, unions, and corporations) that represent over six million supporters). The Clean Air Alliance was established in 1997 to achieve the phase-out of dirty coal-fired power plants and move towards a renewable electricity future. The Clean Air Alliance has a campaign to “Stop a $35 Billion Nuclear Handout” targeted to the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition of Ontario. Why are they conducting this campaign? What does the Clean Air Alliance hope to achieve?

Earth Guardian – Post-Car Cities: How Cities need to be re-planned for Fewer Cars and Old Baby-Boomers

Instead of complaining about the high price of gasoline, this is an opportunity to redesign our cities and shift the priority from cars to pedestrians, from asphalt to tree-lined boulevards, from shopping centres to corner stores. It’s not far-fetched. For fourteen (14) years I was a volunteer community leader in Toronto. As Chair of Y.S.A.R.A, our ratepayer groups were involved in creating a new “city-centre” out of an existing section of the city. The community’s voice was essential in the success of the new city-centre, along with the city planners, and developers.

It took about twenty (20) years for the redevelopment to build-out from the initial planning stages, but it’s been a pleasure living adjacent to the redevelopment and seeing the transition occur there, and here in our residential neighbourhood. My family has options, which meant I wasn’t a chauffeur all the time. My children walked or rode their bicycles to school. My neighbour walked to work in one of the nearby highrises. Other neighbours go to work by subway. I speak to my neighbours. My parents are in their eighties and nineties, and they don’t have a car, but they live in an apartment where they can walk by themselves to the grocery store, or the library, and my mother goes by herself on the subway to her appointments. So, what types of changes are needed to create a city where people can live, work, entertain, and grow old?

Earth Guardian – Why Do Women have to Participate in the Decision-Making Process, Especially When the Decisions are Important?

Already in the 21st century, all of us are facing many new challenges that we didn’t have in the 20th century – over-population, dwindling resources, and violent weather. Women have an important role to play so that these challenges are addressed quickly. How can women help to address over-population? How can women help preserve our natural resources, the environment? How can women help politically so that actions are taken now to reduce the impact of the increasingly violent weather being experienced around the world? We’ll call it “small – talk – solutions”.

Men and women have to work together, and not dominate one over the over, to address the issues that we’re facing at this critical time on Earth.

Earth Guardian – The Shift that is Happening in the Electrical Industry

Electricity rates are going up because the infrastructure is falling apart, and more and more things are using electricity. It has been too cheap, and too reliable for too long to the point where electricity is now considered a right. Most governments are broke, so what options are available so that we can continue enjoying electricity?

People are getting upset because their electricity bills are going up, and they think it’s because of the high feed-in-tariffs for renewables (mainly solar). The media and politicians are stoking that resentment for their own purposes—to sell more media time, and to get more votes. This is a bad combination.

The problem of a large infrastructure that has to be replaced at a very expensive price tag still remains. It is like a ticking time bomb where everything will shut down all at once. There is also the problem that the organizational infrastructure is old and rigid, so the people delivering the electricity have a real big challenge ahead of them that is quite daunting.

Earth Guardian – Why Did United Nations Declare 2011 the” International Year of the Forest”? Why are Forests, the Earth’s Lungs, important to protect?

On February 2, 2011 the United Nations declared 2011 the “International Year of Forests”. The world’s forests are essential to our quality of life, and to keeping us alive. Trees make oxygen; they’re the lungs of the Earth. Why are they important to the Earth’s biodiversity? Why is it important to keep the forests intact, and large? What happens when forests stand where oil and gas deposits are? My guest is Ian Davidson, Executive Director of Nature Canada.

Earth Guardian – Can we learn from History to address the Causes of Climate Change and Environmental Degradation Now?

Hi There! Welcome to the Earth Guardian on Web Talk Radio. Net. I’m your host, Sharolyn Vettese.

Every event may be unique, but if you look deeper, you’ll see the similarity to an historical event. Can we learn from history to address the problems of climate change that we’re facing today? My guest is Troy Vettese, a graduate student in Environmental History, and editor of the website “Understood Backwards”, whose aim is to provide historical context to current events.