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Empowerment Through Healing

Empowerment Through Healing – What are the impacts of labeling children ADD/HD?

Listen to Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, author of Managing the Gift of Your ADD/HD Child, discuss the impact of labeling children Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Dr. Kevin discusses the impact of medications, labeling, and how our current educational system does not support assisting children with these labels. Are the labels even real? Listen to Dr. Kevin’s comment on the association between “gifted” children and “ADD/HD” children!

Empowerment Through Healing – Randy Roberts Potts discusses homosexuality

Randy Roberts Potts is Oral Roberts’ grandson and Randy is gay. Randy was born into a family that was against homosexuality. His family made it very clear about how they feel about homosexuality and will not acknowledge Randy’s sexuality. Listen to Randy’s story about his uncle who completed suicide after coming out as homosexual, Randy’s journey in understanding and accepting his own sexuality, and how his journey can offer assistance to anyone who may be pondering suicide.

Empowerment Through Healing – Empowerment Through Healing-Food Integrity Now talks about what we need to know about our food supply, airport scanners, and chemtrails.

Listen to Matt Spaeth and Carol Grieve’, from Food Integrity Now, discuss genetically modified foods, chemtrails, the airport X-Ray scanners, and the FDA. Food Integrity Now is a team of individuals who began noticing how our food, water, and air were and are being compromised. However, the mainstream media does not inform the public of these issues. In fact, the issue of chemtrails (geo-engineering) is ridiculed and shut down. However, chemtrails were listed as a space based weapon in the original HR bill 2977.
Food Integrity Now team is in transition with its radio show, but Carol and Matt currently write newsletters and articles to bring awareness to the public in order for people to make knowledgeable and empowered choices.

Empowerment Through Healing – 120511

Listen to Karen Sherman, Ph.D. about her book, Mindfulness and The Art of Choice. Karen is a psychologist and discusses how making different choices is very powerful in the healing process, why people resist making new choices, and how to create a new reality through making new choices. If you have wanted to create a different life, but have struggled with understanding the steps, listen to this show!

Empowerment Through Healing – Tami Urbanek and Ioanna Golfinopoulou discuss Tami’s work as a medium/clairvoyant.

Tami’s adult journey began painful as a result of painful choices. She needed to learn self-respect and she began that process through working two jobs, raising a daughter as a single mother, and attending college in the evening. This journey led to academic success through three college degrees through the University of Colorado. Tami’s professional work as a school teacher went very well until it was time to begin working with the public as a medium/clairvoyant to assist people to heal their own issues and to find meaning. In this episode, you will also hear Ioanna briefly discuss her book, Prophecy of the Blue Light and her Foundation, R.O.S.E. (Respecting Our Soul Essence), which is located in Athens, Greece.