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Modern Love

Dr. Eric Schneider

Modern Love – The Introvert’s Guide to Dating…

Dating ain’t easy for most people but for the introvert it can be even more difficult. Today we are going to explore what some of those particular problems are and some of the things you can do to make your dating life a little easier. My guest today is Sharon Sayler, Author of the book, “What your Body Says and How to Master the Message“. She is a behavioral communications expert, certified executive coach and founder of Competitive Edge Communications. Ms. Sayler supports introverts in developing the skills of confident communication by showing them how to understand their verbal and nonverbal communications and helping them to bring out their natural charismatic leadership style.

Modern Love – End your heartache when it comes to dating!

Dating can be a source of real pain and anguish but it does not have to be that way. There is a way to make your dating life so much easier on your heart and your soul. Today, psychiatrist and co author of the book, Attached, The new science of adult attachment and how it can help you find and keep love, Dr. Amir Levine, M.D. and I will discuss “Attachment Theory” and how it can help make your dating life so much easier!

Modern Love – Beyond Our Own Perspective

The bumps and bruises of an intimate relationship are a given, however developmental and psychological science can often give us a real hand when it comes to navigating those bumps and bruises by making them something that can add a richness to our relationships instead of driving us apart. Join me today with Dr. Joe Shrand, M.D., as we discuss “A Theory of Mind” and what happens when we see things beyond our own perspective.

Modern Love – Why oh why am I still single

Today on “Modern Love” we explore some of the issues that impact your ability to get into a relationship with not one, but TWO guests! The first is New York Times best-selling author and Relationship Coach, Laura Doyle who wrote the book “The Surrendered Single.” On the second half of today’s show, we welcome Licensed Clincal Psychologist, Dr. Kristine Doyle, Ph.D. (no relation to Laura), Clinical Director of the Albert Ellis Institute and Who’s Who of American Women. Listen in and discover what you can start doing to improve your dating and relationship life!

Modern Love – Don’t let your stuff or your partner’s stuff destroy your relationship

My stuff, your stuff, your mess, my mess, where to begin? “Stuff discordant couples” can have greater harmony in their relationships if they understand
what to do and how to manage their “stuff”. Professional organizer and author of the book, “Un-stuff your Life“, Andrew Mellen joins me today to discuss the problem messiness and disorganization and how to tackle it!

Modern Love – Polygamy; would it work for you?

The world of polygamy or polyandry may seem like a fantasy come true, however that is not the case. It is a tough path filled with many challenges and obstacles along the way. Today, my guest is writer and journalist, Sanji Battacharya, author of the book, “Secrets and Wives, the hidden world of Mormon polygamy” who spent a year living in Utah and getting to know the in’s and out’s of this unique culture and society.

Modern Love – Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the New Year and time to stop making the same old promises that you make year after year and KEEP them instead! Dr. Eric will be looking at some of the attitudes people hold that prevent them from keeping their resolutions and will also share with you some of the ways he helps his clients keep theirs so you can too!

Modern Love – The Holidays and the Loss of a Loved One

The holidays are stressful. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is stressful. And when they happen together, it can be overwhelming. Today on Modern Love we’re going to talk about dealing with loss during the holidays, and why this can be such a challenging time for anyone dealing with loss. Joining me today is my holiday guest, New York State licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Jill Kristal, who has over 2 decades of experience working with children and adults. We will be exploring some of the conventional wisdom (as well as some non-conventional wisdom) with regard to dealing with loss. This can be a painful time for anyone but even more so when you’re thinking about a loved one who is no longer here.

Modern Love – “Single and the holidays”

Being single during the holidays can be a painful reminder that YOU ARE ALONE. This “single” fact can bring up lots of pain, disappointment, frustration and anguish making the holidays a miserable experience. Well it does not have to be that way.
My guest Dr. Jill Kristal, Ph.D, a clinical psychologist with over two decades of experience is going to share with you why the holidays can be so painful and some ways that could change that!

Modern Love – Shyness: The kiss of death in dating!

Research suggests that shyness is one of the biggest variables in dating and often causes many problems. Today on Modern love, I will be talking about what shyness is, where it comes from, how it impacts your dating life and what you can do about it. I will also be joined by a friend of mine, a recovering shy person, to share some of her experiences!