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Adam Avery

Seniors Talk Radio – Safe 4 Retirement

What does President Obama’s Administration’s delaying of the Keystone Pipeline mean to U.S. job creation? How does our country’s current debt load affect the economy? Our friend Robert Romano from Americans for Limited Government stops by to explain.’s #1 Bestseller in the “Personal Health and Personal Finance” category is authored by guest Jack Tatar who drops by to explain to retirees and pre-retirees that a successful retirement is more than just financial dos and don’ts.

How deadly is hypertension and what can you do to limit your chances of experiencing? Dr. Eric Wargotz dispels some of the myths of high blood pressure. Political commentary, best selling authors and the latest health advice. It’s all here in one easy to swallow 30 minute broadcast. Thank you for investing in us. We hope you are experiencing positive gains.

Seniors Talk Radio – “Together in Transition”

Today more than ever, seniors are faced with an array of alternative housing arrangements designed to fit their needs and wants. Catherine Fritz of Together in Transition has utilized her background and education coupled with her first hand knowledge of alternative housing for seniors and her altruistic nature to assist seniors in every aspect of aging in place comfortably. We are all tired of reading about and watching on the news violent offenders walking out of arraignment with little incentive to return for trial. Maryland state Delegate (District 3B) Michael Hough has proposed a bill which would make it more difficult for violent offenders to “get out of jail free.” Delegate Hough and I also discuss the national debate of the definition of “marriage.” Retired octogenarian Senator from Minnesota, Rudolph “Rudy” Boschwitz drops by to explain his latest senior advocacy program which teaches seniors how to use a computer with confidence.

Seniors Talk Radio – “Surviving Pancreatic Cancer”

How does one survive pancreatic cancer and then go on to fulfill a CV (Curriculum Vitae- Latin for “Life”) spanning decades? Renaissance man and current professor of Business Administration at the University of Washington- Ken Walters- stops by to talk about his bout with pancreatic cancer, the relationship between a senior professor and his teenage students and seniors becoming entrepreneurs. Physical therapist, lecturer and author of “The Second Childhood,” Manish Patel, drops in to explain what inspired him to write his latest book and why it should inspire you to take care of your parents as you would want them to take care of you. It’s a look at life, love and respect for the elders in our family and community at large. It’s the kind of diversity of personal experiences and information our listeners have come to expect from our award winning program director, R. Edward Turner, Ph.D. Perhaps we should reward him with some heat and running water in the shed where he produces our show. Pour a cup of tea, gather the grandkids, turn off the television and enjoy this family friendly broadcast – suitable for listeners of all ages. It’s time for the quickest half hour in broadcasting; it’s time for Seniors Talk Radio.

Seniors Talk Radio – Tim Tebow

Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow is getting as much attention for his faith as he is for leading his team to the AFC West Division title. Patton Dodd- author of the “Tebow Mystique”- stops by to explain Tebow’s faith and how it is perceived by others. Is it ever too late to plan for your retirement? Al Gray of Underwriter’s Marketing Services says emphatically “No.” Everyone agrees that we have made advancements in technologies in many sectors. Why can’t environmentalists accept that advancements have been made in food production and processing? Dennis Avery from the Center for Global Food Issues explains a revolutionary process which kills any chance of e. coli and other food borne illnesses. Pour a mug of hot chocolate and slump into your favorite La-Z-Boy. It’s time for organized chaos, it’s time for Seniors Talk Radio.

Seniors Talk Radio – Dignity After Football

Former Nittany Lion and Philadelphia Eagle- Scott Lefko- discusses the health issues affecting former NFL players and how the NFLPA (National Football League Player’s Association) fumbled negotiating long-term health care for its players. Should seniors fear Obamacare and what is the future for entitlements like Social Security and Medicare? Dr. Wargotz answers listener’s questions about my favorite body part. Let the dogs out, put the grandchildren in the playroom, put down the Penny Saver and “Come on down” and be the next listener. The award winning Seniors Talk Radio starts now.

Seniors Talk Radio – “Tmot”

The Minister of Truth, a black minister from Atlanta, GA, tells us why black seniors have a problem with today’s black youth. World record holder for the longest name, Mary Ann Lacy Gray introduces us to her organization and sets the stage for financial strategies which seniors need to consider NOW. How reliable is the PSA for determining the likelihood of acquiring prostate cancer? Dr. Eric Wargotz weights in with an opinion which might shock you. Hide the children, put your dog on a leash, turn off the “Price is Right” and turn up the volume, Seniors Talk Radio is educating listeners of all ages……

Seniors Talk Radio – “Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro”

Why did a 70 year old to climb 19,000 feet above sea level and what it may mean to you. Dennis Woodland describes his Mt. Kilimanjaro adventure. How does our federal government get away with keeping unfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare off the balance sheet? Robert Romano explains that it is the law and we are in more debt than what is being reported. Two dollar a gallon gas: A possibility or just hot air? Dennis Avery details why gas and other forms of energy could be cheaper if it weren’t for environmental idiocy. Hey, it’s our inaugural show. Come hear why senior audiences consider us a “must listen.”