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Regional Best Foods

Regional Best Foods – The Poor Girl Gourmet shares tips for eating great food on a budget. Experience the unique flavor of dessert fruit salsas and chips from Texas and learn tips for serving Mojito Cocktail Sauce made fresh in Maine. A well known blogger and author, and some of the best foodcrafters and artisans in the country share their stories and recipes.

Food blogger Amy McCoy talks all about her newly released cookbook, Poor Girl Gourmet. Food artisans Michael Weinstein of Dread Head Chef of Dallas and Jeff Garstka of Appledore Cove of North Berwick, Maine talk about their artisan foods and give serving tips for the end of summer season.

Regional Best Foods – Experience the bold flavor of artisan made Cape Cod barbecue sauce, learn how to marinate and grill an entire leg of lamb and get the secrets to making the perfect glass of iced coffee. Some of the best food crafters and artisans in the country share their stories and recipes

Food artisans, Stan Langston of Cape Cod Sauce Company of Orleans, Massachusetts; Cheryl Bennett of Lava lake Lamb of Hailey, Idaho; and Piper Jones of Kohana Coffee of Austin, Texas tell about their artisan foods and give grilling and serving tips for the summer season.

Regional Best Foods – Experience Wild Alaskan salmon fishing, learn how to make jam in a copper kettle, and how to grill with specialty artisan sea salts from around the world. Some of the best food crafters and artisans in the country share their stories and recipes.

Food artisans, Sara Pozonsky of Wild Alaskan Salmon Company of Kenai, Alaska; Wendy Read of Sunchowder’s Emporia of Longwood, Florida; and Andy Schloss of Chef Salt tell about their artisan foods and give grilling and entertaining tips for the summer season.

Regional Best Foods – “Manly Foods” – Break out the grill for barbecue season, plus get ready for Father’s Day with great gift ideas like Chocolate Covered Bacon!

Food artisans, Allen Daggett of Cape Porpoise Lobster of Kennebunkport, Maine; Robbie Robbins of Robbins Family Farm Olive Oil of San Luis Obispo, California and Casey Benedict of Kitchen Witch of suburban Philadelphia tell about their artisan foods and give ideas and recipes for grilling and entertaining, plus gift ideas for dad.

Regional Best Foods – A Tribute to Moms — In celebration of Mother’s Day guests explore how mothers and grandmothers have influenced their love for food and cooking.

Food artisans, Marie Connell of My House Cookies in Philadelphia and Cyndi Jacobs of the Best Damn Granola Company of south eastern Massachusetts, along with cookbook author and food blogger Amy McCoy of the Poor Girl Gourmet, talk about Mother’s Day, sharing stories, gift ideas, and tips and recipes for entertaining.

Regional Best Foods – The Flavors of Spring from Around the Country

From artisan shortbread bars to Vermont maple syrup and some of the best tasting ham ever, three food artisans discuss their very own flavors of spring. Guests include Nicole Bergman of Simply Nic’s of Princeton, New Jersey; Janine Norman of Green Mountain Sugar House of Ludlow, Vermont; and Meghan Meehan of Ham I Am of Dallas, Texas.

Regional Best Foods – Game Day Entertaining! Food Artisans Give Party Ideas for the Super Bowl and the Olympics

Artisan cheesemaker Pat Ford of Beehive Cheese Company in Utah talks about what beer and ale pairs well with Beehive’s award winning cheese. Steven Lynch of Montebello Kitchens in Virginia gives a recipe for Chicken Chipotle Dip using his new handcrafted Chipotle Ketchup. Food blogger Kimberly Mayone of talks all about her blog and gives party tips and ideas.

Regional Best Foods – Happy & Healthy New Year! Food Artisans and a Food Blogger Give Tips for Eating Healthier

Jodi Spindel, owner of Spindel Farms of southern California and maker of Simply Outrageous Pomegranate Vinegar; Katie Kearney of Naturally Nutty of Michigan and makers of nut butters; and Tina Haupert, a Boston-based food blogger and creator of Carrots N Cake, share stories, tips and recipes for a healthier new year.

Regional Best Foods – The Holidays Are Here! Cheese, Chocolate and Baking Artisans Give Tips for Gift Giving and Entertaining

Hannah Sessions, a Vermont Cheesemaker; Rhonda Kave, a New York City Chocolatier; and Caren Weaver, an Organic Cookie Baker from western Pennsylvania share gift-giving ideas and tips for serving artisan cheeses, chocolates and baked goodies for the holidays.

Regional Best Foods – Ahhhh…The Perfect Cup of Coffee, Chocolate Bliss!, and a Trendy Food Cart

We talk to food artisans Piper Jones of Kohana Coffee in Austin, TX, and Chocolatier Susie Norris of LA. Cookbook author Julie Hasson talks about Her Complete Book of Pies, upcoming Vegan diner book and trendy new food cart in Portland, Oregon.