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The Jim Fannin Show

The Jim Fannin Show – The Mind Body Connection

You can’t spell diet without including “DIE”. This week Jim Fannin brings in Dr. Nick Hall, Psychoneuroimmunologist and author of “I Know What To do So Why Don’t I Do It”. They will help you identify your fear, analyze your true goals and give you the knowledge to live a true life of wellness without dieting.

The Jim Fannin Show – Dreams Do Come True, ask Mike Small

This week Jim Fannin welcomes University of Illinois Golf Coach and professional PGA Golfer Mike Small. Mike is a true champion with two dreams: Winning on the PGA tour and winning an NCAA championship with the University of Illinois Men’s Golf Program. Learn how to overcome challenges to make your dreams come true, even if you have more than one of them.

The Jim Fannin Show – The meaning of success with Tana Goertz

This week Jim talks with Tana Goertz about her fairy tale life. Hear how this amazing single mother of two went from her parents basement to “The Apprentice” boardroom. This is an inspiring story of drive, determination and the commitment to the pursuit of your dreams. During this show you will learn why success is getting up one more time from a defeat.

The Jim Fannin Show – “Exploring Inner Excellence with Jim Murphy”

Jim Fannin sits down with his good friend Jim Murphy this week to talk about his book “Inner Excellence: Achieve Extraordinary Business Success through Mental Toughness”. Our preoccupation with ourselves can be paralyzing. Learn what it means to play from the heart, overcome your fears and slow down the game so you can play from the heart. On today’s show you will learn to improve your performance by unburdening your heart and learning to play with a clear mind.

The Jim Fannin Show – “Optimism with Dr. John Planek”

Jim talks to Loyola University Athletic Director Dr. John Planek about remaining optimistic while dealing with the pressures of recruiting, parents, the NCAA and student athletes who need to compete at the high level and maintain a high GPA. Winning for a school like Loyola isn’t easy.
Competing against machines like Ohio State can be a real David and Goliath situation. John shares his unique insight into the pressures he deals with on a regular basis.

The Jim Fannin Show – The GREAT Frank Thomas

This week Frank Thomas is in the Success Zone to reflect on his life and his
19 year career as a major league baseball player. Frank attributes his greatness to consistency. He talks about how that consistency served him well in the past and in his current role as a White Sox broadcaster and music industry executive.

The Success Zone – Balancing Life, Career and Business with Barbara Israel

Barbara Israel is a professional golfer and one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of “Garden Antiques”. She’s the owner of Barbara Israel Garden Antiques which she founded back in 1985 and Barbara Israel Garden Traditions. Listen to how this New Jersey native learned how to balance her personal life, career as an LPGA golfer and business through tragedy and in tough times. Plus, you’ll hear about the time she found herself in the “Zone” scoring a 69 golf game on her 60th birthday!

The Jim Fannin Show – Be Your Own CFO with Brian Bock of CFO Services

Brian Bock is the owner of CFO Services. Jim brings him into the Success Zone today to share his 25 years of experience in the financial industry. Brian will teach you how to be your own CFO by watching your money, managing your life and business and knowing when to pay attention to your numbers. Did you know you can now make deposits and bank from home? Today you’ll learn all about it.

The Jim Fannin Show – Branding with Rob Frankel

This week Jim Fannin brings in Branding expert Rob Frankel to share his thoughts on why, contrary to popular belief, brands like Microsoft, Coca Cola and Nike are NOT in the Success Zone but FedEx is getting it right. Learn the true definition of branding and why Wal-Mart get’s an F. It’s probably not for the reasons your thinking.

The Jim Fannin Show – Carlos Juan Delgado Hernández

Carlos has had an amazing career as a professional baseball player. He went straight to the major leagues out of high school in 1993; The year his new team the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series. He joins Jim Fannin to talk about balancing his family, his career and his overwhelming success. You’ll learn how to stay grounded, why winning the Roberto Clemente award was such an emotional experience for him and you’ll hear the fascinating story of what it feels like to hit four home runs in a single game. Carlos describes his first hand experience with “The Zone”.