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Let's Talk Baseball

Let’s Talk Baseball – Next Round Please

Coach and Jill continue discussion on some very interesting playoff matchups. They have a neat story on the Rangers and Josh Hamilton along with a Bryce Harper update and statistical oddities for each of the 30 MLB teams. The classroom is on asking better questions to get better answers.

Let’s Talk Baseball – Halladay’s Day

Coach & Jill discuss Roy Halladay’s historic playoff opener as well as other playoff pitching performances. Coach is back with a rant on Lebron James. The classroom discussion is on words; words that coaches use and how they are frequently misunderstood and misapplied.

Let’s Talk Baseball – Don’t Just Be a Fan

This week Coach & Jill take you through 9 unresolved issues that will affect the playoffs. Samantha joins them to update you on the remaining 2010 calendar and in the classroom segment they provide an in depth lesson on how to analyze & learn from the playoffs rather than simply being a fan.

Let’s Talk Baseball – Pay Attention!

This week Coach & Jill have a neat story on several players whose perseverance has finally paid off. They also share two recent teachable moments from the baseball ranch tied to excuse making. And don’t miss the classroom segment as Coach Wolforth believes it’s the most important one yet.

Let’s Talk Baseball – USA Baseball Tryouts

Coach & Jill have some interesting information on shoulder & elbow injuries in major league baseball. They also share insights from their recent trip to Cary, NC for USA Baseball’s National Team tryouts and their classroom segment is titled “What have you done for me lately?”

Let’s Talk Baseball – Watch Your Coffee

Coach & Jill discuss more record breakers in baseball including Trevor Hoffman and his unique path to success. They also have a story on the unglamorous side of baseball along with Henry Aaron’s comments on steroids. And the classroom segment warns of the poison in your coffee.

Let’s Talk Baseball – Walking a Tightrope

Coach & Jill talk about playoff runs and teams faltering at the finish. They also have several baseball in the courtroom stories along with their Triple Crown watch and the 103mph man. Coach rants about the newest Bad News Bear in Baseball and the classroom topic is Walking a Tightrope.

Let’s Talk Baseball – Triple Crown

Coach & Jill take a look at the next young MLB superstar. They also talk about the exciting Triple Crown watch as well as how Major League baseball is missing the boat on their handling of young pitchers. Coach Rubinoff is back and discusses the importance of training both skill and ability.

Let’s Talk Baseball – Long Toss; Good for Development or Waste of Time?

Coach and Jill answer this question. They also discuss the 4 big issues Major League Baseball must deal with and they share a new opinion on what may have actually caused Lou Gehrig’s death. Lastly, they have news on some social media happenings at the ranch.

Let’s Talk Baseball – UCLA’s Trevor Bauer

Coach & Jill have an extended interview with the NCAA’s 2010 strikeout leader detailing his training & approach. They also have news on Chipper Jones and Roger Clemens and the classroom segment talks about tempo, both a pitcher’s personal internal tempo and the external game tempo.