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Teeing It Up – PGA Marshal’s Control the Crowds and Not Golfers

Exploring the golf game from every aspect is our focus on Teeing It Up. This week’s guest is an 11 year retired PGA Marshal. David Rosman gets subjected to Randy Kemp’s ability to pulled out the best questions.

Rosman has volunteered on The International at Castle Pines for the PGA marshal place on holes 10 through 13 from the last 11 years. Of course the stories are remarkable but the amount of information explaining what the PGA marshal will expand your feel for holistic golf.

This episode is a one of a kind and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Listen to your mind and body first as Randy puts it, “ We explore holistic golf and everything you wanted to know about a golf marshal but were too afraid to ask.”

Learn how two types of golf marshals exist in the golf world the volunteer and the private. The average view of a golf marshal is the PGA marshals according to Daivd Rosman, “Wearing the polo shirts, khaki pants, and just beyond the rope… were you’d like to be .”

The volunteer marshals on the PGA tour is responsible for following all rules and regulations used to control the crowds but not golfers. There on the PGA, official rules are brought to a golf official for proper ruling. On a private course the volunteer no longer exists and the a private golf marshal holds the duties to control the crowds and the golfers.

For pay or play, David and Randy discuss everything you wanted to know about a golf marshal and somethings no one should ever know. Join us for the next 30 minutes, you’re guaranteed a good laugh and a good piece of information for the next time you watching a PGA tournament.

Teeing It Up – Getting Expert Sports Performance Advice

Expert sports performance

This exciting episode of Teeing It Up is all about the champion mindset. Question after question Randy Kemp and special guest Loren Fogelman delve into the most important aspects to gain expert sports performance. Our guest is the most important yet because all of our information this is the first from a girl.

Emotional freedom technique can only come from Loren as she let our audience in on a glimpse of her up coming book not available until October.

Winning Point breaks down the different pieces and is capable of putting players in what is called the championship mindset. Similar to Tiger Woods before, when he always showed up to win, Loren displays incredible knowledge with phrases like,” Now he is just wondering where he will place.”

“It’s all about dealing with distractions,” says Fogelman. To cope Loren changes external motivators,”Like, doing this for someone else,” into internal motivators where time slows down during game play and the problems of the world disappear. Her technique is useful for all players as they reach the championship mindset.

Learn why, “You want to play one shot at a time,” and how to overcome any challenge on the golf course or as an instructor or a student.

“Get in to the zone when you’re in the moment,” this awesome episode will show all that and also that some of the best advice for playing golf comes from a girl.

Teeing It Up – Can the Laws of Attraction Help Golfing Performance

In this episode our very special guest Gil Anderson will discuss how the laws of attraction can help golfing performance. His new book titled Going Fore It in Golf and Life helps our audience understand the most important lessons for a holistic golf game.

Gil Anderson displays concepts that lie under the surface of the swing. His metaphorical approach for rhythm and body mechanics of full swing improve golfing performance, starting with the mind. Mind, body and soul combine, as he tells how the laws of attraction will help golfing and other skills in your life.

A glimpse at an interactive sequel by Gil is in the making. Learn how touching photos will open up video lessons that can be brought to slow motion and used to help golfing performance in a new interactive way related to his first book and golfing techniques. “I am there discussing concepts” the interactive sequel will take three years.

Randy Kemp again asks the hard questions too. Including, how to conduct and learn the perfect full swing and partial swing.

Learn it all or piece by piece because there are many ways to teach golf but with Gil Anderson’s interpretation of the laws of attraction, only certain aspects of body with create a holistic approach for every shot. This helps beginners learn it all at once as the laws of attractions are also put into a nutshell.

What you put out in thought becomes reality! And this episode will show you how.

Gil is still amazed by his students reaction, “Like Christmas morning they got what they asked.”

Teeing It Up – Old Time Radio meets golf

Ever wonder how old-time comedians utilized show recording technology, to play one more round of golf?

Ever hear about the famous song writer who gave up a promising golf career, just to please his fiancée?

Join us today, as we take a different slant. Steve Darnall is the host of Those Were The Days radio show. This show has streamed live on The College of DuPage radio station for 10 years. Before that, it played on a major Chicago classical music station – only changing radio hosts, after the station was sold.

What’s hidden within the thousands of hours of old-time radio show archives?

Can we find some golfing gems locked up in the treasure vaults?

Here Randy taps into Steve’s memory track, using some psychological methods called free association. The dictionary defines it as, “A spontaneous, logically unconstrained and undirected association of ideas, emotions, and feelings. “ Here we use it to successful tap into various golf related topics.

What secret did Bing Crosby use to rank up endless time for golf – when he should be working?

Learn how Jack Benny and George Burns partnered to start their own golf club (i.e now famous), when Jewish players were forbidden from joining country clubs.

Can a wise guy mafia hit man, successfully bury a kill in a golf course sand trap?

Why is it easier to do golf shows on radio then television?

What other tidbits can we discover about golf, which should be buried and which should never be made public?

Should we release these mistakes and bloopers to the public?

Join us and learn first hand!


Those Were The Days streaming audio –

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Old Time Radio golf collection –

Teeing It Up – Golf Anatomy: How to get a golf body in 30 min/day

If you’ve kept up with our episodes here on Teeing it Up? Dr. Davies is here, attempting to top them all. He explains a 30 min/day exercise routine specially designed for golfers.

Dr. Davies is the author of Golf Anatomy, the best book on exercises for the golf body. Journey to a more advanced body, able to handle the stress of a well-balanced and powerful golf game.

Randy Kemp drills Dr. Davies with excellent questions like, “How can one judge his or hers fitness!”

And Dr. Davies shows his well-balanced interviewing skills with some of the best answers like, “Hard to do on your own, I suggest a professional fitness trainer as there are so many skill sets in golf… each skill set has tests…with unbiased eye, it is easier to find things and direct you better.”

Plus he goes on here to explain, “At times that’s not available to you…go through beginning chapters and do the exercises… difficult ones are ones highlighted to work on more.”

Randy pierces upper and lower body workouts for the audience, to give a fine outline for anyone to use as his or hers 30 min/day golf body workout.

But it is all in Dr. Davies book, Golf Anatomy,

How the golf body produces energy in the golf swing

Power leaks that create over swing with shoulder, energy loss and injury

Lower body workouts used to judge balance, back strength and more

How mobility and stability is lost, gained and why it has a huge effect

Why the best golfers take ballet classes and how it develops the muscles you can’t see

Find out, most importantly, how to feel right with every stroke and why this is a terrific episode that can improve your golf game, starting today.

Teeing It Up – Canadian PGA Coach: Joining Golf Forums and Playing Golf

Golf forums like Secret in the Dirt are the best place to join to give and receive the best advice about playing golf. Mike Maves, Canadian PGA Coach is telling us why, in this episode of Teeing it Up.

Social Networks for golf are everywhere but here we explore why is not like other golf forums, designed to improve your ability and love for playing golf.

It’s not because it’s hosted and updated daily by a Canadian PGA Coach. Or that he also wrote a book titled Secret in the Dirt.

It’s not because two of the most decorated golfing stars ever, Jackie Burke and Steve Elkingson, post at home videos of their lives on the PGA tour.

It has everything to do with our theme this week; how can grains, textures and moisture effect how you’re playing golf.

Mike explains why, “I never been embarrassed about anything on the golf course… golf’s a tough game, nobody’s roll of bed a great golfer.”

This will guide you to golf forums and to a new way of learning the best secrets in the dirt. If Mike can make you understand why,”I never pay attention to that,” then there is much more that you’ll want to pay close attention to in this 30 minute, information packed happening.

Teeing It Up – Clearing the mind improves golfing focus

This episode of Teeing It Up, we explore strange concepts about mental focus.

How does clearing the mind help your golfing focus?

In his new book Overtime Victory, our guest John Burbaker, shows new strategies that come right out of the locker room into everyday life. Coach “Bur” explains the relationship between sports and life, improves golfing focus and tells us how to discover someone’s personality on the golf course or any playing field.

Do you want to learn how to clear the mind? With quotes from Yogi Berra, “ A full mind gets you an empty bat,” Coach Bur explains, “…having an empty mind is having a clear mind.” With over 20 years experience in coaching he has seen how this concept plays a role in anything we do.

Those 20 years of excellent advice both on and off the field are summed up in his book and in this episode, as Randy Kemp, our host, tries to extract all for us golfing fans.

Found out why, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” This episode can show you how to pin point character flaws from watching how players behavior on the field.

Found out how a simple game of “pickup” basketball changed the live of President Barack Obama. A story you won’t want to miss and it all relates well to the greatest sport ever, as Coach Bur states, “when you play golf it is easy to forget the worries of the world.”

Teeing It Up – Irish Golf Secrets From a Former PGA Coach Teaching Golfing Focus

How to keep motivation during a game of golf?

Well, we know about the pubs in Ireland but Irish golf runs so deep, that we are talking to an Irish Engineer that happens to be a golf instructor.

In this episode, we meet special guest Toney McMahon, a patented engineer. He’s a former PGA coach turned Irish golf innovator. His patented Smart Vision Method teaches golfing focus in new and easy ways. His patented glasses were originally designed for teaching golfing focus but are so easy to use and see the improvement, that children began becoming a part of the Smart Vision Method.

How does this keep high motivation to succeed on the golf course?

“The thing is you need a roadmap… and the Smart Vision Method has that.” “Watch the amateurs and you’ll see how they are all over… control body…club…and ball.”

To keep the motivation, Toney tells us that the brain can get overloaded with information. Focus needs to be on small steps first to get the muscle memory. The fundamentals are laid out by McMahon as he will tell you everything to focus on and everything not to. He also states and explains why, “90% of golfing training can be done from your own home.”

It’s an amazing episode you won’t want to miss. Find out how Toney would get Tiger Woods back on his game. You won’t even have to wait until next time you’re on the course, to try these golfing focus techniques, to control the eyes, body, club and ball.

Learning Simplified –

Smart Vision Focus –

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Teeing It Up – Playing Golf Course in Scotland Gives More distance Lowers score

Play away please, is a great philosophy but on a golf course in Scotland this mentality will improve your golf game. More distance, lowers score and a personal Scottish caddy are what a golf course in Scotland has to offer. The author of Play Away Please, John Hagan, will tell you exactly how to get the most out of you trip to Scotland. Listen to this episode enough and it may even save you the trip.

September 10, 2001, Links Trust joins an ancient culture of golfing in Scotland. At St. Andrews the Old Course has taught many golfers but on this day John Hagan became part of the team. Revolutionizing golf by bringing back the older styles. At the starter box you’ll hear your tie time and don’t forget to tip your starter generously.

Gathering your clubs on a wheeled cart, no buggies, and hiring a caddy are all part of the experience on a golf course in Scotland.

Hagan lets the listener know not to worry about body language but to keep your mouth shut during a game of football. Always hire a Scottish caddy because they are just as colorful as you might think and, “They make your time on the golf course a lot more pleasurable.”

Here in Scotland the courses are much more natural, so they shift and change. Fort Rush comes recommended but Hagan would play, “Old Course in St. Andrews every day because every shot is always different because of the weather…”

Part of the experience is merging “play away please” with all the great help with blind spots, bump and runs. This will make your golf scores lower and help gain a better understanding of your game, giving you the skills to go more distance.

Teeing It Up – Certified Psychologist Explains Golf Psychology to Lower Scores.

Here on Teeing It Up it’s all about what’s in the mind, not in the bag.

Join host Randy Kemp and Dr. R.J. Bell of the University of Tennessee, author of Mental Training for Golf, as they discuss how to lower scores simply with golf psychology. It is best to hear it from the horse’s mouth. So, what could be better than having certified psychologist Dr. Bell explain golf in new ways from knowledge gained as he “helped the pros take it one step at a time.”

“No matter how good you get at the game…” is a subject Dr. Bell knows better than anyone. He has interviewed countless golf experts and caddied on tour as well. “Visualization.. pros have a hard time doing,” according to bell, but this Certified Ph. D of sports and exercise psychology is letting our audience in on practical examples you’ll find nowhere else.

Why waste another minute practicing without first hearing him explain how you can hurt your game by focusing on results?

We haven’t lost our minds here, its’ all about finding your mental game in golf. He also gives the best ways to approach you mental game, tips even the PGA won’t tell you. Focus on the process, have fun and lower scores all with our golf psychology experts ready to tell you how only in this episode.