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The Stimulus Driven Brain

The Stimulus Driven Brain – Organization from Big to Small

Can we look at organizing a whole year . . Of course we can! The planning for the year involves using a master calendar. Dialing the pages of our lifecloser, we can look at the organization of a quarter at school, a month in our lives,and dial it down to a week at a time and finally a day at a time. What are the habits to develop to help you stay on track? Tune in and find out!

The Stimulus Driven Brain – ADD and Self Esteem

How does self esteem and self concept form? We live our lives as the person and capabilities we believe we have. Is this carved in stone or can we change how we see ourselves? Start today by taking command of your beliefs and live the life that you want.

The Stimulus Driven Brain – When woman with ADD ride the Estrogen rocket, increased symptoms of ADD occur when the rocket falls to earth and estrogen levels crash

Menopause is often a time where ADD symptoms can increase. It can feel like a return to the challenges that were there before treatment of ADD/ADHD. Join George H. Glade as we find out what woman can do about these changes. You might even want the men in your life to give a listen so they can have some understanding of what’s going on!

The Stimulus Driven Brain – Lynn University, a school with the ADD/ADHD Student in mind.

This weeks show features my interview with Stacey Bauberger, M.Ed. and ADD coach at Lynn’s Center for Achievement and Learning. This school has a very well developed academic coaching program and an assortment of other supports for the ADD college student. This is a school to not miss hearing about, perhaps for you or for you for someone you know!

The Stimulus Driven Brain – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly or all about stimulant medications

This is the program that if you are working with a therapist or a coach, you want to get them to listen! It tells you the basics about the two major classess of Stimulant Medications and how they are used in contemporary practice. Are they a pathway to addiction? Find out by listening to The Stimulus Driven Brain as host George H. Glade guides you through the basics about stimulants.

The Stimulus Driven Brain – Coaching the Techie

This week George invites ADD coach Peter Terlaak who works with people from Microsoft. They explore the unique challenges in coaching people n the often free flowing world of technology where often the structure you build is your own.

The Stimulus Driven Brain – ADD Never Rides Alone. Looking at Bipolar Disorder.

ADD often has a variety of co-morbidities, or other problems that happen at the same time. Bipolar disorders and ADD are often confused with one another because they share a number of common feature. In this weeks program, we’ll explore what Bipolar disorders are, how to separate them from ADD and frm major depressive disorders and how we treat them.

The Stimulus Driven Brain – Week 1044

Week 1044

The Stimulus Driven Brain – Creating a Greater sense of Self Responsibility

People with ADD are sometimes felt to be unreliable. The reality is that sometimes they are. Are people in your life frustratrated with not being able to count on you? Tune in and find out what leads to unreliability, what supports it and reinforces it and most importantly . .WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!

The Stimulus Driven Brain – Having trouble getting off of the mark to get things done?

Do you start projects only to have them sit partially completed. This week George talks with certified life coach Jodi Pierce about getting untracked in your life to start and complete your goals.