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Killer Health Care

Killer Health Care – Detecting Vascular Disease and Sleep Apnea Just Got Easier

Killer Health Care is about to undergo a name and personality change, as I introduce you to the best and latest innovative developments in the medical field. From cutting edge research to the latest in medical devices—all ready for prime time.

Today’s program features Dr. Sivan Ebril, MD Medical Director at Itamar Medical, a medical device company which develops, markets and sells diagnostic medical devices. Their PAT™ technology is cutting edge and the WatchPAT was voted one of the top Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2010.

Killer Health Care – Diagnosis: High Cholesterol…Prescription: Statin…Think Again!

If you think there is no option besides medication when diagnosed with high cholesterol, I suggest you listen in. My guest, Dr. Janet Brill, Ph.D. discusses her practical nutritional approach to lowering cholesterol without medication. Her new book Prevent a Second Heart Attack: 8 Foods, 8 Weeks to Reverse Heart Disease (Crown/Three Rivers, Feb 2011) won the gold medal in the nutrition category of third annual Living Now Book Awards. Visit her website,

Killer Health Care – The Feldenkrais Method

Named after Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais this method facilitates self-healing through a science-based approach to movement and posture. My guest is Chris Cardillo, a Feldenkrais practitioner, who shares the secrets of this powerful healing modality and how it is the missing link to many traumas. For more information, you can contact Chris at or call 201-906-9939.

Killer Health Care – Doctors Teaching Doctors

Dr. Erika Schwartz is a world renowned expert in the field of healthy aging and bio-identical hormone therapy. She is conventionally trained, but, more than most doctors understands the limits of her training. The listener will quickly learn from her engaging style and compassion that the heart of her practice lies not with the text book, but the patient. Dr. Erika is now taking her approach and expertise to other doctors, in an attempt to refocus their attention. She has helped develop, a resource for patients to find open-minded, compassionate doctors, who are not afraid to say they don’t know something. Visit

Killer Health Care – Your Friendly Neighborhood Compounding Pharmacist

So often we leave the doctor’s office with many more questions or even medicine that we don’t fully understand. This is no more apparent than women experiencing symptoms related to aging. Their doctors usually don’t understand and don’t spend the time to understand. Even worse many women are given wrong information and sometimes potentially harmful medication. My guest Glenn Arpino, owns Dermasave Labs a compounding pharmacy specializing in women’s health. His personalized approach offers women expert advice and guidance that certainly will fill in the missing gaps between office visits…and hot flashes! He is your neighborhood pharmacist, only an email or phone call away. You can email Glenn at or call him at 1-800-277-7099.

Killer Health Care – Can We Really Stop Aging?

The Nobel Prize for Medicine two years ago went to scientists discovering the process by which our cells age and die. My guest today Stephen Matlin is the CEO of a new company, Life Length (, who works with one of the world’s leading experts in telomere science—Dr. Maria Blasco, Ph.D. Dr. Blasco and others have developed a revolutionary technology to accurately measure the length of our telomeres, a primary target of the aging process. With this information, doctors and patients will be able to decipher biological age from chronological age, and then intervene with known strategies that delay cell death and help us live longer. After listening to the program, you may contact Stephen Matlin at,, for further information.

Killer Health Care – The Future of Medicine is Now

One of the greatest revolutions in medicine is the ability to tap into our body’s ability to heal itself. That healing comes from our own stem cells. This week I talk with Christopher J. Centeno, MD of The Regenexx CentenoSchultz Clinic in Broomfield, Colorado. Dr. Centeno’s team has developed a procedure using adult stem cells that can help many avoid joint replacement surgery. Right now they are the most well established practice in the country doing such procedures. This is a must listen if you or anyone you know is contemplating orthopedic surgery. Their website is And their toll free number is 1-888-525-3005.

Killer Health Care – More than One Way to Heal

Most people have heard about miraculous healing in medicine, but have doubts until they see it with their own eyes. My guest, Misa Hopkins, the author of the Amazon best-selling book, “The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything,” has not only seen it with her own eyes, but has seen it through the eyes of hundreds more. She shares her experiences and gives some practical suggestions how you too can tap into some pretty remarkable abilities, which we all possess. Visit her website

Killer Health Care – The Inside Scoop on Big Pharma

Mike Wokasch, author of Pharmaplasia™ , is an experienced 30 year pharmaceutical industry veteran. Mike’s love for the pharmaceutical industry is grounded in harnessing the complexities of science and medicine to improve human health and potentially save lives with the help of prescription pharmaceuticals. At the same time, he is sensitive to the historical missteps that have tarnished the industry’s reputation, compromised its credibility, and fostered public distrust. Listen as we get the inside scoop on how the Pharmaceutical industry works and what they can do better to enhance our health. Visit Mike’s website,

Killer Health Care – A Lifetime of Psychoanalysis in 30 Minutes

Much about what we need to know about staying healthy has to do with our knowledge of what makes us sick. We truly have a reactive health care system, but this is only because it parallels our reactive life. When we understand the origins of our self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts, it empowers us to look for authentic solutions, which comes from a redirected focus. Cure your life with this 30 minute psychoanalysis session with your host, Dr. Charles Glassman, your Coach MD.