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Fit Moms for Life

Fit Moms For Life – Headline: Eating For Weight Loss: Eating Strategies to Blast Away the Belly

-A phrase that can have a profound impact on the way you view food.

-How to raise your kids to make sure they aren’t the “fat kid.”

-A breakfast that actually burns fat

-Quick snacks that you can grab and go.

-How to eat healthy at a gas station

-Discover what is even more import then the food you eat when it comes to losing weight.

-What to eat before a workout to prepare you body to burn fat

-And much more.

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Fit Moms For Life – How to Think Your Way Thin

-Discover the 1 thing you should do every morning to help you lose weight.

-Start making this one activity a habit before you go to bed and see your
attitude shift.

-Find out how to turn your negative thoughts into empowering ideas.

-5 best exercises for toning your lower body

-Best snacks to eat to burn off fat

-How to improve your mood on days where you aren’t motivated or happy

-and much more

Fit Moms For Life – How moms can detox their bodies naturally with food to lose unwanted fat

Today’s episode is focusing on detoxing the body and how to reset your metabolism and release the fat that you have been holding on to for years.

Discover ways to get rid of the blood pressure medications and other prescriptions (with your doctors approval) through specific foods.

-Understand what a nearly perfect day of eating might look like and how you
can make your own with your favorite foods.

-The one thing you MUST do before even considering to lose weight.

-How to exercise while you are traveling.

-A natural calorie free sweetener that is actually GOOD for you.

-And much much more!

Fit Moms For Life – Learn what this radio program is all about and what we have in store for upcoming episodes.

In today’s radio show the theme for the show is “getting started.”

-You will discover one sentence that when repeated over and over again can begin to start
the momentum moving forward towards creating lasting change in your life.

-Expert Dr. Jones from Canada will be on talking about his “low hanging fruit” principle which
is an invaluable tool to use when starting off.

-Jody, a mother of 5, will talk about her journey towards losing over 60 lbs and keeping it off
for over 3 years. She will discuss how she was able to deal with losing one of her children
shortly after birth and how you can take adversity and turn it into a positive. Plus many quick
tips for busy moms to make eating and exercise part of your daily routine.

-Q and A. Dustin answers your questions including lazy husbands, how to eat during the holidays
and not get fat, and how to stop weight yo-yoing once and for all.

-The show will wrap up with a powerful quote and find out where you can get more free resources
related to being a Fit Mom For Life