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Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0 – Targeted Marketing: Are you reaching the right audience for success?

This week Gary discusses the common mistakes many small business owners make when promoting their products. Far too many small business owners waste their time and their dollars advertising to the wrongpeople, through the wrong medium, with the wrong message. This week Gary is joined by his special guest, Lana Rice of Target Source Media Group ( Lana has worked with hundreds of small business owners to show them how to develop a consistent and targeted advertising strategy. In this episode you will hear why so many small business owners fail in their advertising and how your time and money can be spent far more strategically and effectively.

The failure to properly target your market is one of the key reasons behind small business failures. During this episode you will learn several of the big picture ideas and tactics to make your promotional efforts more effective. Listen to Gary and Lana as they discuss how to set correct advertising goals and then follow through on them. If you are a small business owner who is looking to get your message out to the right people, then this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Marketing 4.0 – Is Your Referral Program Working?

This week Gary discusses the specific tactics you must follow if you wish to have a successful referral program in your small business. He is joined by guest Mike Zinni, creator of the Relate2Profit software system ( Gary and Mike discuss the four tactical and applied rules you MUST follow if you wish to generate income with your referral program.

Many small business owners spend a great deal of time and effort networking and looking for referral partners. Most of them get it wrong by not understanding the power of metrics and systems. Gary and Mike discuss how to create a referral system that allows you to focus on what you do best, your business!

What do the most successful networkers know that you don’t? They understand how and when to follow up with their referral partners so that everyone benefits. Listen to this week’s episode if you are at all curious about the practical and applied ways to actually make your partnership and networking programs work for you.

Marketing 4.0 – The Power of Partnerships

: If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, looking to really grow your business in an extremely profitable and cost-effective manner, then you need to consider forming partnerships. This week Gary introduces the first of an on-going series of shows about the power of partnerships in business. Listen this week as Gary is joined by his guest, Marty Fahncke, President of Fawnkey and Associates ( Marty has successfully generated millions of dollars for himself and his clients through the use of partnerships and this week he is revealing some of the secrets he has used to accomplish this to Gary’s listeners. Gary and Marty discuss what partnership actually means to the small business owner and why it’s so valuable, and it’s probably not what you think!

On this episode you will hear seven tips for creating the most powerful partnerships that you can which will not only give your business a great deal of value, but will allow you to bring value to your customers in ways that you would not otherwise be able to. Building upon the belief system necessary for any small-business person to succeed, Gary and Marty discuss how to practically determine your strengths and weaknesses so that you can focus on what you do well, not what you do poorly, thereby ensuring more success and value headed your way. Also, be sure to listen for a very specialbonus that Marty offers Gary’s listeners (and yes, it’s free!) .

In future weeks, Gary will expand on this topic to show you how you can partner with non-traditional partners (e.g., Not-for-profits) as well as the best ways to network and get referrals from your network. So, sit back, relax, turn up your speakers and listen to Gary Kaskowitz and Marty Fahncke as they discuss some of the basic first steps to truly discover the power of partnerships.

Marketing 4.0 – Are You Treating Your Customers Like Dogs?

This week Gary tells you about his recent experience with his dog-training course and what he learned about “Canine Communication” that you could use in your own business today. All too often small business owners treat their customers like dogs, and not in a positive way. Do you ever find yourself guilty of not really talking in your customer’s language but making assumptions about them instead? Do you force your customers to learn your jargon, rather than talk in their vocabulary? If so, then you are most likely committing fundamental marketing mistakes which are pissing off your customers and losing you money.

In this episode of Marketing 4.0 Gary discusses the three things your customer communication has to have. You will learn how to create cultural authority so that your customers will know that you are truly their advocate and trust you. Ultimately you will develop a strong loyalty to and from your customers by following these simple and basic steps.

Do not fall into the trap of talking to your customers like most people talk to their dogs. Learn the language of your customers and you will find yourself having a more successful and happier business. Listen today to learn how to begin!

Marketing 4.0 – Discovering and Using Your Passion in Business

When it comes to their jobs and their businesses, many people are frustrated by their lack of success and general dislike of what they do. In this week’s episode, Gary discusses one of the reasons why many small business people do not garner the success they seek. He is joined by Henri Schauffler of CEOFocus ( to discuss some of the necessary steps you need to take if you truly wish to align your passion with your income.

Listen to Gary as he shows you how to understand and match the internal and external game of marketing. You will learnabout the “marketing mindset” and why this is so crucial to your success as a small-business person. All too often entrepreneurs, small business owners, and job-seekers forget how to not only understand their true passions but how to match your passions with the passions of the marketplace. Listen today to learn some of the techniques you will need to incorporate in your business and life going forward if you truly wish to not only achieve success but enjoy the journey! Also, be sure to listen for a very special offer on how you can understand and use the steps to truly discover and profit from what you most enjoy.

Marketing 4.0 – How to Follow Your Passion to Success!

This week, Gary Kaskowitz ( is joined by guest Kevin Huhn (, founder of “The Hockey Source.” Kevin successfully took a lifelong passion for playing hockey and turned it into a very successful business. In this episode you will hear how Kevin was able to launch his own TV show to become the Martha Stewart of the hockey world!

You will learn the three keys to successfully create a business out of doing something you love doing. You will also learn how to successfully build a team of people clamoring to help you build your business and how to avoid the number one mistake most people make when dealing with their teams!

Listen in as Gary and Kevin discuss how to cater to the human being in a changing world. While the context you operate in will change, the fundamentals discussed in this interview will be consistent regardless of who you sell to or what your environment is.

So, join Gary Kaskowitz and Kevin Huhn as they discuss how to pursue your passion to success by clicking on the link above.

Marketing 4.0 – How to Improve Your Business Game!

In this exciting encore, Gary Kaskowitz ( is joined by special guest Terri Levine ( Terri is “The Business Growth Guru” and is a recognized authority on coaching businesses to success. She is a best-selling author and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC and in more than 1500 publications and has worked with more than 5000 entrepreneurs and business owners to help them become even more successful in their business.

Listen to Gary and Terri as they talk about the keys to Terri’s success. Terri not only shares her personal story of growth, but offers so many tips to your business success that you’ll need to listen to this episode several times to write them all down! Terri is truly a practitioner of service and giving to her clients and you will hear some of her best tips in this episode.

Learn about the two primary obstacles that keep so many small business owners from achieving success. Listen in as Gary and Terri discuss the trends that are affecting small business owners and how you can achieve success in the Internet economy. You will also hear Terri’s three crucial action steps that you MUST take when starting out if you want to put your business into hyper-growth, as well as the one thing you should do immediately after listening to this episode (well, actually make that two things; you see Terri has very generously offered a special gift to listeners of this show and will tell you how you can get this for yourself for free).

If you always wanted a successful coach to show you how to improve your business game, then you need to listen to this very special Terri Levine interview today!

Marketing 4.0 – Getting Past Your Fear

In this week’s encore episode of Marketing 4.0, Gary Kaskowitz ( is joined by guest Brad Worthley ( as they discuss how to recognize the fears that are holding you back from business success and obliterate them! Brad is an internationally known speaker and behavior change specialist. Having started seven successful companies over the last 37 years, Brad knows a thing or two about what it takes to start a business and succeed.

Listen in as Gary and Brad discuss the number one reason so many small business owners don’t have the level of success they desire. It is spelled F-E-A-R. Learn what FEAR really stands for and how we can create systems and mindsets to stop it dead in its tracks. You will hear how to squash your inner saboteur by listening to the voice of reason instead. Any entrepreneur, small-business owner/manager or job-seeker has to face down their fear to succeed. In this episode you will learn how fear presents itself and how it holds us back.

You will also learn that there can be a place for fear. You will hear how to understand when fear is actually a way of telling us to get more information and be prepared. Yet all too often we use fear as an excuse to never take action and that is when it can really harm us. By listening to this episode you will discover how you can create your own systems for emotional safety so that fear serves you rather than you serving it.

So if you are curious about how to recognize your fears and better deal with them for business success, listen to this episode of Marketing 4.0 with Gary Kaskowitz and special guest Brad Worthley today.

Marketing 4.0 – The Real Truth Behind PR for Small Businesses

In this encore broadcast of Marketing 4.0 host Gary Kaskowitz ( is joined by Ryan Evans ( as they discuss how to conduct publicity and public relations if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur. You will hear why publicity is so important for a small business and why it is more powerful (and cheaper) than advertising.

You will also learn the specific action steps you need to take if you want to manage your own publicity efforts. Listen to this week’s episode to find out how to gauge the demand for your product or service and audiences that will want to hear your message. You will also hear why micro-audiences are often better for your publicity efforts than mass market audiences and how to cash in on the “long-tail” of publicity.

Listen to Gary and Ryan as they discuss how you can discover your business story and match this to the most interested and most receptive audiences. In today’s fragmented world of blogs, small websites, communities and social media, you need to understand how publicity can be both more effective and affordable.

All small businesses can benefit from publicity efforts, if and when they are properly conducted. Listen to this week’s episode to learn what your publicity message MUST have in it if you wish to be believed and listened to in your market. There are at least four specific steps you can take this week to get your publicity efforts rolling. Listen to Gary and his guest to uncover these and more.

Marketing 4.0 – How to effectively network for referrals and profit!

This week Gary offers an encore episode joined by Rebecca Staton-Reinstein ( Listen to Gary and Rebecca as they discuss how you need to network if you really want to have others help you grow your business. It’s probably not what you think either!

There are several rules that people need to follow in order to create powerful networks and referral partners. Unfortunately, most small business owners and job-seekers violate these rules and therefore do not obtain the success andbusiness they desire. When you understand these rules, you can take your networking efforts to the next level and find partners who will come to you!

True networking comes from building true relationships with your (future) partners. The same marketing principles that apply to you when seeking customers work for seeking business referrals and partners. If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or job-seeker, then you need to listen to this week’s episode and learn how to effectively network for referrals and profit.

Listen now to Gary Kaskowitz and Rebecca Staton-Reinstein as they discuss and show you five rules for creating powerful partnerships andwhat you need to do TODAY to get your business growing faster.