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Real Life

Real Life – Author Diane Dean

Author Diane Dean shares secrets of making money work for the everyday family.

Real Life – Kathy Truitt

Dr. Sommer discusses False Victimization Syndrome with real life victim and author Kathy Truitt.

Real Life – Pulling Yourself Out of Poverty

This week Dr. Sommer interviews self-made success and company inventor John Lewis who shares secrets any American will want to know about how to be successful in a dreary economy.

Real Life – ON SUICIDE

Dr. Sommer talks about suicide and mental health in the rising generation.

Real Life – “Duped Into Dating The Devil”

“Dr. Sommer discusses the world of secretive cults and the women who unknowingly date their leaders with past victim and current author Barbara Fifield.”

Real Life – The Straight Spouse Experience

Dr. Sommer talks to reknown researcher and scientist Dr. Mary Krome about the Straight Spouse Experience and about her new novel Left in His Closet which tells all about the secret lives led by those whose spouses hide the ultimate secret.