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Practical Astrology

Practical Astrology – AYURVEDA

Ever been curious about ayurvedic medicine? You may be surprised to learn that your Western medical doctor may well recommend ayurvedic practices these days, especially if you have a chronic or serious disease like diabetes or cancer. Listen in for an introduction to a traditional medical and spiritual practice from India that’s gaining increasing acceptance around the world. What can this ancient wisdom do for you?


Ever wondered what’s going on with the world in 2011? Earthquakes in Japan, revolutions in Egypt, war in Libya, union-busting in Wisconsin and Osama Bin Laden captured. Quite a year, and we’re not even halfway through. Find out what’s going on astrologically behind all the turmoil and what Uranus & Pluto have to do with it. Our guest is Scott Wolfram, an evolutionary astrologer who combines myths with the astrology of place.

Practical Astrology – PAST LIFE REGRESSION

Ever been curious about who you might have been in a past life? This week, you can find out what it’s like to have a past life regression and what one could reveal about you. You’ll learn about the practical benefits of past life regression, including help with health issues, phobias, and learning about your soul mates. You’ll also learn about past lives in an astrology chart. Our guest, Marilyn Redmond, is a certified regression expert and counselor.

Practical Astrology – CRYSTALS, ENERGY & HEALING

If you’ve never been introduced to the world of crystals and stones for healing purposes, you’re in for a treat. Crystals and stones, including pendants and bracelets made of the proper materials, can be a wonderful adjunct to getting in touch with your nature through astrology. Our guest this week, Atala Toy, is the president of Crystal Life Technologies, and she’s an expert guide to the properties of crystals and gemstones, as well as other tools for balancing energy. She’ll share her insight on crystals and chakra balancing as well many other topics related to the power of these natural materials.

Practical Astrology – DREAM INTERPRETATION

Ever wanted to know how to interpret dreams? Listen to today’s show to find out. With Neptune moving into Pisces and activating the dream world, it’s more helpful than ever to understand the mysterious world of your nightly journeys into other realms. Our guest, Michele Avanti, is not only an astrologer but also taught an accredited university class on dream interpretation for 16 years. Learn how to decode your dreams!

Practical Astrology – VEDIC GEMOLOGY

Vedic astrology has a long tradition of using gemstones to help ameliorate conditions in a birth chart and to strengthen good qualities. Today’s guest, Alan Schoenfeld, is a Vedic astrologer specializing in Vedic gemology. He explains the theory behind using gems for personal benefit and gives us some dos and don’ts for making the best use of the power of gems.

Practical Astrology – ASTROLOGY AND JEWELRY

Astrology and gemstones have a long connection. You may know your birthstone, but did you know that you can also use jewelry in other ways to further your understanding of your own birth chart or goals you have? This week, designer Alicia Katz talks about her astrologically accurate jewelry designs and Victoria explains how you can use jewelry to make important changes in your life.

Practical Astrology – Real Life astrology

Relationships and the Astrological chart How do you know when it’s time to move on? Lots of people look to astrology to find out when they’ll find a soul mate, but what about when you’re in a relationship and you think it might be time to end? Or what if you think the other person is about to end it? We look at a real person’s situation to see if the stars are saying it’s time to say sayonara.

Practical Astrology – LOVE AND MONEY

Today we talk about the planets and houses that influence our attitudes toward love and money. Venus is the planet that links the two subjects, but we also talk about the 2nd house, the 7th house, the Moon and Mars. These are two of the most important subjects in any person’s life and this show will give you the tools to come to terms with how you deal with both.


Learn how to understand the function of a planet in a house by following along as we work through a real life client’s sun in the first house and the aspects to it. You’ll see how to understand squares and other conflicting aspects and you’ll get to see how the first house of your chart operates in your daily life. You’ll also gain insight into the functions of the sun.