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Journey to the Self

Journey To The Self – Are you ready for the “Joyologist” Joanne Stein?

Are you ready for Joanne Stein, joyologist par excellence? Not sure what a joyologist is? Well, tune in and learn what a joyologist is but more than that, learn about Joanne’s journey and how she came to be a cheerleader: via conscious choice! Dive into our conversation as we talk about success and failure, holding space, and practical tips that you can implement into your life right now. Joanne shares her story and the joy is everyone in our exchange! If you have any questions or want to learn more — contact the “BestCoach4U” or me directly!

Journey To The Self – : Lille Diane — Creativity embodied: Singer, Songwriter, Photographer, Floral designer….

This week experience the energies of “Creativity embodied” in the amazing Lille Diane. Lille Diane is a creative soul to her core and she takes time out to share her story with us; from her early days as a successful musician (in the materialistic sense) to today where she is a successful person and lightworker in all senses. Lille Diane talks about her journey, her music – especially her newest creation –, her gardening and connection with nature as a creative inspiration as well as her soulful art, which I consider to be Spirit Art. Her blog is the Top PTSD Blog Winner 2010 — and reading it you understand why. Join me as I welcome Lille Diane, who I am proud to consider my friend, as we chat about her, creativity, nature, accidents and how all this can be combined to an insightful journey to the self.

Journey To The Self – Shamanic Journeys with Naomi Lake

Many of us have heard of shamans and shamanic journeys and many of us have ideas on what either may be; however, why not ask someone who knows? This show I’m talking with Naomi Lake and get her views on these terms and concepts as she facilitates Shamanic journeys and is often referred to as a shaman – not a label she easily accepts.
As Naomi shares her spiritual journey with us she addresses the various healing modalities she uses – and helps us understand them a little better – before providing insights into Shamanism and Shamanic Journeys. Naomi explains what a shamanic journey is and why you may wish to experience one. Yes, why would you benefit from a Shamanic Journey? That is the “What’s in it for me” question and Naomi tells you why! She also provides you with a few practical tips on how to get started on reconnecting with your core and the multitude of ways in which you can … yes, you can. As always feedback and comments to Naomi or myself are much appreciated

Journey To The Self – Chakras and Chakra Balancing

Dyan Garris, the creator of Voice Of TheAngels, visionary mystic, and clairvoyant, voice recognition psychic, trance channel psychic medium, and gifted energy worker specializing in chakra balance and manifesting. Is joining me for this show. This will be an exciting show where Dyan shares her expertise on chakras and chakra balancing with us – an issue that is receiving more and more attention these days but still often remains mis-represented or mis-understood. Dyan will also share her journey with us, from her early years and knowing her talents to today, where she is still on the journey but fully trusting. Don’t miss out on this exciting show.
Learn not only more about the chakras and chakra balancing but also about manifesting and the aspects that may be missing from the law of attraction… how can chakras help us manifest? Of course, if you have more questions you can always contact Dyan or myself for more information or consultations.

Journey To The Self – The power of true herbal essences

You probably have heard and seen herbal essences in various formats and in many shops that you frequent. Maybe you have heard the term “Aromatherapy” and like it, as there are so many ways to look and experience them, just thinking about candles and oils. Yet, do you know the differences between herbal essences and aromatherapy? Do you consider Aromatherapy a healing modality or not?
Join me as Audre Gutierrez from Shining Sun Aromatherapy explains the differences of this healing modality, the various essential oils, and – maybe most important — the difference between what you get at your regular store and those that come directly from a licensed Aromatherapist. Listen as Audre shares her story of finding herbal essences, connecting with them and realizing that these are part of her journey and path here.. And then let’s learn how herbal essences may benefit you and others as well.

Journey To The Self – Energy Healing — EFT?

Have you ever heard of Meridian Tapping or EFT? EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and it is one of the very exciting energy healing modalities that we have access to. If you have never heard of it or only briefly, join Anita Casalina and myself as we discuss this modality and how she became a certified practitioner. EFT is often also referred to as psychological acupressure technique that helps with all levels of your emotional health – and in her own words “Connecting to the Sacred Energy Flow while practicing Meridian Tapping can give you immediate and lasting results.” Get to know Anita, a wonderful spiritual guide and healer, who shares her experiences and her journey with us. I hope you’ll be intrigued by this modality and the real-life experiences Anita shares from her years of practicing EFT and the many people she has worked with.

Journey To The Self – Do you believe in Angels?

Do they exist? Are they “real”? What do they look like? Whether you currently believe in angels or not – let’s talk about angels and the spiritual realms. Maybe you sometimes think you’re hearing something but are not sure what it is and it might just be the angels trying to connect with you… Join me as I share some experiences and techniques on communicating with the angelic and spiritual realms and how it can help you on your path, on your mission, in being even happier than you are today! Share your feedback with me via email if you’d like – I am happy to respond and bring your experiences, questions, and comments up in another show!!

Journey To The Self – Whispering Energy – A Network of heart-centered collaboration with Malathy Drew

Join me for an insightful show with Malathy Drew, founder and visionary of Whispering Energy, on another aspect we need t consider on our Journey to The Self. Malathy Drew comes from a background that would prevent many to be as positive and engaged in global healing as she is. Yet, on her Journey to herself she overcame many obstacles, and is currently learning the final steps as she successfully addresses some major medical issues, to be the one of a kind visionary she is. Whispering Energy, a heart centered network focused on “Global healing, one soul at a time” is the result with the awareness that any healing starts with the self. Listen as Malathy points out core aspects on the journeys we take: responsibility, transparency, trust, joy and collaboration

Journey To The Self – TAT – Energy Healing with Tina Van Leuven

On our journey to the Self we are often guided to Energy Healing as one of the tools to help us on our path. One fascinating modality is TAT and today I am talking with the amazing Tina van Leuven from Inner Delight. Tina will explain what TAT is and how it can work for you – simply and easily. Moreover, Tina will also share with us details about her sacred walk in Portugal to Santiago de Compostela– a journey during which she not only connected even more deeply with her inner self but also provided healing and service for others. Join me for a show, a guest, and energies that will engage you, open your heart further, and allow you insights into more ways to reconnect with your inner core to release negativity and live a happier life

Journey To The Self – Following your intuition and channeling spiritual beings

Following our own intuition, our own knowing is a powerful tool in the journey to ourselves. Today I am joined by the wonderful Mariah Inanna Jonas, who shares with us her journey from a spiritual crisis to her true self. It’s a journey many of us can relate to and Mariah Inanna helps us understand how ultimately accepting the connection with intuition and the Goddess Inanna– her main guide, helped heal her and now allows her to feel the joy in her heart that we’re all here meant to experience. Mariah Inanna shares some powerful channelings as well, all from the heart to the heart, which will easily resonate with you.