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The Dog Zone with Cindy Scott

The Dog Zone – Canine Car Safety

Learn about the Paws to Click program that promotes good canine car safety. Make sure your pooch is properly secured during long and short car trips.

The Dog Zone – Cool 4 Cats

Does your doggie have a special feline friend that needs some fabulous tips? Forget litter box mess and odor – learn from Rebecca of CitiKitty how to teach him to use the toilet. Pet Peeve this week is the #1 tip for taking care of Fido’s favorite feline friend.

The Dog Zone – Top 10 Training Tips

My list of the top 10 all time most important things to remember when training and living with dogs. This week’s Pet Peeve – the perfection myth. Make sure you are not falling into it’s trap

The Dog Zone – Party With Your Dog

How and why to throw a successful birthday or holiday pawty for your dog. Keep it safe and fun for all your furry friends. Also, not spaying or neutering your pet brings extra responsibilities you may not be aware of.

The Dog Zone – Ask The Trainer

Cindy answers listener emails on common canine questions. The Tip Of The Week is a common mistake many dog owners make, learn how to not be one of them.

The Dog Zone – The 3 Most Asked Questions

These are the top 3 most frequently asked questions I get as a Canine Behavior Consultant. Are they things you’ve been wondering too? Also, how to play with your dog and train them at the same time. If dog training isn’t fun – you’re doing it wrong.

The Dog Zone – On The Move With Your Dog

Taking these few steps will help make sure you and your furry friend arrive safe and sound at your new home. Also, de-stressing your dog and the 1 big training mistake everyone makes.

The Dog Zone – Never Lose Your Dog Again

Megan Lavery from Spot Light GPS talks about a revolutionary new product with an app for your iPhone that tracks your dog. Also, how to keep your dog’s attention and the best time to start training.

The Dog Zone – The Really Big Little Dog Show

Dogs under 15 pounds have special behavior concerns. Make sure you are not making big mistakes with your little dog. Jude Hudson from Potty Park gives tips for selecting the right inside potty station for your pee wee pooch.

The Dog Zone – Why Does Breed Matter?

Knowing your dog’s breed can make training easier and can even save their life. Plus, What The Heck Is Bosley? amazing contest results revealed. You will be surprised.