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Jaynine Howard

From Military to Mainstream – What to Wear to, What to Say & Adopt the Winning Mindset to Ace Your Job Interview

Jeff Gordon is back to share more tips for job hunting success. We will be discussing dressing for the interview, what to say and how to act. You must have the right mindset to ace the interview.
Jeff was a corporate recruiter for Experian for four years and has been involved in over 1000 job interviews. He is currently the owner of Interactive99 where he continues to review resumes and interview job candidates. He also maintains a career blog. Jeff tells you exactly what hiring managers want to see and how to research the company so you can answer questions with substance. You will also learn the one question to ask when asked “Do you have any questions?”
This episode is a must listen to before going to your next job interview. When you implement the strategies in this episode you will know what to wear, what to do and what to say so that you get your dream job.

From Military to Mainstream – Get Hired Now Not Later

Mr. Suki Shah, co-founder and CEO of is Coach Jaynine’s guest this week. A serial entrepreneur, Suki Shah is committed to developing innovative technology solutions to help solve real-world problems. Suki started his first business when he was 24, which quickly scaled to employing more than 25 people in seven states. During this growth, he struggled to find top talent for open positions and began to reimagine the hiring process from the ground, up. In 2012, Suki launched to improve the way that employers and job seekers connect in today’s digital world. Suki graduated from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.
Join Coach Jaynine, the Coach for the Military, as she interviews Suki Shah, so you can get hired.

From Military to Mainstream – Maximize Your Job Fair Attendance

Do you have a security clearance? Are you getting ready to exit the military? ClearedJobs.Net is the place to search for jobs that require a security clearance. ClearedJobs.Net is an online job board for professionals with security clearances to communicate and exchange information with cleared facilities employers.
Join me this week as my guest Kathleen Smith, from ClearedJobs.Net shares tips on how to maximize your job fair or career fair attendance.

From Military to Mainstream – Resume Basics – Keep It Simple, Clear & Concise

Jeff Gordon is my guest for this episode. He shares with you the most common mistakes he continually sees on resumes. Before you hit delete and go to another show I encourage you to take a few minutes to listen to this episode. The information that Jeff shares is insider information. Jeff was a corporate recruiter for Experian for four years and has been involved in over 1000 job interviews. He is currently the owner of Interactive99 where he continues to review resumes and he also maintains a career blog. Jeff tells you exactly what hiring managers want to see and where they are focusing their attention. This is different than what is taught at various resume writing classes.
Before you download a resume template or add cute graphics listen to this episode. When you implement the strategies in this episode you will know where to put your key information, you will know where hiring managers focus their attention, what is the preferred file format for saving and uploading your resume, and what hiring managers are looking for when reviewing your resume.

From Military to Mainstream – Protect Your Privacy During the Job Interview – Know Your Rights

There has been a buzz online recently regarding employers asking job applicants for their Facebook log-in and passwords. Is this legal? Would you give them up? Do you know what a prospective employer or Human Resources employee can ask you during the job interview?
This is one episode you won’t want to miss. My guest Robert Ellis Smith is the author of Privacy Journal. Robert is recognized as the leading expert on the right to privacy in the United States. He is an experienced journalist, lawyer, and author.
Listen now so you can find out the truth about if you can be asked – do you have a medical discharge, are you getting disability, why do you get disability, will you consent to us pulling your credit report, what’s your social security number and more.

From Military to Mainstream – Networking for Job Hunting Success

Networking requires a strategy. Navy Veteran Nathan Wagner states “Networking is not a known behavior; it is learned.” Join Nathan and me as we share with you the strategies needed to network offline and online. Networking is key for job hunting success in today’s competitive environment. I am a firm believer that networking strategies should be taught at your first duty station or MOS school. You need to complete your LinkedIn profile and start networking and gathering recommendations from those you work for or with. Employers are looking online at your LinkedIn profile and other profiles you may have on various platforms. Do not wait until you are ready to exit the military to complete your profile and begin networking.
I invite you to download my free ecourse Networking is NOT Fraternizing by visiting my Facebook fan page Coach for the Military. It is a great companion to this radio episode. This course will teach you the strategies needed to begin networking so you can maximize your relationships.
You will also want to visit and connect to begin networking with other Veterans. Don’t forget to connect with Nathan Wagner and me while you are there.

From Military to Mainstream – Know Your Options – Don’t Exhaust Your Savings

Are you making the transition from the military to the mainstream soon? Have you wondered if you are really prepared to leave? Join me as I review my transition assessment that contains the seven things that are needed to enjoy a successful transition. Being debt free and having two years in savings are just two of the seven things you must do.
Jack Pflanz, a public relations manager for Sprint joins us to share four resources that are available to Veterans that will help you in keep more money in your pocket. Now is a great time to review your finances. Your cell phone plan is one area you will want to review. You will need a cell phone when you are job hunting. Assurance wireless and Virgin Mobile have programs that can help you stay connected with future employers. You do not need to exhaust your savings before taking advantage of these programs.

From Military to Mainstream – Does Money Make You Crazy? Are YOU Really Ready for Your Transition?

Ted McLyman, author, CEO of Apexx Behavioral Group, LtCol USMC (Ret), father and triathlete shares with you the key people you need on your team and other great tips and trips to avoid for a successful transition. Ted is famous for saying “Everyone gets out of the military – some doe it the right way.” Are you ready to do it the right way? Ted has great advice on what to do if presented the option to take the money and run in the form of an early retirement or if you are forced to make the transition from the military to the mainstream. His advice is based on his years of experience working with military veterans and living through a draw-down and witnessing firsthand the mistakes people make. His book Money Makes Me Crazy! A prescription for money sanity is available on Are you ready to learn how to regain your money sanity? Are you ready to make the transition from the military to the mainstream with as little stress as possible? If yes, then join me for another great episode of From Military to Mainstream.

From Military to Mainstream – Claim Your Benefits: Learn to Navigate the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Claims Process

Many service men and women delay taking their VA physical. Did you? Did you receive your finding or disability rating and disagree with it? Now what? Did you register with your local VA? In my Expert Corner this week Constance A. Burns, President, CEO & Founder of National Association of American Veterans, Inc. provides you the web address and form number to begin the VA claims process. Her insight will demystify the claims process. She also provides several other resources that you may not have remembered hearing about at your transition seminar. You served your country proudly. You earned these benefits. Now it is time to claim your benefits. These benefits are free money that you are letting go to waste if you do not use them.

Richard Gengler the CEO of Prevail Health Solutions, LLC, the parent company of Vets Prevail is in the Resource Center. Vets Prevail was built for Vets by Vets. The interactive program is delivered online, to the modern Veteran, providing a convenient and completely confidential approach to treating deployment related effects of combat such as PTSD, depression and anxiety. This is a free resource for Veterans.

From Military to Mainstream – Be In Awe of Your Own Talent: Optimize Yourself

Are you optimizing your talents? Are you optimizing yourself? Your time in the service is a strategic advantage. United States Navy Veteran, Steve Blight is in the Veterans Spotlight this week. In addition to being a pilot in the Naval Reserves, Steve is the Co-Founder of Your Baby Booty. He shares the tough questions he asked himself when he made the transition from the military to the mainstream.
Steve has three very specific questions you must ask yourself prior to making the transition. As always, I add my personal experiences and insight so that you can continue to learn from those of us that have been there. There is no need for you to make mistakes or stay stuck when you can learn from me and my guests. In the resource center this week, I share with you the coaching programs I offer to assist you in your transition from the military to the mainstream. Join me right now so you can learn to identify your personal mission, your vision for the future and your purpose for being here on this earth. As Steve says “You don’t have to have your life planned but it is not OK to not do anything. “