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Organizing-411 – Military Moves

Join us as we speak with Johnnie Voegtly, Room Makeover Artist and owner of Neat and Orderly. Johnnie and I will be discussing her passion, helping military families get out of the boxes and into a Home: a place of calm and refuge for themselves. Johnnie’s training in organizing and her personal experience serving in the United States Air Force make this an interview not to be missed!

Organizing-411 – Our Growing Elderly Population; Downsizing & Senior Move Management

Join us as we speak with Vickie Dellaquila, Certified Professional Organizer, Senior Move Manager, owner of Organization Rules, author of “Don’t Toss My Memories in the Trash,” and the “Moving Workbook.” Vickie and I will be discussing how to make moves for seniors go as smoothly as possible. This process can start years before a move, right before a move or during the actual move. This is almost always a very emotional experience for all family members. Vickie’s tips can help with this aspect, as well as the procedural & physical aspects of a move. Moms and Dads, going on a road trip anytime soon? Get my top tips on keeping kids busy on the ride. These tips also sneak in learning. Shh, don’t tell them!

Organizing-411 – The Relationship between Indecisiveness & Disorganization

Join us as we speak with Lisa Montanaro, owner of LM Organizing Solutions, LLC, author of “The Ultimate Life Organizer,” Blogger Decide To Be Organized, Productivity Consultant, Business Strategist, Success Coach and Speaker. Lisa is a professional who wears many hats, but they all fit her well! Lisa and I will be discussing the important link between indecisiveness and disorganization. Can you park a car in your garage? If not, or if stuff could fall on top of your car at any moment, listen for my garage organization tips!

Organizing-411 – Manage Your Time, Laundry and Email, oh my!

Join us as we speak with Jonda Beattie, member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), author of From Vision to Victory and owner of Time Space Organization. Learn how to organize one of the most important things to get a handle on, your time. Learn how to deal with piles of laundry, some of which have been intermingling the clean and the dirty. Never wash money or a cell phone again. Join me as I answer an e-mailers question about managing her e-mail. You’re certain to learn something new.

Organizing-411 – Is Your Family Like the “Brady Bunch” minus all of the calm?

Join us as we speak with Ellen Delap, Certified Family Manager® Coach, Certified Professional Organizer® and owner of Professional-Organizer. No one can meet the “Brady Bunch” family’s expectations, but you can learn how to manage your home like a smooth-running business, but with caring and love. Learn how to deal with closets that contain clothes you no longer wear. Join me for my Tales from the Inside where I take you into a client’s home to take a peek at some problems and solutions related to aging parents. To top it off, I’ll explain my organizing process, REBUILD w/”I”s in Mind. You’re certain to find advice that benefits your life and your family as a whole.

Organizing-411 – Seven Steps to Organized & All Aboard?!

What often runs away or hides when the organizer shows up? Husbands! Get your tips to make sure your entire family is all aboard! Join us as we speak with Marilyn Paul, author of the top selling book It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys, who shares her 7-steps to being truly organized. Join me for my Tales from the Inside, where I take you into a client’s home to take a peek at some problems and solutions. This Tale involves alphabetizing like you’ve never seen it before!

Organizing-411 – Student Organization & Strolling the Stores

Do your kids come home with crumbled up papers in their book bag and a science project that’s due the next day? Are you a college student who can’t seem to effectively plan, and therefore handle, your workload? Often times these educational issues can be attributed to disorganization. That’s actually great news because, in many cases, if we can get our students or ourselves organized to learn, the learning will surely follow. Join us as we speak with Leslie Josel, owner of Order Out of Chaos, an expert in student organization, and creator of an Academic Planner, a tool to teach time management to students. Learn how to set up your students for success rather than failure. Join me for my Tales from the Inside where I take you into my local grocery store to take a peek at some problems and solutions. We all go there. Let me help you go there in record time! We will also check in with our emailer from last week, Andrew from SC.

Organizing-411 – Paper Management and Office Organization

What enters your home at such an alarming rate that it produces undue stress? No, it’s not your relatives (unless it’s the holidays)! It’s paper. We are continuously bombarded with mail, fliers and Instructional manuals as thick as encyclopedias. Luckily, paper is manageable. Professional organizers can help you limit what’s coming in, quickly get rid of what you don’t need and organize what’s left. Join us as we speak with Miriam Ortiz y Pino, owner of More Than Organized, a Certified Professional Organizer® with expertise in paper management and home office organization. Learn how to set up a system to handle the daily influx of papers. Join me for my first Tales from the Inside where I take you into a client’s home to take a peek at the problems and the solutions. You may feel like I’m in your home!