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The SkillPreneur Show

The SkillPreneur Show – Demystifying Social Media for the Business Owner

With non-stop buzz and endless options, Social Media has become a topic of confusion and questions for many small business owners. This week, Catherine Barton of the Pinwheel Group joins the SkillPreneur Show to bring clarity to how a business can benefit from the use of social media tools.

Plus, we talk with Chris Davis, also from the Pinwheel Group about their new social media management program, Web 20:20. Email your business questions to

The SkillPreneur Show – Creating a Polished Image for Your Business

Just like a personal reputation, your business has its own reputation which can improve or degrade depending on its actions. This week, we’ll focus on three key areas of your business to keep finely polish, which will build a solid reputation and keep your customers coming back again and again.

Plus, we talk with Michael Deutsch from iPromoworx about applying “brain tattoos” to your target market through creative promotional marketing strategies. Email your questions to:

The SkillPreneur Show – Thinking About Starting a Business? Listen Here Before You Do!

Starting a business is a massive task; it takes a lot of time, energy, and money and there is no guarantee of success. This week, we share the top ten questions you should answer before you take the leap into entrepreneurship.

Plus, we talk with Arnie Herz from about protecting your business and your brand names with a trademark ®. Email your questions

The SkillPreneur Show – When It’s Time to Hire Employees

As a business grows, you will inevitably need to bring on staff to support it’s operations. This week, we discuss how to know when you are ready to add staff, as well as some simple steps for how interview and select the right person to fill your staffing needs.

Plus, we talk with Scott Martineau, co-founder of Infusionsoft, an integrated marketing tool specially designed for small business. Email your questions to:

The SkillPreneur Show – Bringing Focus to Your Marketing

Is your marketing working as effectively as you would like? Perhaps it’s time to niche! This week, we discuss target marketing by focusing on a specialized niche within your industry. Special Guest: Business Coach, Karen Burke from Mobius Coaching.

Plus, we talk with the folks at UPS about how the shipping giant is serving small business through unique cash flow financing options. Email your business questions to http://radio@abelbusinessinstitute.

The SkillPreneur Show – The Great Balancing Act of Entrepreneurship and Life

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know that entrepreneurship (SkillPreneurship) require much more time than a “regular” job. This week, we discuss how to balance your business and the rest of your life. Special Guest: “Mompreneur” extraordinaire Marni Battista from Dating with Dignity.

Plus, we talk with Jenn Lim, Chief Happiness Officer for the book Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Email your business questions to

The SkillPreneur Show – Setting Your Pricing and How to Write a Proposal

When it comes to setting the price of your product or service, there is no sure fire way to select the price which will most effectively sell. This week, we’ll explore some points to consider when setting / changing your prices and creating your business proposals.

Plus, we talk with Rajen Sheth from Google as we explore the productivity tools available through Google Apps for Business. Email your business questions to

The SkillPreneur Show – Making Sense of Your Business

A thriving business has so many moving parts, it’s often difficult for a business owner to make sense of it all. This week, we reveal a simple business methodology for you to understand each component of your business and allow you to make effective (and profitable) decisions. Plus, we talk with Oliver Mauss, CEO of about their simple and affordable tool for creating business websites (My Business Site). Email your business questions to

The SkillPreneur Show – Kick Start your Sales with these Proven Strategies

This week, we demystify the (sometimes dreaded) task of sales for small business owners. Learn a step-by-step process to take a potential customer from an active prospect, through a structured sales conversation, and finally to the point of purchase and delivery. Plus, we talk with the folks at Ink from Chase about the features of its new credit card designed for small business. Email your business questions to

The SkillPreneur Show – Leadership Traits that Every Business Owner Needs to Exhibit

Like it or not, as a business owner, you are a leader. This week, we’ll examine the attributes of a successful leader and how you can exhibit more effective leadership in your business. Plus, we talk with the folks at Intuit Websites about their cool, new tool for building a website for your business. Plus, we open up the ABEL Business Institute “Mail Bag” and answer listener’s questions about business. Have your questions answered by emailing them to: