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Spiritual Renaissance

Spiritual Renaissance – “Have, do, or be anything”……with the help of Ghosts, Goblins & Ghouls?????

Can you really tap the power of the “unseen world” of the Supernatural, Paranormal or the Metaphysical? And use that power to create the life of your dreams? This Halloween Special show clearly explains how and why ghosts (or Earth-bound spirits) are real, and NDEs (and other such “spooky” or “mysterious” phenomena) prove the existence of an infinitely powerful soul.

In other words, listen to THIS “frighteningly” good show to find out how and why you are NOT a limited physical being, but that you are an eternal and infinite; an unlimited spiritual being who is, very easily, capable of creating a life of your dreams! Let the NOT-so-scary REAL spiritual realm help you in your goals! (Warning: However, I do warn you of the fact that you may become “afraid, very afraid,” once you know how much power you really do have!!)

Spiritual Renaissance – What IS money? (Really) And how to get a LOT of it???

We all want money (or wealth, abundance, prosperity). However, have you really thought about what money REALLY is? Is it really the root of all evil? Is it just the substance; i.e., the paper that it is printed on or the metal that it is minted from? Find out, once and for all, what money really is and why we all want it so much (and why there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with that). In fact, if you did NOT want abundance, that would be an indication of a problem.

Also, learn how to get as much wealth and abundance into your life as you may want. Do it by applying the Nine Simple Steps to manifesting money and financial success in your life. Of course, you can apply the Nine Simple Steps to anything else that you may want or desire in your life. Get the FREE Nine Simple Steps guide by going to Miss this show ONLY if you don’t want any more abundance.

Spiritual Renaissance – The “Can’t Miss” Last Two of the Nine Simple Steps to the Life of Your Dreams!

So far, we have covered seven of the nine simple steps to success in all areas of life; namely, financial, physical, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual. For the remaining two steps, tune in to this show. You will learn things that you will not have heard anywhere else; and some things may have seemed obvious to you, but you may find that they are not so! I will explain clearly and in a simple way what these two steps are, and also, I will cover the One Simple Key that will unlock the infinite potential of all of these nine steps. Find out how to be on your way to creating a life of your dreams in 30 days or fewer! Also, sign-up for the FREE Guide to these Nine Simple Steps, covered in detail and available to refer to at anytime of your choosing, by going to my website, This Guide and the shows covering these amazingly easy and simple steps will absolutely transform your life!

By applying these steps, you will be able to get the job that you want or start the business of choice; find and attract the mate of your dreams; reach and maintain optimum physical health AND attractiveness! In other words, you will be able to achieve success in all areas of life!

Spiritual Renaissance – Can you “see” yourself as already “there?”

One of the “magical” elements of being able to manifest true success is the ability to Visualize the end-result before it has happened. Perceive with ALL your senses how, exactly, it would be to be in the time, place and situation that you would like to create. And, then, actually “feel” the feelings that you would feel, if you were really there; but feel them NOW! Why? Well, listen to the show to find out!
Also, give genuine, heartfelt thanks and actually feel the gratitude for having all that you already have (even if there is more; maybe a LOT more that you would like to have). Learn how and why actually feeling thankful for what you have gets you more of what you want, and less (or none) of what you don’t want! Check out this episode of Spiritual Renaissance for two more of the Nine Simple Steps to REAL success in ALL areas of life. You can also get the Nine Simple Steps Guide for free by signing-up for my free monthly e-zine at

Spiritual Renaissance – Do you truly deserve what you want?

(Hint: Yes, yes, yes, raised to the nth degree!!!) Okay, so there must be no doubt in your mind that you do, in fact, deserve whatever it is that your heart desires after what I just said. But the question is, do your really BELIEVE that to be true? Meaning, do you truly believe that you do deserve, and are worthy of, anything and everything that you might desire?

If not, I will share with you an easy way to get yourself to the point of believing that you are worthy. And once you believe, watch the floodgates open up; one “miracle” after another will start happening in your life. Find the details about this principle (or step) in my FREE guide entitled “The Nine Simple Steps to Creating Real Success with The Law of Attraction,” on my website, In this “Can’t Miss” episode of Spiritual Renaissance, I will also talk about another amazing principle that will transform your life, “Doing the 180 Dance!” It is all about HOW to learn to think about ONLY the things, events and circumstances that you WANT, as opposed to thinking about what you DO NOT want!

Spiritual Renaissance – Are you “obsessed” with success?

If not, maybe you may want to be!! I know that this may not be something you have heard before, but it is one of the Nine Simple Steps to real success. The word does have a negative connotation, normally, but here, in the context of creating a life of your dreams, it means “dedication,” or a “burning desire” to do what you want to do! Without this obsession or commitment it is almost impossible to achieve success in any endeavor in life, and WITH it success is inevitable! This show shares the details about how, exactly, to go about developing and then using obsession to create the life of your dreams!

Spiritual Renaissance – Nine Simple Steps for Success in All Areas of Life

Learn the EASY and SIMPLE steps that you can start taking NOW to create the life of your dreams in all areas of life. These are very easy to understand and also very easy to implement ideas that will start to change your life instantly! You will hear things that you don’t normally hear from other “experts” and “gurus.” And these are steps that make this happen! That’s why even after you read a lot of books, you find that you are not getting anywhere, and that nothing is changing. But here, nothing is held back. You will hear about the steps that I have taken to make those changes. These are EXACTLY the things that I do to create the life that I want. And they work for me! Be like a true scientist, and “experiment” with these concepts in your life so that you can prove it to yourself that they work for you too! That is the only way you will find out, for sure, that they work!

Spiritual Renaissance – Want ALL your wishes fulfilled?

We all would want to create and lead the life of our dreams. And I KNOW that you want to do it very easily. Well, listen to this show to find out exactly what to do so that you can create health, wealth and happiness. You will learn how to manifest ANYTHING that you want! Members of Spiritual Renaissance are going to absolutely LOVE this show. And also, share this particular show (and every other show) with friends, co-workers and family members. Why? So, that they can help you make this process work easier and faster for you and for themselves! (It is funny how that works; it really is “the more the merrier!”) Plus, an amazing offer that will absolutely blow you away (and it is guaranteed to NEVER be repeated)! So, take advantage. And did I mention, you do not want to miss this show.

Spiritual Renaissance – You might see her on Oprah’s Network (OWN) soon!!!

Who is my amazing guest on this show? The wonderful creator and publisher of an empowering national magazine entitled Equanimity — Ms. Lumbie Mlambo! AND she is also the creator of an upcoming new TV show, Your Life Balance, which, quite possibly, may find its way onto the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)!

The Magazine and the Show are unlike any other you may have come across, and are for folks just like yourself; i.e., the listeners of Spiritual Renaissance, anybody and everybody who would like to create the life of one’s dreams. And not just that, but a TRULY balanced life where ALL areas of life are taken care of equally well; namely, wealth or financial abundance, harmonious relationships, perfect health, emotional and mental well-being. In other words, if you would like to have peace, joy, happiness and satisfaction, you MUST listen to this edition of Spiritual Renaissance to learn about how you can create those wonderful states of being for your own self!!

Spiritual Renaissance – Scientific Proof of God’s Existence?

What would the scientific proof or evidence of God’s existence mean for us? Why would we care if God really does exist? Well, the implications are mind-blowing, aren’t they? They open the doors to the creation of a life of our dreams in ALL areas of life, whether it may be financial abundance or prosperity, harmonious relationships, great health and well-being. In other words, peace and happiness! Find out the “elusive” scientific evidence that you will not hear in mainstream media, and the life-transforming conclusion of that evidence that we cannot help but come up with! Also, I will share with you two of the most important principles to BEGIN the process of manifesting a life of your dreams. (Without these, you are staying where you are, and not moving in the direction of your dream life!)