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The Business Beware Show

The Business Beware Show – Tips On Collecting From Non-Paying Customers

In this episode Robert and Ashley talk about how convenience stores are actually banning “extreme couponers” in their stores, the new expert panel with special guest and lawyer Stephen Kaplan shares his tips on collecting from non-paying customers and also a special interview with Lauren Nelson of Best Buddies in the “giving back” segment.

The Business Beware Show – How to Start a Business with Little or No Money

In this episode Ashley, Robert and Leah talk about how you can start a business with little or no money. Many new business owners think they have to have the fancy office, truck, uniforms etc. but you do not need all of that and you can get by with the smaller things to get everything done. Stuck on Stupid features roofers scamming the customers in Illinois while creating a website about “scammy contractors.” We also introduce the inaugural segment of “Geraldisms.”

The Business Beware Show – Giving Your Brand A Voice

Ashley and Robert talk about how to bring your small business brand to life and actually using social media as a “communication tool” to give your business a voice. In the Stuck on Stupid segment they share and talk about a video clip that was sent to them about a train passenger that lashes out at employees and becomes a true CustoMonster. Watch the video clip here.

The Business Beware Show – Tips on “Dating Your Customer”

Robert and Ashley discuss a recent video they found called “Dating Your Customer” but offer their advice on why you should have a long term relationship with them rather than just “dating” them. Stuck on Stupid is all about Stew Leonard’s rock and the true background behind this man that states “the customer is always right.” Dear Robert features questions sent in by listeners about dealing with non-paying customers.

The Business Beware Show – Branding Your Small Business Online

Robert and Ashley discuss important tips about branding your business online and knowing when to not bring personal issues into your business brand. Stuck on Stupid features an example about a current congressman exposing his personal life and how it hurt his brand in the long run and what you can learn from it. Robert answers listeners questions in the “Dear Robert” segment on dealing with employees and how you know if you’re ready to start a business.

The Business Beware Show – How and Why It’s Important to Pre-qualify a Customer

Ashley and Robert discuss why it’s important to pre-qualify a customer before a job. Just like a customer pre-qualifies a business, as a business owner you have to make sure that customer fits your business. Also in this episode a “Stuck on Stupid” segment you don’t want to miss where Robert and Ashley discuss the infamous “dating your customer” video they found on Youtube about customer service.

The Business Beware Show – Does The Customer Fit Your Business?

Does the customer fit your businesses needs and does your business fit the customers needs? We talk about how you as a business owner need to find “niche” customers for your business. Special guest is Mari, Founder of Foiled Cupcakes. She gives us the background on how they started with literally no marketing budget and how they now deliver cupcakes to Harpo Studios, Crate & Barrel, Apple etc. Mari has no background in baking experience but she saw a need for a “niche” business and went for it.

The Business Beware Show – Would You Do Business With You?

As a business owner would you do business with you? Yeah, it’s deep but sometimes you have reevaluate how you’re doing business to make sure you’re on the right track. Special guest is Mike Adair, founder of Red’s All Natural. He’s one passionate entrepreneur who broke out of the corporate world and decided to pursue something he loved and it all started with Tuesday burrito night. Mike tells us how he got started, what it took to get off the ground and offers advice to upcoming entrepreneurs. Learn more about Mike at

The Business Beware Show – A Bad Customer vs. A CustoMonster

There is a big difference in someone being a bad customer compared to a CustoMonster. We explain the difference and some ways to deal with a typical CustoMonster while running your business. We break down the concept of Business Beware and how it can help you as an everyday business owner. Also in this episode we discuss the importance of profitability and cutting costs in your business.