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Radio Beastro

Radio Beastro – Spring Into Proper Pet Nutrition

Michael Massie of Young Again Pet Food joins the Beastro to educate us on “no-spin pet nutrition”, and we speak to Gamma2 about air-tight pet food containers to keep kibble fresh! The finishing touch for good pet nutrition is Omega-3. Learn about Ascenta’s pet Omegas for optimal health.

Radio Beastro – Pets, Prescription for Senior Health

Pets offer abundant physical, mental and emotional health benefits to senior citizens. According to The Pets For The Elderly Foundation, the presence of a pet is the strongest social predictor of health in seniors recovering from surgery. Amy Robinson, certified Therapy Dogs International evaluator, explains that senior patients become more animated and talkative when interacting with a therapy dog. Rachel Herman tells us how PAWS NY is helping seniors keep companion pets at home through their service offering pet care assistance.

Radio Beastro – Pet Adoption Heroes

Over 125,000 pets in need find homes every month thanks to, the online, searchable database for adoptable pets. founder, Betsy Saul visits the Beastro to talk about how got its start and how it’s working to end euthanasia as a means to control pet populations. Rogers’ Rescues tells us why adopting pets from foster homes has its benefits and there’s still time to enter the Unconditional Love Muffins Facebook contest.

Radio Beastro – Things We Do For Pet Love

Have you done some crazy things for the love of your pet? In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’ll hear from pet parents across the U.S. who’ve done funny things or made amazing sacrifices for their pet. Michael Massie of Young Again Pet Food joins the Beastro to educate us on “no-spin pet nutrition”, and our Unconditional Love Muffins Facebook contest promises paw-some prizes for some lucky pets, including Ascenta Omega-3 supplements for dogs, cats or horses.

Radio Beastro – Does Your Pet Need a Tic Tac?

Does your pet have bad breath? Then they may have periodontal disease, the most frequently diagnosed infectious disease in dogs and cats. Heidi Lobprise, DVM DAVDC of Virbac Animal Health joins the Beastro to teach pet parents how to manage a pet’s dental health at home and at the veterinarian. Also, Ascenta is our new sponsor and product specialist, Wendy Porteous tells us how Omega-3 fatty acids can improve our pets’ health and longevity. Finally, pet parents are encouraged to enter the Valentine’s Day Facebook contest for great prizes.

Radio Beastro – Feline Stress Addressed

Cats outpace dogs as the favorite American pet, but despite our love for them, felines, they have about 50-percent fewer veterinary visits than dogs. Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, past president AAFP joins us to talk about the Cat Friendly Practice initiative. Sherry Wilson, DVM of Ceva tells us about pheromone products to de-stress our pets and Donna Bainter, certified behavior trainer at the SPCA Tampa Bay helps Kristen with tips on adopting her next cat.

Radio Beastro – Pets & Paramours

Today, we’re talking pets and marriage. Alison Bowman, marriage expert and author of Project Happily Ever After joins us to talk about how pets can strengthen or weaken a marriage. Kelly Merritt shares a real love story of man, woman and dog and we talk to the creator of the “Croc” inspired pet bed—one lucky winner takes one home.

Radio Beastro – In the Raw

Supporters of raw feeding for pets believe that the natural diet of raw meat, bones, and organs is superior nutritionally to highly processed commercial pet food. Decide for yourself as homeopathic veterinarian, Dr. Christina Chambreau visits the Beastro to educate us about feeding raw. Geoff Bowers, founder and director of K9Natural (and Feline Natural) stops by to share his story and his passion to bring pets the best diet we can humanly provide. Finally, the scoop on a must-enter pet prize sweepstakes from Tagg.

Radio Beastro – Pet Health Insurance 101

Pet health insurance is commonplace in the United Kingdom, but only 3-5% of U.S. pet parents hold a policy for their best friends. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance founder, Steve Siadek explains how pet insurance works and how to carefully choose one that’s right for you. Another “how to” comes to us from Merrick Pet Care, how to read a pet food label, and how to save on your pet budget tips from Pampered Pets on a Budget.

Radio Beastro – Keeping Pets Active

There’s a lot to be learned about how you can help your cats live a healthier more adventurous life—in the safety of their own home! Pam Johnson Bennett, certified cat behavior consultant helps us to “think like a cat” so we can better understand their behavior. What about our dogs? Ruff Wear teaches us about the great dog sport of Joring!