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Gardening With Confidence

Gardening With Confidence – Debra Lee Baldwin

My guest today is Debra Lee Baldwin, author of Designing with Succulents , Succulent Container Gardens. Both of these wonderful books are bestsellers.

Debra will be talking about her latest book, Succulent Container Gardens and how we can add these beauties to our gardens.

During the show, we will also be giving away a copy of her book – Succulent Container Gardens. So, be sure to listen in on how to enter to win

Gardening With Confidence – My guest this week is James Baggett, editor of Country Garden Magazine

We will be talking about Country Garden magazine and James’ perspective on what makes a country garden. James has been a garden editor and writer for more than 17 years with Perennials and Nature’s Garden magazines for Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications, as well as the former executive editor of Country Living Gardener and Rebecca’s Garden,

James is also the author of Flower Arranging, a Best of Martha Stewart Living Book and the former garden editor of American Homestyle & Gardening

Gardening With Confidence – Proven Winners

Join us as we hear from Danielle Ernest with Proven Winners talk about new annuals and perennials introduced this year, what we can expect expect for 2011 and where we can buy Proven winner plants.

Gardening With Confidence – Kathy Purdy joins us this week to talk about Colchicums. Fortunately for me, this very underused bulb has found its way into my southern garden

Kathy shares tips on growing colchicums in your garden. It’s just perfect for my fall garden, where I’m always searching for great plants to extend the fall season.

Gardening With Confidence – EcoSystem Gardening with Carole Brown

Carole Brown, founder of shares with us her definition of ecosystem gardening and suggests 5 things we can start doing today to begin our ecosystem garden at home.

Gardening With Confidence – Seven Must-have Tools for Planting a Vegetable Garden

Chris Sabbarese joins us from Corona Tools to talk about the 7 must-have garden tools for planting a vegetable garden. The discussion goes also goes into how these same tools are used in the ornamental garden plus discussing my favorite gardening tool. Who knew tools could be so cool?

Gardening With Confidence – Learn tips to photographing your garden at home from Barbara Pintozzi, garden blogger at Mr. McGregor’s Daughter

When taking photos of your garden, consider the angle, the light, power lines, and other distractions that you walk by everyday. In person, your mind makes a correction for you. Behind the lens, you can make these corrections; by doing so, you learn to capture your garden’s most flattering side.

Gardening With Confidence – Energy wise landscape design

Author of Energy-Wise Landscape Design is my guest sharing tips and information about conserving energy in the landscape. From placement of trees to the use of mulch, cooling the property in the summertime while allowing warm in the winter.

Gardening With Confidence – Composting

Guest Chris McLaughlin shares with us everything you need to know about composting, or at least the bits we got to in this lively discussion. Learn how to turn your organic waste material into black gold as Chris takes us through the various types of composting. Whether in a townhouse or living on acreage, there is a composting method for you.

Gardening With Confidence – Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas make wonderful hedges, specimens and cut flowers to enjoy indoors. There is just something magically about a big pink, blue, or white flowerhead welcoming us in the garden. Special guest, Tim Wood, plant breeder with Spring Meadow Nursery, talks about hydrangeas in general, new introductions and even what’s being developed for the future. Tune in and also learn how to make a pink hydrangea blue or a blue hydrangea pink.