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Stop Raising Einstein

Tara Kennedy-Kline

Stop Raising Einstein – Is it me, or is school making my kids go nuts?

Whether they are getting ready, have been back for a short while or attend year round classes…the end of summer break and the beginning of the school year seems to make many kids go a bit crazy…or is it just us? In this chat with “Creating Cooperative Kids” founder and author of “Love, Limits and Lessons” Bill Corbett, we reveal what it is that makes kids so nervous about school and 5 amazing tips to help get your child to step into and embrace back to school, homework and new routines…no matter where they are in their school year or school career. Parents of all kids will enjoy this enlightening and fun interview packed with tips, tools and resources to create “calm” and cooperation in your home…starting immediately! If you like what you hear or have something to share, be sure to share your best tips or comments on our Stop Raising Einstein Facebook page.

Stop Raising Einstein – What the world needs now…is a good paddling

Well, we found him! The one person who could eloquently and rationally defend the rhyme and reason (and importance) behind corporal punishment. In this lively and somewhat passionate interview, Scot Ferrell AKA: America’s Behavior Expert”, and author of several relationship books, such as “Smart Girl, Bad Boy”, What Men Don’t get About Women”, “5:25 Man” and “No, I don’t think Your kids are Cute”, gives me the low down on his beliefs about the importance of spanking in schools and at home as a form of discipline and behavioral modification…Let’s just say, it’s an interesting conversation. Listen in and be sure to share your thoughts and opinions on our Stop Raising Einstein Facebook page.

Stop Raising Einstein – Spankers Have no Defense

All the uproar, all the arguing, all the threats and accusations…You can find them anywhere on-line: ”The biggest problem with the world today is that we can’t spank our kids anymore or we’ll go to jail.” “If only we could still give our kids a good beatin’ when they need it, all our problems would go away.” And then there are the latest polls that say “90% of American parents say they spank their kids.”
Well, if all of that is true, then I’m confused…
If 90% of American Parents spank their kids, then why aren’t 90% of American Parents in jail? And if the overwhelming majority of Parents DO spank…then why do we still have problems? If 90% of American Parents spank, then why aren’t 90% of American children well behaved, respectful little angels as the beliefs of these parents would suggest?
So I set out to find the answers. I invited professionals and/or experts on both sides of the corporal punishment coin to weigh in and voice their opinions and facts on my show. But a funny thing happened, only the anti spankers replied. So, I put out another, more specific request asking for ONLY people who could defend spanking and its benefits on a non biased, non judgmental radio show (thinking that would help them feel more accepted)…and guess what happened…yup, nothing! Not one person stepped up to the plate to defend the spankers who apparently make up 90% of the parenting population of the USA.
The result is a fun, informational interview with Professional Counselor and Family Therapist Melody Brooke author of oh WOW! This changes everything. And Cycles of the Heart. We discuss the psychology behind spanking, why it DOES NOT work and alternatives that parents can use to get the results they want. Listen and comment on my facebook page and if you’re really brave…offer to come on the show and defend yourself…and the 90%.

Stop Raising Einstein – Parents, if you’re feeling overwhelmed…go play!

There is so much to get done in a day and it seems like the days (along with our tempers and our tolerance) are getting shorter and shorter…so what if the answer to all of our overwhelm, frustration and fatique is as simple as getting back in touch with our inner child as well as our own children and let ourselves PLAY!?
In this fun, playful and enlightening interview, Passion & Purpose Expert and co-founder of the Bye Bye Good Girl movement, Regena Garrepy, talks with me about her recent blog “The Power of Play” and how she has discovered that parents need to allow themselves to get away and get in touch with their playful side from time to time…to release their “shitty list of shoulds” and focus more on what they really WANT in life.
Check out all that Regena has to offer at her website:

Stop Raising Einstein – Help! My 2 year old is hitting…now I’m afraid he’s a sociopath!

It’s ridiculous the names and titles we give to kids today based on behaviors and actions that are not only normal, but PREDICTABLE for their age and development. 2 year olds are gonna hit and teens are gonna tease. It’s how they learn about boundaries, control over their surroundings and acceptable behavior. So let’s stop vilifying it and talk about it!
On this show, I sit down with Dr.G (Deborah Gilboa) and have a real, raw and in depth conversation about the Karen Klein bus monitor scenario and how the school and the general public are wrong and even at fault for what happened…and what parents and schools can do to get the issue of bullying correctly identified and ended once and for all! One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch…so let’s identify it, pull it out and stop the spoiling of our kids!

Stop Raising Einstein – Shut up about Your Perfect Kid!

How often have you wanted to say it? But most people can’t bring themselves to get the words out…but not my guest Gina Gallagher, she and her sister Patricia wrote the BOOK on it! Join me as I chat (and roll on the floor laughing at times) with Gina Gallagher author of “Shut about your perfect kid! A survival guide for ordinary parents of special children.” In this interview, Gina shares what inspired her to write such a controversial book…why she was able to write it with her sister…and what she has learned (and can teach all of us) about dealing with the unique and sometimes frustrating needs of special needs kids. So before you roll your eyes at one more tamper tantrum, or offer one more piece of unsolicited advice to a struggling parent…hear what Gina and I have to say about that and those perfect kids!

Stop Raising Einstein – If it’s not your fault…then who can I blame?

Life has become a series of entitlements, shame, guilt and blame games…but no one is owning any of it! And we wonder why our kids are turning into brats? On this show, I welcome “The Responsibility Rules: Living a Self-Disciplined Life in a Self-Entitled World” author Susan Dench to chat with me about how our need to fawn over, reward and protect our children could eventually get them in trouble at school, in college and even with their HR director at their job! Join in the conversation and give yourself permission to step back, let go and embrace the empty nest knowing you did the best you could in teaching your kids to fly.

Stop Raising Einstein – Kids got skills!

Parents, caregivers and educators spend most of their “teaching time” focused on academics and standardized testing…but who is teaching our children the most important lessons of all, “Life Skills”? On this show, I chat with Social Entrepreneur, Life Skills Educator and Parenting Strategist Marlaine Cover about how her “Life Skills Report Card” can help shift our priorities in education from “raising grades” to “Raising Humanity”. As the founder of Linkedin top parenting group Parenting2.0, Marlaine shares her unique experience and knowledge in order to help adults see the importance of holding Emotional Intelligence to as high a standard as Academic Intelligence. Listen in then share your thoughts on the subject!

Stop Raising Einstein – Who are you calling a BULLY?!

They’re everywhere! Bullies at work, on the road, on the internet…They’re even Politicians and Teachers! Bullies aren’t just for kids anymore…but what exactly IS a bully? On this show, Juvenile Justice & Social Work Expert Delilah Remp, and I discuss whether the “bully epidemic” is truly as prolific as we’re making it or if we have just become overly sensitive, overly defensive & quick to label as society. Delilah and I will share examples, tips and food for thought on this very HOT topic…what say you? Listen in and then share your thoughts on our facebook page.

Stop Raising Einstein – Next Goal WINS!

Are you among the wave of parents who don’t understand why our kids seem to be more lazy, irresponsible and unmotivated than ever? Do you remember the days when kids were baby sitting and mowing lawns by the time they were 12? Now it’s a struggle to get your 16 year old to get off the video game, not to mention get a job.
Click play and learn how OUR lack of setting and announcing goals as parents could be the cause of our children’s couch potato syndrome…and how you can fix that before the end of the day.