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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising – 101711


Phoenix Rising – From Split Personalities To Twin Flames

The idea of finding the feminine essence in the post-modern world is a tricky affair. Millions of teen girls flock to pop idols like Ke$ha, Rhianna and Lady Gaga, often unaware of the dark symbolism populating their lyrics and videos. I spoke with young women from “Gen Y” outside a recent Ke$ha concert to understand why they listened to her and if they thought she was an agent of the Illuminati. Their answers will surprise you. Then we hear from published author, high priestess and Pleiadian emissary, Zula Zule, as she uncovers the sub-atomic meaning of the “twin flame” connection and her own quest to unite with her twin flame. Two very different states and perspectives of being a woman on the cusp of 2012.