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Master Your Energy Master Your Life

Master Your Energy, Master Your Life – How You Can Change the Story of Your Face

Your life is written all over your face. Many try cosmetics and surgery and yet there is a way to change those lines and wrinkles. This is for real. What goes inside is what shows on the outside. Learn the keys about how this works and why you want to learn about how energy can change your face – without surgery or makeup! For More on this topic, Harry Perdew and all the Sheevaun talked about CLICK HERE.

Master Your Energy, Master Your Life – I, You and Us – The Dance of Balance in Relationships

There are some key elements of each relationship and its challenges.
Without the GPS system for relationships we are in conflict at work,
home etc. Learn how to stop freaking out and how to use key
words to take that next step in your relationships. Our guest is
Charltte Kasl who is author of 9 books and the latest 2 are fun
plays on a spiritual master and their dating habits. If the Buddha Dated

Master Your Energy, Master Your Life – Music May be Killing You

The media and their music are mixing and mingling to create a lot of internal confusion. No wonder we’re stuck and stressed. This show is with a guest who has been in the movie business for many years and who has scored some of the most award winning movies of all time. He tells us how he’s creating new music in the movies and in our lives with masters of inspiration. Join us for an uplifting and riveting show with Gary Malkin.

Master Your Energy, Master Your Life – How to Get Out of a Bad Mood

Life is filled with the memories of bad moods and bad feelings and in this show we explore How to Have a Life That Doesn’t Suck. There are things you CAN do to get out of those moods and we have explore the nature of moods – how we get them and how we keep them. To have more days where life is not treating you with a bad day or mood listen in to Sheevaun and Michelle DeAngelis.

Master Your Energy, Master Your Life – Sex, Sin and Spirituality

A return guest joins us to explore the nature of sex, sin, Buddhism, polomory, and spirituality. We delve into the the acceptable nature of sex in spirituality and Buddism practices. Sex, celibacy and rule breaking along with the casual nature of sex and how it’s an energetic connection are the realms we talk about. Learn how spirituality goes from conservatives to porn. Brad Warner is author of Sex, Sin and Zen. For more info go to

Master Your Energy, Master Your Life – How Talking to Animals Can Help Heal the Planet

We have interactions with animals every day, from birds to fish or even snakes. Our pets play key roles into our health and happiness and in this show we discover new ways to overcome fears of animals and talk to the animals that come into our dreams. We learn how dreams of animals are a way to tap into a deeper place within and access new inner wisdom.

Master Your Energy, Master Your Life – New Discovery to Stop Alzheimers

This fascinating exploration of the brain and how it acquires
Alzheimers, dementia and senior moments is riveting. Learn
what things in our youth cause memory issues. Gain clarity
around how the brain actually acquires Alzheimers and senior
moments. There is an opportunity to stop it before it starts and
there are some simple solutions that energize you and your brain.
Our expert is a bioscientist who has studied the brain for over
15 years, Mark Underwood.

Master Your Energy, Master Your Life – Change Your Consciousness

The book by an American Swami is riveting and yet
just the right combination of how to change and
be connected to divine and the creator. This show is
filled with humility, love and deep resounding energy.
Journey to India and consciousness in this show.
For more on the American Swami from the midwest
go to:

Master Your Energy, Master Your Life – Shadow, Light and the Power of Possibility

If you want to know the truth about anything it requires research and
critical thinking to overcome our prejudices. This show reveals some
resources that will give you pause to think and allow new possibilities
of what the difference of shadow and light are in our day, life, secrecy,
finances, etc. Anything is possible and you’ll gain a deeper connection to
that in this show. Fred Burks is our guest.

Master Your Energy, Master Your Life – Prophecy for these times and beyond

These times have the feeling of chaos and fraught with turmoil and we are coming upon 2012 and learn what all this means from Chief Phil Lane Jr. This crossroads that we are currently experiencing are an opportunity to find a way to celebrate and understand that there is a springtime. In this show we dance in ancient storytelling and wisdom. Learn how the prophecy predicted the internet and social networking. Enjoy! For more information about Chief Phil Lane http//