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The Pop Culture Road Trip

Chris Epting

The Pop Culture Road Trip – A trip to Antarctica thanks to Quark Expeditions and SeaWorld

Prisca Campbell from Quark Expeditions joins Chris to talk about Polar travel, and the Antarctica trip Chris and his daughter recently returned from.

The Pop Culture Road Trip – Hello, It’s … Paul Myers1

Author/musician Paul Myers sits in for the full talking about his new book, “A Wizard a True Star – Todd Rundgren in the Studio”

The Pop Culture Road Trip – Baseball, movies stars and a word from God

Chris chats with Marc Hartzman about God (you’ll just have to read Marc’s new book) and AOL Weird News, plus King Kong in 3-D, the All Star Game and more!

The Pop Culture Road Trip – The Stuhr Musuem, Weird News and the Coolest T Shirts on Earth

Chris is joined this week by Joe Black from the Stuhr Museum in Nebraska, David Moye from AOL Weird News and Steve Coe, from Worn Free T-Shirts

The Pop Culture Road Trip – Elvis’s Clothiers and a visit to the Gulf

Hal Lansky from the famed Lansky Bros in Memphis joins Chris to talk about making clothes for Elvis in a new book about the beloved establishment. Then its Al Rogers, a journalist reporting from the road, in Louisiana, talking about the BP oil spill.

The Pop Culture Road Trip – Weird News and a Wizard

Chris interviews writer/editor/UFO Researcher Lee Speigel about his current role at AOL Weird News. Then keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess of the band Dream Theater checks in from the road where the band is touring with Iron Maiden, to talk about his amazing new I-Pad app, “Morph Wiz.”

The Pop Culture Road Trip – Things That Aren’t Here Anymore

Chris talks with Saul Gonzalez and Isaac Mizrahi, the producers of the new KCET- Los Angeles documentary, “Things that Aren’t Here Anymore 3.”

The Pop Culture Road Trip – The Nile and The Wolf!

Chris talks with music legend Willie Nile about his career (and recounts a moment the two of them shared in 1980) and then chats with Buck Wolf, the “Weird News” legend about his career as a journalist and current position at AOL News.

The Pop Culture Road Trip – Watercolor Day with Seth Swirsky

Singer/songwriter Seth Swirsky is Chris’s guest for the full hour, talking about his new CD, Watercolor Day. Renowned film director, Cameron Crowe, is a huge fan of the record himself: “Watercolor Day is a gorgeous pop puzzle, and every piece is perfection. It’s a rainy day classic, and a sunny day masterpiece.”

The Pop Culture Road Trip – Saving Landmarks and a visit to the Ship Hotel

Chris speaks with the director of the historic Wheeler Farm in Utah, introduces you to a unique historian who traces historic racetracks and interviews Brian Butko about his book, “The Ship Hotel – A Grand View Along the Lincoln Highway”