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Learn to Channel

Learn To Channel – Channeling and Mediumship – What’s the difference?

Betsy-Morgan Coffman, channeling teacher and author, shares her personal stories of ghosts, spirits, angels and light beings – what the difference is between them and how it feels to channel them. Are they really that different? Listen and find out for yourself!

Richard Tait hosts and leads Betsy through her varied, real life experiences that culminates with an unexpected appearance of an earth bound spirit that Betsy-Morgan releases to the Light. The show ends with love and serves as an amazing example of how to help a soul reach heaven.

Learn To Channel – The Difference in being a Channel versus being a Psychic

The exciting world of Spirit is explored with a depth of love and perception that can only come from one who is seasoned in the psychic arts, one such as Betsy-Morgan Coffman, 22-year channeling teacher and author. Betsy takes us on her personal journey into understanding the difference between being a psychic and being a channel. Fun and laughter sprinkle the enlightening conversation between Betsy and Richard Tait, an international channel/healer who interviews Betsy.

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Learn To Channel – Betsy-Morgan Goes to Brazil and Studies with Psychic Surgeons!

Betsy-Morgan shares her many exciting adventures in Brazil, receiving psychic surgeries, and how they lead to her to open as a psychic and channeling teacher. What is it like to receive a psychic surgery? Do they really use “rusty knives”? Could you learn to do psychic surgery? Richard Tait interviews Betsy in this lively and fun 30 minute show. Betsy-Morgan channels an inspirational message from Orion, as well as gives you a tip in your learning to channel.

Learn To Channel – Channeling Archangel Michael on the Summer Solstice

What is the energy of a Summer Solstice? What does it feel like to hear a message from an Archangel? Can an angel help you to get a good relationship… or more money? Could an angel help you? Richard Tait, popular guest and international channel, answers all these questions and more! Betsy-Morgan channels inspiration from Orion, her loving, high frequency teaching guide.

Learn To Channel – Psychic Researches Ancestors – and Discovers she was her own great-great grandfather!

A word processor by day and psychic researcher by night, channel/teacher/healer, Destiny McCune realizes her dream-come-true life is in combining her mediumship talents with discovering that we all are more connected to our ancestors than we thought! Destiny’s theory is quite simple – we were them! Hear more about her channeling adventures and spiritual insights from this show; order her free monthly newsletter which brings you messages of love from the Masters of Light. Betsy-Morgan channels Orion and helps you to learn to channel as you listen.

Learn To Channel – Channeling Fairies! What’s that like?

Dr. Judy Vavrek is by profession a teacher – and a publicly esteemed one at that. After 20 years in her field teaching children from Mexico to empower themselves, she switched her career to channeling fairies – and now empowers everyone! How does the fun and ecstasy of channeling a fairy help anyone? What’s the difference in channeling a fairy and an angel? Listen to “Dr. Judy” and hear how! Now offering private readings and classes in English, Spanish and French – Dr. Judy can offer joy and “total relief from worries” by giving messages of love from the fairies. Hear her channel – and hear Betsy-Morgan, too – in this delightful 30 minutes with the fairies from the higher realms of Light.

Learn To Channel – Betsy-Morgan’s Personal Journey to Become a Channel

Some people discover they are open to the unseen world and its influence at a young age. Some discover their connection to this beauty and influence later in life. Whenever we discover it – it’s helpful and fun to share our stories as we all “journey home”. Betsy-Morgan shares how she opened to the psychic realm, about her amazing experiences with psychic surgeons, and how she discovered it was her life purpose to teach channeling.

She is interviewed by international channel, Richard Tait. A highlight in this show is her channeling answers to personal questions asked by Reiki Master, Yvette Salazar.

Learn To Channel – Channeling Archangel Michael – Adventures with Richard Tait

Back by popular request, Richard Tait - channel, teacher and healer – makes his 2nd appearance and relays still more of his exciting psychic adventures. After nearly 30 years traveling the world in the British Army, Richard shares how he made his personal dream come true when he opened to channel. Archangel Michael quickly became his main guide, leading Richard into unusual work that helps people around the world. Hear how his life has changed because of it – and how yours can, too! Also included are teaching tips and channelings from both Richard and Betsy-Morgan.

Learn To Channel – Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Ever since she was a young girl, Candice Thomas was interested in the mystical realm of the psychic world…yet, there was nobody she felt comfortable talking to about it. After 13 years as a financial analyst, Candice found her way into a channeling class with Betsy-Morgan and all her latent spiritual interests were embraced once more. She presently has blended channeling with coaching, numerology and astrology to help people discover their soul’s mission. Candice is now emerging from the spiritual closet! Enjoy hearing channelings from both Candice and Betsy-Morgan.