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It's Never Too Late To Date

It’s Never Too Late To Date – MATCHMAKER, MATCHMAKER

Guest Mattt Ende abandoned his career as a financial adviser when he realized that, without even trying, he was successfully connecting many of his friends and clients with (a) dates, and (b), spouses. So it was goodbye to finance and hello to love at his sexy startup,
“Adam and Evenings.” He’ll tell you all about that, and how best to connect, too.

It’s Never Too Late To Date – ASSISTED LOVING

If you think it’s too late to date at 92 (much less
72 or 82),
listen to show guest Murray Gunner. He’s dated a half-dozen women at his Assisted Living residence, but he’s still carrying a flaming torch for the woman he left behind when a temporary disability forced him to leave her.

It’s Never Too Late To Date – From Divorce to Dating

Women in marginal decades-old marriages often find themselves thinking,
“I want out. I’m miserable. But could the known be better than the unknown?”
Today’s guest thinks aloud about that situation, which, at some point, could find her divorced and reluctantly playing the dating game.

It’s Never Too Late To Date – Attacking Apathy

For single 50-plus women, apathy (which is so
comfortable and so very easy to fall into) is Private Enemy No. 1. But the only thing you
get sitting around waiting for romance to happen is creases in your skirt. So
make dating happen. (Our guest makes some spot-on suggestions.)

It’s Never Too Late To Date – DATING AFTER LOSS

Your spouse (or your lover) has died. Or your relationship with a husband or a lover has died. The pain is acute.
How can you best put the pieces of your life together? When should dating begin? Our guest — he ‘s dealt with these issues for 20 years — offers wise and helpful guidance.

It’s Never Too Late To Date – Sex after Sixty

It’s hard to believe, but some 60-plus men still don’t know about Sildenafil Citrate — also known as Viagra. What happens when they’re too macho to take it? Sometimes: boudoir disaster.

It’s Never Too Late To Date – THE SUPER CONTROL FREAK

Ever find yourself out with a date who
grabs total control, leaving you angry and resentful by evening’s end —
as Shirley did with a Date from Hell? Don’t keep what you’re feeling a
secret. Clear the air. Tell him. Or tell him off and move on.

It’s Never Too Late To Date – “One Juliet, 84, two Romeos”

Can a fulfilling love life begin at 75? It did for Bernice. And, when her man’s caring family moved him to extended care in another city, a satisfying new relationship began for her at 84. (Listen, too, to our regular feature: “The Date from Hell,” as well as “Shirley’s Two Cents” and “Howard’s One Cent.”)

It’s Never Too Late To Date – 50-PLUS DATING AND MATING

Shirley and Howard introduce the show and themselves with two Boomer/Senior dating success stories. The keys to success? Three little words:
Persist. Persist. Persist.